Bone fractures. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

The bones form the rigid framework of our body and are linked together by different types of joints. Both bones and joints form the passive part of the locomotor system, and through this we can move and perform the various movements of our body.

Bone Structure
In all bone, proceeding from the outer surface to the deepest part, there are the periosteum, the bone tissue and bone marrow.

The periosteum
Nature is a connective membrane that surrounds the bone and nourishes. Through him reach the bone substance, blood vessels that nourish the nerves and confer sensitivity. For this reason a bone devoid of periosteum is doomed to become necrotic, ie, to die for lack of nutrients.

Bone tissue
The bone tissue itself consists of an outer compact and polished, and an inner or deep, fluffy. Bone tissue consists of three elements: the cellulose bone (osteocytes), the collagen and fibrillary protein substance "osteína (impregnated with mineral salts of calcium and magnesium).

Bone marrow
It is a soft substance, gelatinous, yellow or red, contained within the spinal canal located in the central area of the long bones (fémurm humerus, ulna, radius, etc.) Or the internal cavity of the other types of bones. The bone marrow has an important role in the production of red blood cells and certain types of white blood cells.
Influences of vitamins, hormones and neuerovegetativas in development and bone metabolism

The bones, like any other tissue, undergoes metabolism in development and regulatory influences both autonomic nervous system as some vitamins (especially D, which promotes attachment of blood calcium in bone tissue) and hormones .

Influences of hormones on bone
* Paratioridea hormone replacement influences the calcium salts necessary for bone building, because what works on the life and growth of bone tissue.
* The testicular and ovarian hormones inhibit reproductive activity of the juxta-epiphyseal cartilage of long bones, and therefore arrest development in bone height.
* Part adrenal cortex has a stimulating action on skeletal growth.
* The thyroid also affects skeletal development.
* The pituitary gland, whose influence on skeletal growth is demonstrated in dwarfism, gigantism and acromeglia.

Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies for bones
Medicine for the bones to the Diet:
Green cabbage soup and juice. Rye broth, raw goat milk and cheese.

Medicine for the bones with Medicinal Plants:

Comfrey, Nettle Green, Walnut, Birch, Dandelion, Yarrow, Ivy.

Medicine for the bones with nutritional supplements

A, B1, C, D. Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, fluorine, potassium, silicon, sodium, sulfur.

Bones (fractures)
Medicine for bone fractures with Medicinal Plants
Horsetail, Nettle Green, Comfrey

Medicine for bone fractures with nutritional supplements
Comfrey orally and in poultice. Foods with sulfur and calcium.

Medicine for the fracture of bones with nutritional supplements
Calcium and magnesium, with boron, vitamin D and vitamin K: Minerals that benefit bone density and prevent loss thereof. The combination of these, provides greater assurance of assimilation and fixation.

Mineral Complex: Contains all necessary components to form bone tissue with proper mineralization.

Ore involved in the synthesis and function of many enzymes responsible for synthesis of bone and cartilage components.

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