Bryonia. Homeopathy

Bryonia (Bryonia Alba)
1 - () Delusional morning at dawn, or night, on closing eyes; during fever; to sleep or drowsiness; murmuring.; Still or restless; wild. Think this out, and wants to get out of bed and go home, talk about your home and try to escape. Or talk to their occupations, think you are doing business. And his way of talking in delirium is incoherent, babbling (worst morning) and often accompanied by a state of stupor or unconsciousness, which is accentuated in the morning to get up, stand up or lying down. Have hallucinations: see faces, or visions, especially when you close your eyes, you see people.
2 - () is impetuous, hurry, impatient, irritable, especially if they contradict, does not want to talk or be touched, wants to be alone, quiet, does not tolerate the presence of strangers, exacerbating this situation. Moody, argumentative, moody, violent, suspicious. "Do you want things instantly, it can not obtain, or who refuses to provide them, or do not know what he wants.
The children do not want to be taken in arms, or raised "(Allen).
3 - () The child cries before coughing during fever and sweating, sleeping.
4 - () Anxiety in evening in bed before midnight or in bed (it pulls out), with concern that leads from one place to another, with fever without apparent cause with guilt; about their health, for the future, fear of poverty, at home; hypochondriac; better outdoors. Fear of death, desperate to heal, fear of disease. This restless, needs to be busy, turns in bed. He complains, complains, this discontent, there is a lack of confidence in itself.
5 - () Disorders feel neglected, for mortification, for sorrow, excitement, fright, distress, for anger.
6 Confusion mental, morning on waking or walking, as after intoxication; better yawning. Understands with difficulty.
7 Other features mental coward gets scared easily sighs during sleep sweating screams startled sleepwalking.
8 - () Worse by motion: all in Bryonia is aggravated by every means that the slightest movement and, in contrast, better everything that decreases or suppresses. This worse by movement of the affected parties, by shaking, by coughing or sneezing, by breathing movements, physical strain, by running or walking (even worse if fast), rising, rising, to the touch; has an aversion to motion.
By contrast, the better for all that aside the motion: at rest, physical or mental lying in bed, lying on his back and then lying down and, above all, lying on painful side (and worse lying on side Painless) by pressure. These patterns are especially prominent in the pains that are common in Bryonia, and can be of any kind, but preferably sharp, pointed, that dominate the right side and in any organ or tissue, and to levy the movement, improving with rest and pressure or lying on the painful side.
9 - () Right side: there is a marked predominance of symptoms on the right side of the body.
10 - () Worse: at 21 hours, from morning and evening, for change from cold to heat, heat in every way (and room, bed, stove, clothes), except locally in the head by getting hot outdoors, after the cold, cold wind; by cold dry tendency to take cold, by eating bread, beans or peas, cabbage, flatulent food, fruit, hot foods. Better: heat of the bed cold drinks, for the perspiration.
11 - () affects the serous membranes, especially in the period exudative, and also are predominantly dry mucous membranes (see Private) (dry mucous membranes and serosal wet).
12 - () Weakness: to get out of bed in the morning, before noon, for the least effort, for walking, sweating, during fever. Fainting in the morning to get out of bed.
Desire and aversion of Bryonia
13 - () I want beer, wine, coffee, cold drinks, not known, hot milk, oysters, sweet, hot or acidic drinks.
14 - () Aversion to coffee, milk, fat and meat.
15 - (); Vertigo: when rising in the morning, when lying, as if sinking into the bed, shaking his head, on stooping; by motion, lifting his head, when rising from a chair, turning his head as if spun in a circle. He grabs his head with your cough. Heat in the head during the chills. Congestion of the head with heat in the brain, head warm with dark red face and body cold, thirst and pain in the limbs to move. Fullness and heaviness in the head. Heaviness front, as if everything were to go out the front of the stoop. Painful sensitiveness of scalp, as if excoriated. Pulsations in the occipital region to move. Violent headaches: a morning in bed with the first movement, or getting or waking up or just open your eyes, stops the evening; to climb stairs by taking cold or during chill; when constipated; after eating; with coryza, cough or touch, for iron, for any shock, by motion, for moving the eyes or the head, stooping; by sun exposure, heat, walking fast or heavily, in cold and wet weather ; better by external pressure and the rest. Headache attacks with nausea, vomiting and wants to sleep.
