Cactus grandiflorus. Homeopathy

Cactus grandiflorus

MENTAL OR SYMPTOMS OF CACTUS pathogenesis grandiflorus

1 - (+++) Bark for the pain, which is very sensitive.

2 - (+ +) is afraid of dying, of having something in your heart that something terrible will happen. Think it will not cure your disease is incurable, and will not live until the next day.

3 - (+) Wants to be alone.

4 - (+) It's sad, discouraged, angry, moody. Weep and you do not know why, and comfort makes it worse.

5 - (+) You wake up scared.

6 Histeria during menstruation.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF CACTUS O pathogenesis grandiflorus

7 - (+++) The most characteristic symptom of Cactus is the feeling of constriction, which is usually as a pathophysiological basis circular smooth muscle contraction. This constriction may feel like a band or belt, for a yarn or as a hand or claw of iron, and is manifested, among other organs, throat, chest, heart, abdomen, bladder, vagina, and rectum, often caused or aggravated by the slightest touch. There is connected with the feeling of constriction, that the whole body is trapped by wires as more and more twisted, tweaked and tightened.

8 - (+++) blood congestions, waves of blood, especially in plethoric, irregular blood distribution. Congestion that often result in bleeding. Stroke. Beats and beats in any organ. Action marked cardiovascular atheromatous arteries, weakened heart. Hemorrhage of black blood that clots easily: on the nose, lungs, stomach, intestines, bladder and uterus.

9 - (+ +) Dolores constrictive, jerky. Dolores everywhere, like arrows or lightning zigzags and terminating as a sharp squeeze screw, only to reappear in the same way. Unbearable pain that make it scream.

10 - (+ +) Worst: the lower contact, while lying on the left side, walking or walking, climbing stairs, at 11 and 23 hours, or 11 to 23; by noise and light, heat ; by humidity and sunlight, for effort or movement, at night, lying down, at noon. Better: open air, inspiring fresh air (I wish) sitting in repose or absolutely still.

j 11 Periodical attacks of suffocation, with fainting, cold sweats, loss of pulse. Prostration.

12 journalists checked: aches, chills, etc.

CACTUS grandiflorus

13 - (+ +) vertigo worse by deep inspiration, by stress or exercise, get up from lying down, and turning in bed, bending over. Congestion of the head, when there is sweat on malaria. Cephalic fullness, worse mental exertion. Congestive pressive pain, with great heaviness in the vertex, the pressure better or worse about noise and bright light. Throbbing, violent, nerve on the right side of the head, the worse for wine and lunch late, comes and goes with the sun, grows during the day at menopause. Feeling of constriction, tight band, as on a lathe, and as if to burst with pain intensity. Relaxation of blood vessels.

14 See red circles. Blurred vision, is obscured objects, not seen in the distance.

15 Hearing loss with ringing. Pulsation in the ears.

16 profuse epistaxis, which soon gives way in heart disease. Fluent coryza.

17 - (+ +) chronic right facial neuralgia, constricting pain, worse least exertion, and only tolerable while still in bed, returns to the same time each day (Kidron), caused or aggravated by wine, light, music or hunger . Face pale or cyanotic, worse during chills. Cold sweat on his face and forehead. Anguished, suffering.

18 - (+) Lack of food taste, nausea. Language purple, brown tartar on the teeth. Fetid breath. Punctures at the tip of the tongue. Dry tongue, and burned.

19 - (+ +) suffocating constriction in the throat, enlarged and pulsating carotids. Constriction in the esophagus, which prevents swallowing, with constant desire to do so, to bring down the food, drink fluids. Heat in the throat. Scraping sensation in the soft palate. Globe hysterical. Not tolerate the clothes in the neck. Exophthalmic goitre.

20 - (+ +) Total lack of appetite, stomach rejects everything. Weight and stomach discomfort after eating. Nausea all day. Acidity that rises to the mouth. Vomiting. Copious hematemesis. Gastroenteritis. Constriction or pulsation in the epigastrium. Constriction as a wire or rope, in hypochondria or base of the chest, at the height of the insertion of the diaphragm.

