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BORAX (Sodium biborate)
1 - () Great fear of downward motion accompanied almost all disorders of Borax, either down the stairs, or descending rapidly from a height or hill, when dancing or hammock or swings or swings or go on horseback or down with the elevator or air. Great anxiety about the downward motion. Anxiety appears suddenly when the patient leans forward. When the child is lying in a stroller, crib or bed and get up, cry, scream and who joins up, the child cries too since I lean forward to bedtime. Fear of falling in children, when carrying down the stairs. Fear does suddenly startled and stretching his arms as if to fall, even when lying down. Terrible fear in babies that are thrown into the air playing with them. The fear is always accompanied with an expression of great anxiety.
2 - () is very easily startled by noises, from fright, even by sneezing, sleeping and out of sleep. Great hypersensitivity to noise, especially if sudden, frightened by the slightest noise or an unusual high-pitched sound, a cough, sneeze, cry, strike a match, and so on. Fear of thunder, violent shock by the sound of a rifle to shoot, even from afar. The child cries sleeping, night terrors, waking screaming very frightened, clinging to the sides of her crib, with no apparent cause (Apis, Cina, Stramonium, Chloralum).
3 - () Nino excessively nervous, irritable, loud. Moody, alternately laughing and crying. Vehement oath, denies.
4 - () unhappy and irritable before a bowel movement, cries while passing stool; this happy after (Natr.Sulph.). The child screams and cries before urinating.
5 - () agitation, can not be in one place, feeling of unease around the body. Anxiety is constant, increasing to 23 hours, when it suddenly calm.
6 - () Fear of contracting an infectious disease.
7 Fear of work, not do anything, change from one job to another. In children lazy to work.
8 - () Worse, all tilt forward or descent, by a sudden noise, albeit slight, for the cold, damp weather, from heat; from laughing, after menstruation, before urinating, smoking (diarrhea). Better: by pressure, after 23 hours, clutching the hand (hand fragrant, for cold weather.
9 - () Weakness in the joints.
10 Ailments: from taking cold in damp and cold weather, for travel, eating fruit (in children), pears, for lively conversation, to think.
11 handy especially in the period of dentition, in people with light hair. The child becomes pale, soft, loud, screaming sleeping, refuses the breast. Cyanosis from birth (face, fingers, feet).
12 Shooting pains or twitching; stitching, lancinating, worse by cold and damp the motion, better from hard pressure (Bryonia).
13 Right side, or top right, bottom left.
Desire and aversion of Borax
14 like acids, acid drinks.
15 - () Vertigo, dizzy when descending, especially stairs and into the sea,
whenever the ship goes down, with a tendency to fall toward the left side.
Headaches with nausea and trembling all over, worse at 10 hours. Hothead with chills. Headache in the root of the nose and neck, worse writing, reading or stooping. Congestion headache with throbbing pain.
Scalp sensitivity to cold and bad weather. His hair gets dirty, untidy, tangled, broken, he clinginess at the ends and can not be separated (plica polonica) and whether these strands are cut, formed again, can not be neatly combed.
16 - () The tabs are full of a gummy exudate, dry, bonded to the morning, turn inward and inflame the eye, especially in the
external angle; tendency to "wild hairs". Entropion: the eyelids are inverted against the eye, blepharitis and agglutination with sore eyelids after sleeping. Inflammation of the eyes, but in the corners, with rawness and redness of the edges of the eyelids, which stick at night. Watch sparks when writing. Photophobia to artificial light. Go shining billows. I want to rub your eyes.
17 - () Very sensitive to slightest noise, the stronger is better tolerated. Otitis with purulent discharge. Visits of obstruction of ears, with deafness. Humming,
with pain in vertex. Pruritus; stitches.
18 - () Tip of nose red and bright young women. Right nasal obstruction, or from right to left, blows constantly. Epistaxis the
blowing. Nostrils ulcerated and swelling and pain, especially at the tip.
Thick scales and crusts inside the nose, thick green mucus.
19 - () pale, earthy suffering. Sensation of cobweb on face,
only the right side. Puffy face with pimples on nose and lips.
Muscle twitching in the corners of lips. Facial erysipelas with sharp pains in malar bones, worse when to laugh. Pimples on face, nose and lips. Red papules on cheeks and chin. Perioral vesicles.
20 hits pains in carious teeth, worse from cold or altocarlos local tongue. Gums sore, bleeding.
21 - () Canker very painful in the mouth, tongue and inside of the cheeks, which bleed easily when touched or eating, drooling, and heat in the mouth or dryness and thirst. It is, perhaps, the main drug in this disease so upset. It is seen, especially in children and even suckers, the
child beginning to suck and let his chest crying and screaming because he can not continue because of the pain, or ends up rejecting the chest before starting, or falls asleep on his chest. Ulcers in the mouth, rapid formation; gangrenous.