Frontal headache when coughing or moving or bending over or walking, relieved by pressure, over the left eye. Occipital headache from the heat of the sun. Tearing one side of the head, and the right rnal spread to the bone and jaw. Drawing pain, headaches, better at noon, in the zygoma. Pressing headache worse with coughing or moving, in front of the stoop; on the eyes, as if he had tied the brain, in temples, spread to the cheeks. Sweat sour, oily, greasy, head, sleep, worse morning. Frontal cold sweat. Oily hair.
16 - () Eye pain: visual strain, to move or touch them, burning in the corners, at night, pressing on motion, pain on moving the eyelids or eyes, as if he were to leave, as if sand shooting pains, twitching. Inflammation of the eyes, worse for heat, with redness. Conjunctiva swollen and red, oozing. Upper eyelids swollen and red, itchy rashes. Styes. They stick the eyelids at night, daytime watering. Presbyopia. Go flames or sparks. Photophobia.
17 - () Itching burning in the ears. Otalgia, worse walking in open air.
Sensation of clogged ears. Ears bleed. Buzzing. Can not bear noises.
18 - () coryza: with fever with laryngitis, nasal secretion, suppressed, or dry, hard, crusty, greenish watery. Epistaxis sa morning upon arising, for blowing; suppressed during menses; vicariant, sleeping, PMS or pregnancy. Nose dry and clogged, swollen, tender to touch. Ulceration of the nostrils.
19 - () pale, yellowish, earthy, or red (for the chills), with red spots or dark blue or red. Swelling hot, blue or brown, or on one side, under the eyes or the root of the nose. And indurated nodules on the face. Greasy face. Chewing movements, as if pondering. Lips swollen, cracked, dry, the child is started crusts or skins, pinched lips, bleeding and burned. Facial pain, worse effort and motion. Eruptions on the lower lip, with burning.
20 - () Tongue dry and hard, with deep crevices, dark, wrinkled, blistered edges. Language brown, yellow or white, but in the middle. Dry mouth with burning thirst or no thirst. Bitter taste of all foods, but tomorrow, bitter taste better after a drink, sweet. Putrid breath.
21 - () Tooth pain: worse lying on the side that does not hurt, smoking, hot food, at night, better from cold water and lying on painful side, and swelling of the cheek; stitches. Sensation of elongated teeth or loose. Gums spongy, painful.
22 Throat very dry and sore, as if excoriated, worse on swallowing, swallowing hard. Bloating and constriction in the esophagus. Hard body sensation in the throat and pointed. Tenacious mucus, torn with effort. Stiffness in the sides of the neck.
23 - () Burning thirst, extreme, during fever, chills and sweating; in large quantities at a time, often or especially at long intervals. Appetite capricious, absent or excessive, or aversion to food. Stomach upset by an excitement. Belching warmly food, spitting after every meal. Hiccups. Heat waves in the epialastrio. Gastritis. Nausea: by standing in the bed after eating something that taste of morning, sitting, better for drinking. Gastralgias: after eating bread coughing, during fever; by move, on foot. Gastralgias as cramping or stabbing, excoriating, burning, does not tolerate the slightest pressure. Sense of stone after eating or waking up or move. Coughing vomit immediately after drinking, even the smallest amount (Phosphorus), after eating (right away). Vomiting bitter, bilious, food (for cough), watery, just as solid, blood, feces.
24 - () feeling in his stomach as if to have diarrhea. Painful distention of the belly. Appendicitis (one of the most important remedies), peritonitis, hepatitis. Liver disease. Bellyache: during coughing, as if to have diarrhea, to move, while defecating, when uncovered, in the ileocecal region and groin. Right upper quadrant pain, worse shocks and movements. Biliary colic (one of the best medicines). Pains in the liver, worse touch, breathe or cough, better lying on the right side, extended to the stomach and back. Azo pains. Stitches in the right groin to breathe deeply, in the liver, coughing or breathing deeply. Hard swelling in hypochondria and navel. Distended belly, with gurgling and flatulence.
25 - () Constipation with hard stool and rectal large and inactivity.
Diarrhea: the morning, after getting up and moving, in hot weather, for fruit or food for the least derangement; worse by moving, with cramps, alternating with constipation. Offensive flatus. Burning pain in rectum after stool. Dry stool, scanty, hard, as if burnt; large, undigested, yellow, offensive or putrid (like rotten cheese), brown (in babies).
26 - () Urgency to urinate when you sweat, involuntary urination, worse when moving or coughing. Dark urine, on standing, brown, black or red, pink sediment scanty, hot. Urethral burning before urinating, pain urinating cutting or constriction.
27 red rash, milia, itching on the glans penis. Stitches in the testicles while sitting.
