Brewer's yeast: Properties

Brewer's yeast is a food presented in the form of small particles of a golden yellow nice to know that contains all the amino acids necessary for human nutrition.

The analysis of amino acid content in yeast allows us to see food as nitrogen. The experience made in vivo physiological confirms this assertion.

Using a method based on determination of nitrogen balance to assign a coefficient to each prot and therefore proceed to a relative ranking, attributed to yeast Mitchell biological value of 80, intermediate between the biological value of the meat or milk (100) and the legumes (50, 60).

Therefore yeasts are very close to animal proteins.
The dry yeast is the richest source that exists in B vitamins, including other vitamins and undoubtedly also contains other unknown factors.

Components and properties of yeast
Brewer's yeast is the richest natural source vitamin B complex, while including all known and a number of factors and vitamins that are still being discovered. Because they are associated with other catalysts, creates a series of synergistic reactions that take place between different factors, or between vitamins and hormones, or between vitamins and essential amino acids, complementing their action. Therefore, it is desirable to use natural sources, whose scope is wider, more harmonious and the physiological potential of synthetic vitamins.

But moreover, the yeast is rich in iron, chromium and other minerals that strengthen young people in their growing age and is very useful to combat anemia.

Because of its high vitamin B content in brewer's yeast is well suited to combat skin problems such as wounds, eczema, burns, and nerve disorders (stress, anxiety, nervousness).

The fresh dry yeast against

The use or uptake of fresh yeast is mediocre, because the digestive enzymes can not reach nutrients contained in the protoplasm and protected by a cellulose membrane.

The digestive utilization ratio of fresh yeast in men is 52% for nitrogen and 37% for calories, showing that 50% of the nitrogen and two thirds of the calories are not absorbed by the body . It is therefore necessary to kill the yeast ferments by a drying process, which also causes the breakdown of cell wall.

The dry yeast "busted" as brewer's yeast, presents no risk of fermentation and digestibility is almost complete (94% for nitrogen and 92% for energy), this procedure also improved the use of vitamins in 30%.

The dry yeast "busted" by the most modern procedures are plasmolizadas and can be used directly in the family kitchen so much more in the preparation of delicacies and dietary.

Brewer's yeast clearly taken daily improves overall health. Therefore, a nutritional supplement that can be considered for energy.

The way it presents the yeast normally can be either flaked, tablet or powder form.

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