Cracked and bleeding tongue, drooling, especially in the dentition. Boca hurt worse by eating or handling food acids or salt in old people, often for dentures. As a white fungal growths in the mouth. Bitter taste. Vesicles very painful burning. Palatal mucosa wrinkled and hard, and painful to chew. The mother in her nipples the baby's mouth feels very hot.
Dry throat 22. Adherent mucus.
23 - () Swelling of epigastrium after eating, with cramps and diarrhea.
Nausea when traveling in a vehicle. Vomiting acids after breakfast.
Gastralgia after heavy lifting, extended to the sacrum; incapacitate him. Pressure, fullness and stomach discomfort after eating fruit (pears and apples). Vomiting after drinking. Nausea after a sudden violent sound during the swing (mal de mar) or without apparent cause.
24 Pressing pain in the hypochondria, worse on the left, and when traveling in a vehicle. Pains in the hypochondria and hypogastric, as if inside were moving and cutting hard objects. Flatulence, frequent flatus.
25 - () Diarrhea in children below the anus, with loose stools, light yellow,
offensive, worse in summer and the dentition. Pale stool, green or brown
watery, with cries before and during defecation. Anal stricture. Itching and contraction in the anus and rectum. Diarrhea with punctures and in borgorigmos
belly. Diarrhea preceded by cramps in the infant, his mouth for canker sore. Diarrhea caused by smoking.
26 - () The child is urinating frequently, but she cries and screams before urinating and during urination (Lycopodium, Sarsaparilla) is afraid to.
Frequent and painful urination. It hurts the urethral meatus after urination, and urine is pungent, sharp. In the comb are small red particles. Urine hot, burning. Has seizures when urination occurs.
27 Lack of sexual desire. Morning erections. Gonorrhea. Cankers on the foreskin.
28 - () Menses early, too heavy, very painful, with pinzantes pain or cramping, nausea and gastralgia extended with the lower back. Membranous menses (dysmenorrhea membranous). Flow transparent albuminous as starch or cooked egg white, acrid, excoriating,
burning, sticky, especially between the two menstruation, in the middle of
or post-menstrual cycle, heavy, warm, giving the sensation of hot water that seeps through the thighs. Bloated feeling in the clitoris with needles. Vulvar itching, eczema of vulva. Infertility: One of the main drugs to be taken into account in this problem. Labor pain can go up, with frequent belching. False labor, decrease of the fetal head. Breast pain breastfeeding opposite: pain in left to suck on the right, and vice versa. Milk thick, stringy cheese,
tasteless, plentiful, the child refuses the breast, sometimes by the state for milk and other by your canker. After breastfeeding is an unpleasant sensation of emptiness in the breasts, pain relieved by pressure. Canker bleeding nipples.
29 - () or lancinating stitches on the right side of the chest, at the top, worst breathing, breathing, sneezing, coughing, talking or yawning, worse lying on right side, better by pressure and lying motionless on his back; grabs the chest with your cough. In bed he stops breathing; be incorporated. Every few minutes he must breathe deeply, painfully. Pleurisy right (Bryonia). Violent cough in the morning or at dusk when climbing stairs. Nocturnal cough with blood-streaked expectoration.
30 - () Cyanosis of the newborn or from birth. Feeling of being in
heart in the right side, and as if squeezed.
31 pains between the shoulder blades and shoulders and neck, with inability to bend. Boils in the armpits. Itching and tingling in sacrum. Burning pains in the sacrum, worse sitting and stooping.
32 - () Sensation of cobwebs in my hands. Pain in the tip of the thumb,
that prevents him from sleeping. Chilblains. Pustules on the fingers. Ulceration in the joints of the fingers (Sepia). Palms hot. Itching in the back of hands. Burning pain in the thighs. Sensation as if hot water fell on her thighs. Erysipelas on legs and feet. Great weakness in the legs. Beatings on the soles of the feet. Pain as from excoriation in heels. Suppuration in heels from shoes rubbing. Callus pain in rainy weather. Stitches on the soles of the feet. Burning pain in the toes, especially the pads.
33 - () Dry skin, it takes time to heal, it looks unhealthy any suppurating ulcer or wound. Erysipelas. Tendency to old wounds fester.
Herpes. Vesicles phagadenic purulent. Wrinkled skin in children.
Psoriasis. Chilblains better outdoors.
34 - () day sleep, insomnia at night. Tendency to sleep much. Sleep disturbed by cramps and diarrhea. He wakes up very early and can not go back to sleep by heat in the head and many ideas. Night terrors in children with convulsive movements of the hands.
35 Chills, with trembling, heaviness, weakness, headache and pain or periosteal in the femur, followed by heat. Flushes. Sweating in the morning sleep. Chills just is uncovered. Body wet night.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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