Bioenergetics: Five characters. Conflict

The various character structures are classified in bioenergetic analysis of character, in five basic types. Each has a specific pattern of defense in both psychological and muscular level. This analysis does not classify people, but specific defensive positions.

Then we analyze the five main types with their character structure and bioenergetic status.

The five types are:

Little connection between what they feel and behave. Very introverted.
The energy is concentrated in the central area. Muscular defenses compress their needs.

Typical features of childhood. Weak sense of independence. Tendency to be attached to others. Decreased aggressiveness. Needed to sustain it, so caring and responsive.
State energía.No low as frozen in the center as the schizoid. The energy flows to the periphery, but weakly. The lack of power is most noticeable in the
lower body.

Denial of feelings. His mind turns against her feelings. You lust for power, need to dominate and control others.
Marked displacement of energy towards the end of the body. Reducing the load on the lower body.

It is the individual who complains and suffers continuous but submissive. This is your foreign proceeding. On the opposite tooth is already having feelings of resentment, hostility and superiority.
Is fully charged with energy, but retained. Because of the containment peripheral organs are weakly charged. Have muscular tension and energy is spread equally in all muscles.

Individual who is on guard against the condition of being used and taking advantage of him. Brake impulse to open up and reach out to something. Often held erect with pride. He is afraid to give because they considered equal to submit and surrender. You want tightness of being in touch with reality. Their excessive realism does not surrender to the other.
The energy charge is quite strong in all peripheral points of contact with the environment, mainly up and down.

The five characters can be summarized by highlighting the conflict.
1) Schizoid = Existence against necessity.
2) Oral = Need versus independence.
3) Psychopathic = Independence against privacy.
4) Masoquista = Intimacy against freedom.
5) Rigid = Freedom from surrender to love.

*Automatic Translation