Biorrespiracion. Health of emotional life

The word "biorrespiración" means "life breathing apparatus. This form of breathing allows the body to get rid of excessive tensions that exist within the body, even though we are unaware of it. It also favors making the emotional breakouts old emotions resurface, including some that we thought obsolete. So the "biorrespiración", like fasting, is a subconscious order revitalizing technique.

After many sessions of "biorrespiracioón" made notice that the "biiorrespiración" is closely related to:

- The tension in the body
- Emotional Life
- The human breath
- The hypothalamus emotional brain
- Blood: regulating the emotional life.

The tension in the body

In general, body tensions stem from an excess of organic acid in the body. A body in a permanent state of acidosis is a trend towards developing maracas tensions. Hence the need for a vegetarian diet, alkaline, we provide plenty of foods rich in minerals.

Besides food, energy massage and physical exercises, the "biorrespiración" frees those tensions by expelling blood carbonic acid excess.

The emotional life

The emotional life largely determines our behavior, hence the need to reflect on how it develops and see what are its components.

Samples of attention

Our emotional life care need samples, as well as satisfying various needs spiritual, intellectual, material and others.

The sample of care are expressed in terms of trade. The neighbor and we got theirs. We must be able to accept that we receive from others and reject them if we do not agree.


The "games" represent what we want or need to do to exist. The game can be chosen - than usual in children - or supported: eg "work".

The game is vital to our balance, so that will be necessary to offset the "game" of the work we do with a favorite hobby or sideline us satisfaction, compensation, equilibrium. The games must be known, accepted and respected. The underground games are always a source of tension.

A feeling is a psychological reaction associated with a thought. We can classify the feelings into four groups:

- Fear (worry, anxiety)
- Sadness (taciturnity, sorrow, grief)
- Anger (irritation, anger, rage)
- Joy (serenity, excitement, fulfillment).

Whenever a negative feeling we should download the emotional intensity we feel. Given this fact three main situations may occur:

1 .- The discharge is normal and reasonable emotional intensity is evacuated.
2 .- The discharge is prolonged abnormally. Difficulty in evacuating the feeling charged up, which is problematic.
3 .- The download is not done. There is then an emotional block very harmful to the body's balance.

The aim will be to restore the biorrespiración emotional discharges that could not normally be and freeing the body from the stresses that cause locking you and losing energy.

Human breath
Within the entire area of interest to us breathing the following conclusion:
The hemoglobin that carries oxygen, only acts in the proportion of ¼ on the transport of carbon dioxide. However, minerals and proteins is very important, as they participate in the proportion of ¾ in the evacuation of carbon dioxide to the lungs.

It is this accumulated carbon dioxide in the blood which acidifies the blood, causing blood pH shift toward acidity. This causes certain inhibitions, especially at the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus emotional brain
It is the brain of vegetative life, which governs the expression of emotions. Visceral reactions linked to the expression of emotions are caused by influences of hypothalamic origin:

- Flushing or pallor that comes from the expansion or contraction of the capillaries.
- Change in pupil diameter.
- The appearance of tears.
- Relaxation of sphincters.
- Perspiration.
- Bristling of the hair, etc ...

So emotional life is placed under the control of the hypothalamus and is helped by influences from the thalamus or rhinencephalon.

The blood, regulating the emotional life
Blood pH is that we want to observe care when our emotional life. When the pH is normal (7.35), hypothalamus-emotional brain is provided with a blood that leaves its normal powers of reaction. If we had a strong feeling there will be a normal discharge without any accumulation tensor.

But if the pH becomes slightly more acidic than normal (7.32, 7.20, etc. ..), then the emotional release takes place much more slowly. If the pH is more acidic tendency becomes more obvious inclination toward emotional blockage and retention of tensions.

Conversely, when the pH has a slight tendency toward more alkaline (7.36, 7.40, etc. ..), the activity of the hypothalamus is enhanced, resulting in accelerated tensioriales then increases (tensions that were previously unsuspected times) and releases emotional accents.

So the "biorrespiración causes a hyperventilation of the lungs and carbon dioxide discharge by making the more alkaline pH sanguínero

The practice of "biorrespiración"

Usually before a session of exercises are performed biorrespiración from "indeliberación" that help us define our identity body, that is, we are more aware of our bodily life.

These exercises can be related to our rootedness in the soil, our air, our seriousness, we emit sounds and senses.

Once placed the person in the most comfortable position and with a comfortable temperature starts "biorrespiración"

This is done without interruption to the inspirations and expirations. Although they normally breath through your nose, you are advised to be done through the mouth. After a few minutes the practitioner enters an involuntary breathing, determined by the subconscious. We then say that we enter the phase of "breathing on autopilot." At present the need to breathe prevails over any decision of deterner breathing.

These sessions "biorrespiración" can last from thirty to sixty minutes and even more, depending on the capabilities of each person.

It is during these meetings at which cause the release of accumulated tension through pains and followed by moments of relaxation and satisfaction.

The emotional discharges also occur as real torrents that come to the surface. It is difficult in the first meeting will produce all of these downloads so that you need 5 to 7 sessions of two hours each day to advance the work of emotional release.

For more information read the book:
"The biorrespiración" DESIRE MERIAN

*Automatic Translation