Bromine (Bromine). Homeopathy

1 - () have the feeling, being alone at dusk, that strange people or animals are looking over your shoulder and you will see if someone turns around. Hallucinations in the dark. Fear of ghosts or visions in the dark.
2 - () Very sad, especially before and during menstruation. This sat silent.
3 - () Aversion to physical, mental work you want. Low memory.
4 - () very grumpy patients, fighters. Not as long as you do not know why.
5 Anxiety evening and night.
6 screaming and crying, with hoarseness.
7 - () stony induration and swelling (without coming to suppuration, tuberculosis or not) of lymph glands and especially on the left side of the body (parotid, submandibular, testicles, ovaries, thyroid, breast, spleen).
8 - () perform better, but not exclusively in people with blue eyes, blond, with light eyebrows, delicate skin, blond girls with red cheeks (Iodum in dark-eyed morochos) (Hering).
9 - () Worse, after taking cold on hot days (in Spring); at night before midnight, entering a warm room (cough) for milk (headache), in very hot days in the evening; overheating; at rest, in warm weather and damp, lying, lying on left side by the heat of the sun by dust. Better: the sea; indando horse or by car, by any movement after eating.
10 - () sensation of cold in different parts of the body.
11 - () Laterality left.
12 - () I want to open.
13 - () generalized tremor.
Desire and aversion of Bromine
14 - () Desire for acids.
15 - () Vertigo on seeing running water (a bridge); tendency to fall backward. Vertigo with epistaxis, worse damp weather and lying. Vertex headache with throbbing, worse from stooping. Headache from drinking milk, the worse the left side and 15 to 16 hours. Feeling deep in the brain, as if he were to come a stroke. Headache with coryza, worse in the sun's heat and movement.
16 tearing and swelling of the lacrimal gland. Mydriasis. Exophthalmos.
Ringing in the ears 17.
18 - () Epistaxis that accompanies many conditions, and relieves the chest.
Severe coryza, worse on the right, with sneezing, watery and excoriating nostrils and eroded under the nose, with obstruction; visits a year from hay fever ( "hay fever"). Nostrils move as a fan (Lycopodium). Cold in the nose on inspiration.
19 - () Face ashen or pale gray; look aged. Heat in the cheeks, first right, then left. Sensation of cobwebs.
Hard swelling of the parotid, worse on the left, hot, sometimes oozing, post-scarlatinal. Left submandibular hard and swollen. Cancer malar. Mumps on the left side.
Sialorrhea 20. Burning from the mouth to the stomach. Heat in the mouth and esophagus.
Prick the tip of the tongue. Taste ugly like salty water.
21 - () Angina with dilated vascular network, worse on the left, with great tenderness. Swelling of mucous membranes. Diphtheria worse on the left, evil forms, covering the larynx (Kali Bichr.), With a stiff neck. The difterta begins in the larynx or trachea and rises to the throat (the reverse of Lycopodium). Goiter hard (to 30th, 2 times per day, 3 months [Hering]).
22 Tympanitic distension of abdomen, with much flatus. Induration and hypertrophy of the spleen. Left upper quadrant pain.
Gastralgias 23 Nausea and improving eating. Sense of gastric emptying.
Gastric heaviness like a stone. Gastritis. Does not tolerate hot foods or drinks; snuff smoke worse.
24 - () Diarrhea stool yellow, green or black, worse after every meal or oyster or acidic foods. Painful internal hemorrhoids, during and after defecation and sometimes goes black blood.
25 - () Induration and swelling of left testicle, painless or pain or cold. Swelling of the scrotum with chronic gonorrhea.
26 - () Noisy vaginal flatus (Lye., Phos.Ac.). Early menstruation and (opiates, live red blood, with exhaustion, or membranous. Violent spasms before and during menstruation, lasting for hours, leaving the belly pain, dysmenorrhea membranous. Induration and swelling of the ovary;
with dull pain, chronic oophoritis. Stitches from the breast to the armpit, can not bear the pressure (scirrhous). Absent or very delayed orgasm.
27 - () Hoarseness chronic, painful or aphonia; worse by getting hot and evening; the larynx when coughing hurts and scrapes. Cold sensation in the larynx, worse on inspiration or after breakfast. Constriction with tickling sensation and cough. Laryngeal diphtheria primitive or secondary. Diphtheria and croup during the cough, with full sound croupy, with much rattling in the larynx when breathing or coughing, but without expectoration, and without drowning as Hepar Sulph. False croup with spasm of the glottis, by getting hot. Pressure on the suprasternal notch. He clears his larynx, cough, worse at night.
Membranous expectoration as laryngeal molds. Danger of suffocation from mucus larynx.
28 - () Dry, spasmodic cough, wheezing, rattling. Inspiracion very difficult, can not inspire enough. Cough, with sudden paroxysms of suffocation on swallowing, coughing very short, worse before midnight. Croup, whooping cough. Hoarse cough, worse on inspiration, retrosternal burning pain.
Each inspiration causes coughing. Asthma after measles or sea to land, when they reached the shore, worse at night, to inspire and dust.
Dyspnea with retractions, and horns, with the sound of sawing. Dyspnea as if it had smoke-filled airways, or as if breathing through a sponge. Cutting pains or stitches on the left side of the chest pains go up. Pneumonia right. Emphysema. Pertussis (use at least 10 days [Boericke]). Breast tumors, with stitching at underarms; not tolerate the pressure in the sinuses.
29 Violent palpitation, worse lying on left side. Cardiac hypertrophy in gymnastics in adolescents.
30 - () stiffness in the limbs, worse at 11 hours, pain and heat alternating with chills. Forearms cold as ice. Hands cold and wet.
Feel paralyzed left arm or legs. Pain in the shins.
Sweaty palms.
Acne 31. Pimples on the face and arms. Ulceration carrion-scented green. Gangrene.
32 - () Sleepiness reading. Yawning and drowsiness continued with respiratory symptoms. Distressing dreams, fantastic, shaking sleeping. Takes to fall asleep, you want to continue sleeping in tomorrow. Trembling and weakness on waking, not feeling tired.
33 - () Chills by day with shakes and yawns, stretches, with cold feet. Skin cold, clammy sweat covered. Suda for the least effort.
Tuberculinum. Bromine is another hot product.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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