28 - () Menses brown, frequent, offensive, vicarious; suppressed (with epistaxis), profuse, with dark red blood. Metrorrhagia.
Pain in the ovaries and uterus, worse on movement or walking; stitches in the ovaries to move. Inflammation of the left labia majora.
29 Pain in the trachea, coughing. Hoarseness. Desire to breathe deeply. Dyspnea worse when moving. The pain in general, and the stitches in the chest in particular caught her breath. Breathing rough, rough, sighing. Cough: deep breathing or entering a warm room dry, during fever, as if from the stomach, should grab the chest with both hands, by irritation in pit for talking or smoking, eating or drinking (with vomiting ); as having smoke in the larynx; loose in the morning, painful, as if to blow the head and thorax; spasmodic.
Expectoration: Morning; brown bloody or blood-streaked rusty; mucosa and cold, yellowish blood. Catarrh in the chest congestion. Feeling of constriction in the chest, with edema. Bronchitis, pneumonia, particularly right, pleuropneumonia, pleurisy, especially rheumatic. Mastitis, "heavy breasts, hard stone and pale horn, hot and painful breasts be sustained" (Allen). Milk increased (dripping) or suppressed or absent. Pains in the chest: a cough, during the chills, for inspiration, worse movement, sneezing and breathing deeply, better lying on painful side and the pressure. Pain in the chest, better by pressure of the hand on the sides during coughing, to inspire, to laugh, moving, taking deep breaths, in and behind the sternum, coughing. Burning pain in my right side shear to inspire or move. Aching coughing, grabs the chest when coughing; on inspiration, better sitting upright. Stitches for the chills and fever, coughing, breathing, moving and deep breathing, better lying on painful side and the pressure; stitches on the right side breathing; on the side, coughing or pnspirar. Sensation in the chest as if there divest him everything and fall into the womb.
30 - () very strong heartbeat, with oppression. Acute precordial pain, stitching. Endocarditis, pericarditis.
31 - () Backache: rheumatism, coughing, moving. Low back pain roll over in bed, it is almost impossible. Sacral pain with stiffness, which allow you to walk upright. Pain under left shoulder blade, spread to the heart, worse by coughing and breathing. Stitches in the back when you cough or move. Painful stiffness in the neck. Red spots on the sides of the neck, milia, itching.
32 - () Heat in the palms. Arthritis with pain, redness and swelling, especially in the knee and foot, elbows, hands and fingers. Pains in the limbs during fever, during the flu, moving, acute rheumatic pain, in cold weather. Joint pains worse on motion. Rheumatic pains in upper limbs (worse on movement) and on the bottom.
Sciatica, worse from motion. Stitches in the joints in the arm to move. Stiff elbow, rheumatic swelling and pain worse on movement. Rheumatic painful stiffness in the knee. Rheumatoid joint swelling or edema in the knee, foot, evening, hot on the back foot. Tension: ankle, worse on movement, on the foot while sitting or walking. Weakness in the knee, better at rest.
Constant tremors in arms and fingers. Sense of dislocated wrist to move; dislocated ankle and foot during walking. Cramps in calves, night and morning. Feet swollen, with heat and redness. Putrid ulcers on lower limbs.
33 - () Dreams: that this busy, with events of yesterday. He sleeps on his back. Sleeplessness before midnight. Constant yawning. Sleepiness after lunch. He sleeps with his eyes half open. Soon asleep. The dream did not rest. Starting, with fright, when falling asleep or asleep. Delirium and cries just close your eyes to sleep, or waking up.
34 - () Chills: Morning, evening or night, before midnight, after a fit of anger better outdoors in autumn, starting at the tips of the fingers and toes or the lips moving; on one side, especially the right, not enhanced by the warmth of the room or the stove, with cold body. Tertian fever. Fever in the evening after lying down, and at night, dry heat and burning, at 21 hours before midnight blue; sender in the fall, on one side, with no sweat. Measles (one of the principal remedies). Sweats: cold air, walking outdoors, after dinner, to move, acid odor, oily. The symptoms improve with the sweats. Ailments from suppressed sweat.
35 - () skin burning, dry, moist, yellowish cold. Itching burning.
Measles. Petechiae. The rash goes back in the eruptive fevers or evolves slowly. Suppressed eruptions. Swelling of the skin: burning, edematous, hard, inflammatory, pale, shining, with punctures. Ulcers: with sensation of cold; fistulous. Erysipelas on the joints. Chilblains. Painful corns on touch. Hard nodules.