Cajuputum. Homeopathy

CAJUPUTUM (Olive leaves Melaleuca Leucadendron)
1 Aversion to be talked to, but likes to hear the conversation. He prefers to walk alone, slowly.
1 prefers the company of women and can talk to them, though shyly, but does not like to talk to men.
3 Feel like you can not gather itself into one body (Baptisia), can not find his clothes, but are very close. Believed to have been poisoned.
4 can not tolerate looking at the books that usually studied, may think a thousand things in a minute.
5 symptoms of type nervous hysterical choking, dyspnea, abdominal distention.
6 - () Sensation of enlargement in general and the head, face, tongue, joints.
7 - () The symptoms appear and disappear suddenly.
8 Down to 5 and night. Best running.
9 Sensation of numbness. Suppression of sweating disorders.
l0 Feel the enlarged head, heavy, numb, as if intoxicated. Frontal headache, but in the eyes, worse bending forward. Headache at 5, facial neuralgia and stiffness in the jaws.
11 eyes heavy. Feel the upper eyelids as heavy and thick leather 12 - () The earlobes turn red.
13 - () nostrils suddenly turn red and the color disappears suddenly. Nose more prominent.
14 Face swollen, rough.
15 Feel the swollen tongue, as if to fill the whole mouth feels as if burnt white aspera. He speaks with difficulty and slowly. Sialorrhea. Pungent taste.
16 - () constant tendency to cough and spit out lots of white mucus coming from his nose. Persistent feeling of choking, gagging. Spasmodic constriction of the esophagus, constricted feeling when swallowing solid food. Feel closed throat, with burning.
17 - () obstinate hiccough, shown by the least provocation, talking, laughing, eating, or any movement. Burning in stomach, nausea.
18 - () Colic from flatulence, bloating.
19 yellow diarrhea, worse at night. Diarrhea sudden suppression of perspiration.
20 - () Urine milky odor of cat urine.
21 Erections with great desire and without desire. The penis immediately Aruga; atrophy.
22 suspended or diminished menses with pain, cold sweats or suppression.
Coughing that makes 23 sick. Sharp pain in the vertices, from front to back, but right. Heat windpipe to the lungs. Hoarseness.
24 Sensitivity to the pressure of the muscles of the neck.
Rheumatism 25. Pain as if the joints were enlarged. Feel the arms as tied to the body, or wet wood that hangs. Feel the left arm dislocated. Weakness in the knees, with stitches to his bed.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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