Burns. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Burns, Sunburn

Natural medicine for burns with homotoxicology. Traumeel (GCAP), Arnica-Heel (g), Causticum comp. (ga), Calendula-Salbe-Heel (p), Kamilla-Salbe-Heel (p), Cutis comp. (a).

Medicine for the burns with Homeopathy
General Remedies (without special procedures): Apis mellifica, Belladonna.
Chemical Burns: Causticum.
Blistering Burns: Cantharis vesicatoria.
Deep burns (3rd grade): Arsenicum album.

Thalassotherapy: Quinton isotonic.


Natural Medicine for sunburn with Medicinal Plants: Aloe, Plantain, Elder, purslane, Carrot.

Natural Medicine for sunburn with Hydrotherapy: cold compresses with vinegar (one third).
Also pad infusion of lady's mantle, Tires, Sanicula, Marigold flowers.
If blisters have formed towel soaked in oil. If pain is severe or wrap cold compress on the dressing of oil.

Note: Use salt water and linseed poultice. Also clay. Potato pulp renewing every 4 hours earlier.

Natural Medicine for sunburn with homotoxicology: Traumeel (GCAP), Causticum comp. (G.A.), Kamilla-Salbe-Heel (p)

Natural medicine for burns with Homeopathy
Aconitum napellus, Carbo veg, Gelsemium sempervirens, Glonoine, Lachesis mutus, Opium.

Thalassotherapy: Quinton isotonic.

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