Cadmium sulphurathum. Homeopathy

CADMIUM Sulphuratum (Cadmium Sulfide)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR CADMIUM pathogenesis Sulphuratum
1 - () Desire for company.
2 Aversion or fear of anyone approaching him.
3 Excessive irritability.
4 Aversion to work.
Anxiety before 5 bowel movements.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR CADMIUM pathogenesis Sulphuratum
6 - () Extreme prostration, severe paintings that seem to end in death. Desire to be quiet (as opposed to Arsenic in these cases).
7 - () Worse, the open air by sunlight; tomorrow, after sleeping, walking, climbing stairs, to swallow, for penalties; carrying packages. Improved: eating, resting, after sleeping.
8 - () Very chilly, cold, chilly, even near the fire or a stove.
9 Disorders of sweat suppression by a gust of wind (of eyelid and facial paralysis, nausea, vomiting). Effects of anxiety or outbursts of anger.
10 pains lancinating, cutting.
Feeling of constriction 11.
Pounding in the head 12, and heat, preceding vomiting. Headache with constriction, restlessness, cold body, epistaxis, constriction of throat, thirst, nausea and vomiting on awakening, outdoor air currents, the sun.
13 - () opacities of the cornea. Can not read fine print. Night blindness. Swollen eyelids. Sunken eyes with dark circles blue. Hot tears. Anisocoria. Paralysis of the upper eyelid. Sleeping eyes open.
14 The sounds echo, echo in my head.
15 - () Ozena. Nasal polyps. "No choice I have been most useful in cases of ozena and polyps" (Clarke). Nasal obstruction. Nose asleep. Erysipelas. Caries of nasal bones. Nostrils ulcerated. Brown spots on the nose and cheeks.
16 - () facial paralysis, most left, worse from cold or running in the wind. Cold sweat on his face. Swollen lips. Jerking movements of the upper lip. Chronic eruptions perioral, nasal and frontal.
17 Salty taste of food; first taste sweetish, then bitter, burning. Foul breath. Mouth sores. Dysphagia, the symptoms are aggravated by swallowing, it can not. Constriction of the esophagus.
18 - () vomiting immediately after drinking, even the smallest amount (Ars-Alb., Bismuth., Bry.) Incessant, bilious, mucous, food, black, like coffee grounds, with epigastric tenderness and great prostration. Black vomit of yellow fever when other remedies fail. Vomiting in alcoholics. Nausea terrible, felt in the chest, mouth, stomach, worse lips barely touching. Intense heartburn. Belching stale, salty. Gastric Cancer. Epigastric pain on pressure. Gastralgias burning, lancinating, sharp.
19 Cutting pains in the stomach, with vomiting. Lancinating pains in the left hypochondrium. Bloat. Liver sensitive. Stool gelatinous, yellow-green (Cholera Infantum [toxicosisl), or bleeding, black, fetid clots.
20 Cutting pain in renal region; deleted urine, little or bloody. Pain in the urethra. Urine with pus and blood.
Erysipelas in 21 breasts. Inflarnacion nipples.
22 Sensation of expansion in the lungs or as if they were attached to the thorax. Cough with unconsciousness, agitation, flushed face gastralgias or bilious vomiting. Breathing stops during sleep. Brown spots on the chest. Palpitation with feeling of constriction in the chest.
23 abscesses in his armpits. Brown spots on the elbow. Restlessness. Jerks. Members pain with joint swelling, tearing pains with cramps and numbness.
2 24 Many pruritus at night in bed, when touched, from cold, better by scratching, which produces a voluptuous sensation. Bluish skin or yellow, scaly, cracked, moist, chilblains. Narron spots. Chloasma.
25 Sleep with eyes open. He wakes feared drowned and go back to sleep. Prolonged sleeplessness.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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