Beryllium (Beryllium). Homeopathy

1 - () depletion, weakness, soon tires. Weight loss.
2 - () Worse: heat, for the least effort.
Desire and aversion OF BERYLLIUM
3 Aversion to sweets.
4 - () throbbing frontal headache of broken or, worse on waking. Dolores ranging from right to left mastoid by the occiput. The headaches are aggravated by heat, movement, coughing (grabs his head), the shakes, the light, the excitation and on rising; better lying on painful side, outdoor and hot drinks.
5 - () with fluid secretions excoriating coryza, worse in a warm room, better outdoors. Fullness nasal obstruction, better outdoors. Facial pallor and cyanosis.
6 - () lips and dry mouth. Chapped lips, burning, pain, swelling;
laten. Small sores on the inside of the lips and the tip of the tongue. Canker.
7 - () Sore throat, burning or cutting, worse when swallowing saliva or hot drinks, coughing in the evening and on waking, better for cold drinks and eating. Need to swallow. Appearance painted red palate and pharynx.
8 - () Lack of appetite. Satiety, but soon hungry again, or aversion to food. Fullness before eating. Sleepiness after meals.
Tight feeling in epigastrium, worse on inspiration. Nausea, worse
smell or look at food or riding in a car, lying down or eating better.
9 - () Cough retrosternal irritation; expectoration low, sweet. Dry cough, painful, ineffective, or worse outdoor cold better in a warm room. Sharp pains stabbing Elele behind sternum, worse when coughing,
by smoke or throwing his head back. Dyspnea on least exertion, and disproportionate to the physical symptoms. Pneumonia. Constriction in the chest
to inspire. Dyspnea and palpitations when climbing stairs. Palpitation with leg weakness, and fainting. Bronchitis, capillary bronchitis.
10 Pain dorsal and lumbar worse sitting and lying, by the first movement and bending the head back, better walking.
11 - () Sense of beaten or pain from elbow to fingers, with lack of strength. Weakness in the legs. Sensation of cold lower back and buttocks.
12 Shivering in bed at the slightest movement.
13 Papulas itching, worse from scratching or heat of the bed.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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