Brachyglottis repens. Homeopathy

Brachyglottis repens (Puka Puka)
SYMPTOMS GENERAL OR pathogenesis Brachyglottis REPENS
1 Dolores throbbing.
2 Dizziness with face flushed, headaches throbbing; not let him sleep.
Sore head with neck stiffness. Cold sensation in the scalp tension. Itching in ears and nostrils. Throbbing in the ears,
extended to the eyes, throat and neck. Facial neuralgia left, shakes.
3 - () Heat in the mouth. Sore tongue, asleep. Sore throat when swallowing.
Nausea, feelings of restlessness or tremor in the stomach, or beats. Throbbing in the left groin. Agitation or tremor in the stomach, worse in right ovary (with dysmenorrhea). Stool dry, like marbles, with painful constriction of anus.
4 - () urge to urinate, pressure and pain in the neck of the bladder.
Pain in the bladder and urethra while urinating and after, feel like I can not hold urine. Stomach pains before urination. Shootings and beatings in the penis. Urine copious, clear, low density, with lucosidades, cylinders and albuminuria. Chronic nephritis.
5 - () oppression of breathing, better sighing. Pains in the chest and precordial leads. Throbbing in the sternum.
6 Challenges the first thoracic vertebra to the touch. Pain in left shoulder blade and spine. Throbbing pain in the right side of the back.
Sense of contracture backwards on the back. Weakness in the limbs;
prostration. Cramps in the fingers, thumb and wrist, in writing, with pain.