Boletus laricis. Homeopathy

BOLETUS laricis (Agaricus laricis)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis BOLETUS laricis
1 Irritated by the slightest reason. Great restlessness after midnight.
2 Discouraged, depressed, melancholic. Absent.
3 Head feels light and hollow, with deep frontal headache and feeling faint.
4 You stick the eyelids every morning, with eye pain.
5 teeth and gums sore. Furred tongue with yellowish toothed tongue. Metallic taste or absent.
Constant nausea 6, languidly in the epigastrium.
7 - () Gastralgia cutting. Liver pains, shooting or burning, or heavy, sharp cutting and the back, worse during deep breathing and chills. Cholecystitis. Liver disease.
8 - () stools soft yellow, with something like drops of oil, with pain in liver and navel. Black stools, dry, mixed with mucus and bile, blood, with high fever.
9 - () Chills in the column with frequent hot flashes and backaches. Yawning and stretching with the chills.