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Bovist (Lycoperdon Bovista)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Bovist
1 - () Irritable, takes everything the wrong way, is easily offended. Fighter.
* version of everything.
2 - () is absent; has trouble concentrating, not paying attention. So often wrong in using the phrase when speaking or writing. Poor memory.
3 Sad, depressed, especially when alone. Gloomy thoughts.
4 It is alternately laughs and cries and spasmodically.
5 Great loquacity, spoke without reservation or control.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Bovist
6 - () can not tolerate tight clothing, especially in the epigastrium, abdomen and thorax.
7 - () Worst: before and during menstruation or after, and at night, in morning;
after dinner, on blowing nose; for cold food, hot weather, after coition, with full moon, for coffee and wine. Better: bending forward, by day, eating, by bending, for hot food.
8 - () Secretions very thick, stringy and adherents of all the mucous membranes (Kali Bichromic.).
9 - () Diabetes.
10 - () There is a generalized swelling, although not very obvious, it makes the pressure on hard objects marked impressions let, for example, using scissors or knives left a deep scar on his fingers.
11 - () A tendency to capillary bleeding relaxation, especially at night and the morning and the slightest effort.
12 - () In people suffering from itchy rashes all over his body,
dry or not. In spinsters with palpitations.
13 - () Disorders gas inhalation combustion of charcoal.
14 - () Big lack of strength, with notable joint weakness.
15 Waves of heat with intense thirst.
Desire and aversion of Bovista
16 Desire for alcoholic drinks, wine, milk and bread, cold drinks.
17 - () Sensation of enlargement of the head, especially in the occiput. Expansive Headache, worse morning, and slept outdoors.
Vertigo and stupid feeling in the head tomorrow, falls, sometimes with momentary unconsciousness. Vertigo stopped, as if everything was spinning.
Nocturnal headache, excruciating to lift his head. Great sensitiveness of the scalp to the touch. Hair loss. Chafing and itching worse from warmth.
18 - () The eyelids are glued night. Dull eyes. Things appear to be closer than they are realmnente. Right optic nerve palsy, blindness. Hemiopia vertical.
19 - () Itching in the ear, putting his finger better. Hearing loss. Discharge of fetid pus from the ears. Moist eruption on the ears.
20 - () Epistaxis in early morning or sleeping in bed, blowing the * pineapple and sneezing. Nostrils excoriated, crusted. Nasal obstruction.
Nasal secretion very viscous, sticky, stringy.
21 - () Face very pale when rising in the morning. Pale swelling of the upper lip, cheek and nose. Bueales ulcerated corners. Vacant, staring. Rheumatic pain in the jaw, and swelling. Chapped lips. Bone sensation in the lips. Heat in the cheeks, though they were com burst. Acne, worse in summer, for cosmetics.
22 Toothache in decayed teeth, worse at night, better from heat and cmin outdoors. Gums bleed easily at night or chuarlas.
Bleeding from a tooth extraction.
23 - () Stuttering in children. Boca asleep. Cutting in language. Painful ulcers on the edges of the tongue. Foul breath. Angina with burning pains. Taste of blood or rotten.
24 - () No appetite for breakfast. Nausea with vomiting, watery, best for breakfast. Hungry even after eating. Hypo before and after eating.
Sensation as if a piece of ice in the stomach or a burning ball. Can not bear tight clothing in the epigastrium.
25 - () can not tolerate tight clothing or belts in the womb. Periumbilical pain after eating, as if cut with knives. Colic bending (Colocynth), eating, worse at rest, sometimes with reddish urination. Violent colic after stool, with shivering and chattering teeth.
Frequently fetid flatus. Flatulence.
26 - () Diarrhea before and during menstruation. Tendency to diarrhea,
especially in the morning and afternoon, followed by tenesmus and burning. Stool first hard, then liquid. Stools hard and compact; constipation. Itching in the rectum and anus. Ineffectual urging. Headaches perineum, the rectum. Chronic diarrhea in the elderly.
27 Burning urethral or ulceration as if urinating. Burning and stitches in the urethra meatus feel stuck. Polyuria. Frequent desire to urinate, even once I did.
28 - () Sexual desire increased. This worse after intercourse: confusion, dizziness, lightheadedness. Suppurated hard nodule on the penis. Chronic gonorrhea. Frequent pollutions. Burning in the genitals.
29 - () Menses frequent and copious, or late, sparse and short, the blood flows only at night (by day nothing), with pain bearing down.
Metrorrhagia mild intermenstrual. Menses every two weeks, dark and clotted. Premenstrual or postmenstrual flow, transparent or white, albuminous, pungent, sticky, greenish-worst walking and night, leaves green stains on clothing. Pubis pain during menstruation. Ovarian cyst.
Voluptuous sensation in the genitals.
Hoarseness of 30 tomorrow, nasal speech. Coughing up very sticky.
Dry cough and laryngeal tingling in the chest. Dyspnea if it works. Feeling of constriction in the chest, everything seems too tight. Stitches.
31 - () Palpitations with anxiety, tremor, vertigo, nausea and headache.
Palpitations as if the heart beat in water. Pe palpitations worse after eating, for efforts during menstruation. Feel the heart enormously large.
32 - () axillary sweat with a strong smell of onion or garlic. Heavily back pain after bending over. Itching on the tip of the tailbone, you have to have skin scratching raw.
33 - () Clumsiness and lack of strength in hands and fingers, dropped his hands things, even the lightest. Paralytic weakness of the hands. Dislocation-like pains in the joints of arms and hands. Sensation as of dislocated wrists. Affections of the wrists, cyst, hygroma of the hand. Feelings of very short tendons in the shoulders. Tremor;
joint pain. Humid eruptions on backs of hands. Tingling and numbness in the legs, can not stand. Painful knees and feet. Sense of very short tendons in the legs. Cramps in calves. Atrophy of the leg. Itching of feet and legs. Edema after articular fracture.
34 - () loose skin. Itching worse by heat and not relieved by the
scratching. Chronic Urticaria (if it fails Rhus Tox.) Worse from excitement, to
awakening and the bathroom, with rheumatism, palpitation and diarrhea. Itching eruptions oozing with thick crusts, in folds of elbows and knees.
Felon. Warts. Painful corns. Eczema wet. Pellagra. Jaundice
35 Sleepy after lunch. Frightening dreams.
36 - () Chills at bedtime at night, with thirst, even near the fire.
Sweats in the thorax of tomorrow. Evening fever with chills in the back and stomach pains. Daily intermittent fever with chills of 19 to 22 hours.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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