Bladder. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

The bladder is an organ-múculo empty inner membrane located at the front of the pelvis and cavidadde immediately behind the pubic bone.

Bladder function

The urinary bladder serves to store the urine secreted by the two kidneys from which this body flows through the ureters that connect each kidney to the bladder.

The normal bladder capacity is 200-300 grams for an adult, but when he suffers the greatest strain may contain up to 400-500 grams of urine.

Bladder diseases

* These may be congenital character: Absence of bladder, bladder duplication, bladder subdivision, etc..
* This is called cystitis to inflammation of the bladder mucosa.
* Cistolitiasis: Bladder stones.
* Cistalgia: Irritable bladder.
* Tumors and bladder cancer. In this case, usually secondary to cancer of the bowel or prostate in men, or uterine cancer in women.
* Another common disorders of bladder prolapse or falling of the bladder.

Medical Treatment and Natural Remedies for Bladder
Here we point out some remedies with juices, herbal remedies, homeopathy and nutritional supplements that help the bladder to perform its function or rectify.

Medicine for the bladder Juices: Celery, pomegranate juice.

Medicine for the bladder with Medicinal Herbs: Celery, Horsetail, Juniper, Asparagus, Liver, Plantain, Gatuna Mallow, Nettle, Spring, Sanguinaria, Meadowsweet.

Medicine for the bladder Hydrotherapy: Hammam Cola de Caballo. Poultice of Chamomile.
Debilidaa Bladder: Infusion Pie de León: Spread the core area of Shepherd's Purse. Sitz bath with salt.

Bladder stones: infusion of seeds of Plantago lower (taking)

Irritable Bladder (Cistalgia): Homotoxicology - Homeopathy. Plantago-Homaccord (G.A.), Sabal-Homaccord (G.A.)

Vitamins: A, D. Minerals: manganese, potassium.

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