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Definition of boils
Furuncle or boil is defined as acute inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland attached (which secretes sebum, oily substance that lubricates the hair). The reunion of several furuncles is anthrax.
The cause of this inflammatory process of the skin is almost always Staphylococcus aureus whose penetration into the hair follicle is favored by local mechanical irritation, such as continuous rubbing, or rubbing two opposing skin surfaces.

The locations where most boils is present in the neck, inner thighs root and the region around the anus, but the boil may appear anywhere on the body with the exception of the hands and soles of the feet where there are no hairs.

Development of the boil
Early stage congestive boil
The evolution of the inflammatory process is usually not a boil quickly. In the first phase, early failure, protrudes from the plane of the skin surface rounded nodule of red skin covered and warm. Along with this symptom is pain by compression of nerves caused by local cutaneous blood vessels very dilated and inflammatory edema swollen skin tissue area.

Maturation phase of the boil
As the boil continues its path towards suppuration propels the pellet increasingly, especially its central area, adopting a conical area. The skin becomes thinner and there is a central point about white or yellowish hair. The white dot represents the externalization of internal exudate already transformed into pus. This is the stage of maturation of boils.

Expulsion of the nail

If not treated surgically, the focus spontaneously opens to the outside and pus mixed with blood flow. This is followed the expulsion of

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