Cabbage. Properties

Cabbage: Like cabbage has healing properties in cases of stomach ulcers. Cottage cheese: a food is acidic by 70% of acid salts. As cheese is a very complete protein food. Except for the lactose contains the same elements as milk, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. One of its remarkable properties is to neutralize the excess stomach acidity. It acts like a sponge. Like yoghurt facilitates restocking of useful bacteria in the intestine. Sandia: Diuretics for excellence, emollient and refreshing. Its seeds as well chewed pumpkin antiprostaticas have properties for its rich in zinc. Soy: For its wealth of soy protein meat rivals. From a nutritional standpoint soy is most nutritious foods known. The whole world can eat because they have no contraindications. By not contain gluten or lactose and very low in starch, soy milk is perfect for childhood disorders by intolerance to substances. It is also recommended for diabetics.

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