Bromatum Ferrum (iron bromide). Homeopathy

(Iron Bromide)
Mental symptoms of Ferrum BROMATUM
1 feel as if he must die. Depression, weakness.
2 - () asleep or dead Senacion of the scalp, of Extended
occiput to the vertex. Occipital pressure inside out on the occiput, with sensation of enlargement in the whole head and ears as if out of the head.
3 - () Heaviness in the eyes, droopy eyelids, can not keep my eyes open.
4 dry nose and mouth. Language hard and rigid upon awakening.
5 - () Noises in the hypochondrium, with tenesmus and diarrhea with bloody mucus, and feeling out of intestines, frequently excoriating stool. Involuntary moan after stool.
6 Burning urethra during urination. Spermatorrhoea with anemia.
7 - () Sticky, slimy, excoriating, with prolapse of uterus and feeling of heaviness, and discomfort that makes it hard up or down the stairs.