Bryonia Bucco, Bufo, Cactus, Caladium. Homeopathy

Bryonia (bryony)
Inflammation of the serous (pleuritis, peritonitis, meningitis). Ing violent pangs. Polyarthritis. Intense thirst. Constipation (black stools). Cough on entering a warm room. Cough in bronchitis and colds by cooling. Hepatomegaly. Muscular rheumatism.

Bucco (Buco sheets)
Cistalgia. Cystitis. Arenillas. Headache.

Bufo (toad)
Seizures. Vesicular eczema.

Cactus (Queen of the Night)
Angina pectoris with feeling of suffocation. Stenocardia. Endo and pericarditis. Stitches heart. Congesiton cephalic (congestion, blood films that reach the head).

Caladium seguinum (hoop)
Pruritus of different origin, for xample, vulvar pruritus. Impotence

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