Berberis vulgaris (Abridged). Borax. Homeopathy

Berberis vulgaris (barberry Espina)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Berberis vulgaris
1 .- INDICATED painful lumbar region in relation to kidney disorders: renal stones, renal colic, urinary sediment rich, murky, reddish.
2 .- gallstones, biliary colic.

3 .- gout and rheumatism: lumbosacral pain, kidney pain, knees, heel, pain erratic.

4 .- Dermatosis dried, Vine. Eczema dry. Itching. Fine desquamation. Anal fissures.

Berberis vulgaris aggravated by cold.

Berberis vulgaris: Amelioration: skin rashes with cold applications.

Laterality of Berberis vulgaris left.

BORAX (sodium borate)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Borax
1 .- thrush, stomatitis, oral candidiasis.

2 .- False vertigo, aggravated by downward motion (motion sickness).

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