Bunias orientalis. Homeopathy

Bunias orientalis
Cynical symptoms (143 patients).
1 - () Irrational anxiety that can lead to suicide, depressive psychosis.
Neurosis with anxiety and restlessness.
2 - () sense of lightness, floating in the air, followed by the sensation of falling violently in endless depths.
3 - () Great weakness, fatigue, lack of vitality needed sleep after a few hours. Any problem easily solved as before, now it costs a lot of effort.
4 - () unexplained rapid weight loss (precancerous condition).
5 - () sudden appearance and disappearance of symptoms.
6 Worst: Night, by trying too hard, for fatty foods or heavy on the side of the body long oppressed. Better: Walking; changing eosicion; outdoors. Left sided.
7 Burning pain, pinching or cramping, which are circled and rapidly changing place.
8 - () Vertigo with sensation of instability, which is suddenly in the early morning, and last long. Sense of enlarged head, or head cold.
Premenstrual headache.
9 Sense of vision impaired. Go circles or black clouds. Transient amaurosis.
10 Sounds like bells or boiling water. Hearing loss.
11 Cold feeling in the stomach. Nausea.
12 - () Abundant flatus by day. Abrupt initiation diarrhea, which lasts 2 or 3 days. Constipation with hard stool and great efforts to expel them.
Onset of hemorrhoids.
13 - () Urine irritating, strong-smelling, or streaked with blood albumin.
Albuminuria. Baciluria.
14 - () Menses painful and irregular, scanty or abundant, and purple color with clots. Flow irritating, yellow or brown, very offensive.
Congestion vulva, with reddish tinge maron. Vulvar eczema. Abnormal pregnancies: first and subsequent normal pregnancy with bleeding on the 3rd, 4th and 7th months, weak and underdeveloped children, babies with congenital malformations, hemorrhage in childbirth, with large placenta, and syphilitic scar, lochia and blood taken followed by three or four months, varicose veins in vulva during pregnancy. Metrorrhagia in the menopause (cancer).
15 - () Hoarseness sudden, sharp. Asthma appears suddenly at 40 years.
Wheezing, breathlessness, feeling of constriction in the chest, with pain in left side of the sternum. Stabbing sensation in the chest.
16 - () Coccygodynia. Pains in the spinous processes of the 7th cervical and 2nd dorsal.
17 - () Attacks of rheumatoid arthritis with swollen joints. Brachial neuralgia. Diffuse neuritic pain in the radius, fibula and 12th rib.
Left sciatica. Localized edema, which appears and disappears suddenly
on the back of the hands, arms and lumbar region.
18 - () light sleep, waking frequently. It constantly moves and turns from side to side, falling exhausted when morning came.
19 - () Usage intermittent fever, chills starting with chattering teeth and at 23 hours and ending the morning. Each 21Day Fever in short fits between 23 and 24 hours, with shivering, chest pains on the left side, weakness and vomiting, two to four hours after appearing to relieve sweats.
20 - () blotchy, red or brick red vesicles or pale purple, located in the nose, cheeks, palms, forearms, thighs and legs. Perioral and pruritic vesicles perianales.Erupciones worse by scratching. Itching adenitis foreshadowing evil. Vesicles on the tongue tip ee.