Bioenergetics applied to the psychophysical balance

We will discuss:
The psychophysical balance
Bioenergetic analysis of character
The concept of energy in bioenergetics
The exercises in bioenergetics

The psychophysical balance
Most people are ill due to an imbalance of both the physical and the psychical. The main reason is lack of education in these aspects. This lack is seen as related to food and who can not feed themselves. No knowledge of the energy value of food, its acidifying or alkalizing effect on the composition of minerals, the correct combination of these; their ORAC value, ie the absorption capacity of free radicals that have a food and therefore what antioxidant ago, and so on. Nor has educated people on other issues such as breathing (base to curing depression). But the issue is broader as it encompasses the political, religious, scientific and the large amount of toxic (noise, love of money, gambling, etc.). Not having this education is, therefore, physical and psychological imbalance.

The key would be to return to the primitive nature and detoxify the information received so far to gain back the psycho-physical balance.

The observation of the sick man and not as sick show Grasset said "the living being operates on the same general laws, in the normal state and in the morbid state. That is the healthy need natural things and the patient needs them the same way. This would be the return to nature, air, sun, earth, etc..

Bioenergetic analysis of character
The life of an individual in the fullness of her body includes the prime of his mind, spirit and soul or spirit. This means having clear ideas, correct morality, love, and be a normal person of the spirit, being positive, open, free of complexes.

Bioenergetic analysis of character is an analytical method and a therapeutic technique, whose principal purpose is to help the individual regain psychophysical balance perfect, from here to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health and bodily life, helping him regain his primal nature ( life and love), which is the condition of freedom, the state of grace and quality of beauty.

Moreover bioenergetic analysis aims to help the individual to open his armor to life and love, as in many cases the deep self is "protected" by strong defenses in both the physical and the psychic (character), returning the subject the ability to relate in a balanced way with outside.

The character is a rigid structure due to the conflict between biological instinctual demands and the outside world. This analysis seeks to understand the human personality in body function.

The concept of energy in bioenergetics
Bioenergetic analysis explores the nature of human personality in terms of energy processes in the body.

The amount of energy that has a specific individual and the manner in which the use is to determine your personality and reflects this. This relationship between energy and personality is clearly reflected in the depressed. This one is for energy. The depression of its energy manifests in all its energy functions. His breathing, appetite, sexuality is depressed. You do not have the energy to take an interest in anything. One way to recover this lost energy is achieved by enhancing its oxygen uptake, making them breathe more deeply and fully. This will help temporarily.

Whenever these conflicts are resolved up the individual energy level.

Moreover, the emotional life of the individual depends on the mobility of your body. When there are disruptions in the emotional life obstacles or blocks that is manifested in different parts of the body. This is evident on palpation of the muscles of the person and see the tensions that suffers. So everything that human beings feel we can read in the expression of his body. Emotions are indeed bodily movements or alterations are literally within the body. Also a person's attitude toward life or your individual lifestyle are reflected in the way you drive, in his bearing, and the way she moves.

The person is the sum total of their life experiences, each of which is registered in your personality and your body STRUCTURE. So the naturopath can read the previous life of a person in his body. When the individual is repressed and isolated or hinders any stratum or stage of an individual's life, personality conflicts, and therefore limited.

Infante = Love and pleasure
Child = Creativity and Imagination
Boy / a = Fun and Entertainment
Young = Romance & Adventure
Adult = Reality and responsibility

From the standpoint of bioenergetic analysis of character, some mental functions are of great importance. The mind has a direct role on the body. Humans can from your mind to direct attention to different parts of your body. Some bioenergetic exercises prove it. The mind can make the energy is directed toward oneself or out. The healthy individual is one who can change the concentration of these two outbreaks quickly and easily.

Bioenergetic exercises, as well as self-therapy use, serve to make a diagnosis of the patient indicating the nature and location of their major muscle strain.

The exercise of the arc causes the body to load energy from head to toe. As emotional problems or internal conflicts this exercise reveals the general body stiffness that prevents you from arcuate (characteristic rough), the excessive flexibility of the back (oral character), the division of the arch, typical of the individual with schizoid character.

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