Bufo (toad). Homeopathy

Bufo (Toad)
1 - () imbecility or idiocy in children; oligofrenie. Child Behavior:
the adult talks, laughs and cries like a child cries and has sudden anger.
2 - () Great tendency to masturbation. He always has his hands on his genitals.
3 - () Desire for solitude, but fears being alone. Particularly wants to be alone to masturbate.
4 - () Fear of disease, to die, animals. Anxious about his health.
5 - () Irritable, especially before a seizure or after menstruation. She gets mad if they do not understand. You can get to bite, he bites his tongue. Crisis of rage, leaps out of bed and run like crazy. Moral depravity.
6 - () can not tolerate hearing music and seeing shiny objects.
7 - () Sad, restless, impatient. Anxious, afraid that something terrible will happen.
Go from side to side and wringing her hands.
8 Laughing like a fool, laughs and cries easily.
9 - () One of the major drugs of epilepsy. "No medication I have been most useful in the treatment of this disease"
(Clarke). Seizures occur in special sleeping during intercourse, after a fit of anger, fright, onanism or sexual excitement, at night or at midnight, before menstruation or suppressed menses, during a suppuration in the new moon in a warm room, or whose mother had a scare or a rage breastfeed. Preceding the attack, the patient is more irritable, mydriasis, with a motion as if licked, and rubbed his nose. Moments before the attack, the eyes are directed upwards and left wide open mouth, cries out, members stiffen up, put his thumbs inside the other fingers flexed and contractures, first right and then to the left. Seizures beginning in the face or belly or solar plexus. During the attack, the face is gray, red, swollen, distorted and sweaty, he holds his tongue, leaving him bloody and frothy saliva, urination, sweating is profuse and violent movements presents its members, and chronic tonic seizures, and unconsciousness overall. After the attack, deep sleep, violent headache, cold limbs, unconsciousness and hot face. Picnolepsia, "Petit Mal".
10 - () Worse on waking in a warm room, heat, heat from stoves. Better: the bathroom, for fresh air cn set foot in hot water.
11 - () Downloads and fetid secretions. Hemorrhage.
Parkinson's Disease 12. Parkinsonism.
Desire and aversion of Bufo
13 Desire for sweets and alcoholic drinks, sweet drinks.
14 - () Cefalca failure, better by epistaxis (Melilotus, Psorinum), worse from light, noise and after breakfast. Headache during and after menstruation. Pressure as if two iron hands grab her temples.
Sensation as if hot steam rise to the crown.
15 Right eye open, left almost closed. Paralyzed left upper eyelid. Blisters on the eyes. Mydriasis.
Purulent otorrhea 16. Any noise alters it.
17 Waves of heat to the face. Face stiff and distorted.
18 - () Paralysis of the tongue. Stammering, he gets angry if you do not understand. Blue-black tongue.
19 - () Cumshots involuntary premature ejaculation; impotence of the worst kind. Masturbation is sometimes uncontrolled. Inguinal buboes.
20 - () Ovaries hypertrophied, with burning and stinging pains. Ovarian cysts. Menses frequent and copious, clots and blood out of date. Watery discharge, bloody, irritating, very offensive. Breast Cancer,
open, painful blisters and very fetid discharge; epithelioma;
scirrhous. The milk comes out mixed with blood. Uterine cancer. Tumors and polypi of womb. Ulceration of the cervix.
21 - () Burning like fire in the lungs, worse cough. Laryngeal cough from tickling from 3 to 4. Cough for having cold feet. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Pulmonary gangrene. Sharp pain in upper third of the sternum,
with oppression.
22 - () my heart is very big and as if swimming in water. Palpitations:
headache, during menses. Constriction on the heart.
Caries of 23 dorsal vertebrae, and swelling.
24 - () and acute suppurative lymphangitis in the upper limbs. Felon to repeat, blue-black with periungual swelling and pain that come up.
Large yellow blisters on the soles and palms, with acrid yellow secretion. Cronicas phlebitis. The arms fall asleep easily, but the
left. Swelling of hands and arms, burning pains. Tremors,
cramps that wake him up. Sciatica. Weakness in the legs,
only one or two walks with canes, staggering gait (softening of the brain). Great muscular strength, jumping prefer to walk.
25 Drowsy after eating.
Periodic Fever 26, quartan.
27 - () Skin greenish, dirty, oily. Large blisters, yellow, opening, leaving a raw surface, with secretion fetida; vesicles gangrenous. Chilblains. Anthrax. Profuse sweating, oily. Plaque anesthesia and hyperesthesia. Pemphigus. Pustules. Suppuration by the slightest wound.
Salamandra; Silica.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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