Bronchitis: Symptoms

Definition of bronchitis
Bronchitis is defined as inflammation of the bronchial mucosa

Symptoms of Acute Bronchitis
The disease often begins with symptoms of a cold stream:
* Frequent sneezing
* Nasal mucus
* Following appears mucopurulent cough and expectoration and pain in the center of the chest.
* The person feels weak, no appetite, and rheumatic pains diffuse type.
* The fever is often low and may even fail.
* The doctor listens to the chest sounds diffuse bronchial origin.

Usually within a few days the disease resolves without complications occur with proper treatment.

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis
* The major symptom of chronic bronchitis is the cough continues.
* If chronic bronchitis is dry (less often) occurs little or bronchial mucus secretion.
* If chronic bronchitis is wet (much more frequently) produces an abundant mucopurulent expectoration, which eventually becomes a foul odor.

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