21 unbearable heat in the belly. Drawing pain in the lower abdomen down. Sharp pains in the abdomen, the chest rise. Arterial pulsation in the abdomen. Peritonitis.

22 - (+) Constipation with hard stool black. Watery diarrhea, bilious morning. Great weight in the year, with much urgency to evacuate, but nothing happens. Intestinal bleeding in malaria and heart disease. Anal itching. Bleeding hemorrhoids, painful. Anal fistula with violent palpitations.

23 - (+) constriction of the neck of the bladder with urine retention. Bladder paralysis, should strive to urinate. Wets during menstruation. Urethral irritation, as if to urinate constantly urine in drops with much ardor. Reddish urine deposit. Hematuria with clots that obstruct the urethra and prevent urination. Weight anal prostate conditions.

24 - (+ +) pulsating pains in the uterus and ovaries. Constriction in the pelvis and uterus, worse during menstruation, such as cramping. Constriction of the vagina preventing intercourse (vaginismus), worse touch. Painful menstruation that makes her scream. Frequent menstruation, dark or black as tar, low, bushy, to cease at bedtime or night, preceded by palpitations, cardiac or uterine constriction. Travail deleted. Ovaritis. Tumors and inflammation in the breast.

25 - (+ +) Dyspnoea and oppression, as if a huge weight on the chest, with sensation of constriction in the chest like a sash or frame or band of iron, especially at the grassroots, dyspnea worse lying on the left or head down, can not lie, worse at 23 hours and climb stairs better outdoors, lying on his back and shoulders elevated. Chest congestion, you can not lie. Pleuritis. Hepatization lung. RALES rnuelios chronic bronchitis. Tuberculosis in its first stage. Spasmodic cough or hemoptysis in heart disease. Diafragmitis with great dyspnea. Passive pulmonary congestion due to heart failure.

26 - (+++) The fundamental scope of Cactus is centered in the heart. Can act almost any kind of benefit in heart disease, both organic and functional, when present with severe pain, constricting, chest, feeling as if the heart was caught or clingy or tight, and loosen tight or alternatively by a hand or iron grip that prevents its normal movements, as if bound, as if he had no place to beat. Angina pectoris with pain radiating to claw left upper limb to the tips of the fingers with the left upper limb numbness and pain in the little spicy. Heart smoking (one treatment par excellence). Endocarditis, pericarditis. Cardiac hypertrophy, heart forced abusing youth sports. Valvular disease, heart murmurs: aortic and mitral insufficiency, cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation, aneurysm and heart of the great arteries. Rheumatic heart disease. Cardiac weakness in atherosclerosis. In the heart of Cactus almost always coexist typical chest pain, breathlessness and tightness property (see 25), left upper limb numbness, edema of the left hand and palpitations. Violent palpitation, continuous, worse at night, lying in the left side, efforts, emotions, unrequited love, before or during menstruation, climbing stairs, walking or mental exertion, with epistaxis. Dyspnea, pain and palpitations are worse and can not lie on the left side. Cardiac neurosis. Hypotension, weak pulse.

27 Pain under left shoulder blade, with palpitations. Pain and stiffness in the lumbar muscles, worse on first movement. Cold in the back.

28 - (+) Rheumatism, acute or chronic, in all the joints, starting in the upper limbs (shoulders, arms, forearms) and then lowering your hips to feet. Edema of hands, more on the left. Edema of the feet, spread to the knees, glowing skin, finger pressure leaves "godet". Icy hands. Restlessness in the legs, can not be still.

29 Insomnia without cause or by pulsation in the epigastrium and right ear. Frightening dreams or lascivious.

• 30 Foot by sun exposure. Quartan or daily intermittent fever, always at the same time. The paroxysms of chills come at 11 and 23 hours. Teeth-chattering chills and not covering her improvement. Burning fever with dyspnea. Predominantly cold subnormal temperatures.

(+++) Very effective. (+ +) Effective. (+) Useful

Source: Vijnovsky homeopathic Materia Medica "

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