Bismuth (bismuth). Homeopathy

BISMUTHUM (Bismuth including Subnitrate, nitrate, oxides and hydrated)

1 - () The loneliness is unbearable; want company. The child holds onto his mother's hand to make sure your company.

2 - () Distress, anxiety, need to move, sit, walk, lies down, gets up, is never long in one place (Arsenicum Album), the concern him out of bed.

3 It complains about his condition. Discontent.

4 Unstable, takes many things and does not persist in any; fickle.

5 Apatia moral insensibility. Lack of awareness. Delirium tremens.

6 - () Worse, when this only during the summer, during winter, from eating and drinking. Better: cold drinks, by having cold water in mouth (toothache); to be in company, while in motion, leaning forward.

7 - () The pains are twisting, tearing, piercing, burning,
as cramps. Pressing pains (in eye, head, abdomen, testes).

8 - () Right side.

9 - () feeling of heaviness in the inner parts.

10 Hemorrhage of Blood, tarry; anemia coinciding with eruption as scabies. Heat waves, especially head and thorax.

Desire and aversion of BISMUTHUM
11 Desire for cold drinks.

12 - () Winter Headache (Sulfur). Gastralgias alternating with headache;
pressive shear or over the right orbit. Occipital pressure with heaviness,
worse by movement. Vertigo, as if the brain were turning in circles.

Eye pain 13. Secretion in the corner of the eyes.

14 - () Face ashen, pale, cold, sickly blue with dark circles. Malar bone pain, better and with running cold water in the mouth. Neuralgic pain, such as twisted by pliers, face and teeth, better by eating;
alternating with gastralgias.

15 Toothache better for cold water in mouth, worse as warms 1l water (Coffea Pulsattilla). Loose teeth.

16 Gums swollen. Tongue white, swollen. Appearance black, gangrenous, on the edge and back of the tongue. Nauseous taste. Mouth as if excoriated. Constant secretion of saliva thick brown with metallic taste. Ulcer of the uvula;
swallowing with difficulty; the liquid out through the nose.

17 - () The center of action characteristic of Bismuth is the stomach.
Gastralgias that go towards the spine, pressing, like a stone on a point, or burning, better bending backward; pains like cramps, spasmodic
with heartburn and heartburn. Immediately vomits just drinking liquid,
even just a sip (Phosphorus, Arsenic, Cadmium, Bryonia), vomits
water just reaches the stomach, the food retains it more solid. Vomiting of food in huge quantities, sometimes at intervals of several days, and it does when the stomach is full, eat several days and then vomits.
Vomiting with severe pain, terrible, compulsive and nausea, after laparotomy. Sometimes vomiting coincide with liquid stool, offensive,
cadaverous, with great prostration, flatulence, white tongue and hot skin.
Nausea after every meal. Gastritis. Belching noisy and foul, cadaverous smell sometimes even without eating or drinking water, unpleasant sensation in the epigastric hollow eructations warmly food eaten 24
hours earlier. Slow digestion with belching foul. The improvement stomach drinking cold water. Sensation of stomach hanging. Gastric Cancer.

18 - () Diarrhea with liquid stool, abundant, painless, very irritating and cadaverous odor. Sudden onset of cholera infantum, when vomiting predominate, with pallor, dark circles, hot sweats and hot body. Summer intestinal disorders in children. Dolores pinzantes the diaphragmatic region, extending transversely, worse walking. Diarrhea colorless with great thirst, polyuria, and vomiting. Sounds of gas in the stomach, which is very sensitive to touch.

19 Anuria polyuria with urine or water. Cystitis.
Nocturnal pollutions without dreams 20. Pressing pain in right testicle.

21 Cough day and night, with copious expectoration. Burning constriction in the chest, difficulty breathing and speaking. Angina pectoris with pain on left arm and fingers. Palpitations.

22 Trembling of the hands after eating. Excessive dryness in soles and palms. Cramps in hands and feet. Cyanosis in thighs and feet. Pain in forearm, wrist bones, under the nails and bones of the feet.
Phlebitis. Pruritic eruption on the tibia and dorsum of the foot, worse
scratching. Paralytic weakness, but the right arm. Members cold.

23 It is often startled awake. Dreams. Great sleepiness after rising in the morning.

Cold outside 24. Flushes. Hot sweats.

Canker sores 25 blue. Dry gangrene, like parchment, burning and itching of the skin.

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