Caladium. Homeopathy

CALADIUM (Caladium seguinum)
1 - () Very forgetful, forget onde puts things, have to make sure where you think again if they are set them. Not sure what he has seen; up.
2 - () Extremely sensitive to noise startles him. The slightest noise awakens startled him.
3 - () Great desire to lie down, with aversion and even fear, full motion (Bry).
4 - () Fear of disease (is anxious about his health), the future of injury, of his own shadow. He does not realize the danger. He is afraid to go to sleep and do not know why.
5 - () Very irritable, excitable and depressed, especially by his impotence.
Feeling powerless.
6 muttering delirium, unconsciousness, coma, in continued fevers and typhoid.
7 - () physically and mentally depressed after sexual excesses (including masturbation) or abuse of snuff. Modifies or destroys the desire to smoke, remove the defect.
8 - () Worse: motion; lying on the painful parts or on the left side in a warm room, from 5 to 16 hours until midnight, by the heat generated by smoking, for the snuff. Better: After sweating, sleep after a short sleep during the day, for the rest, cold outdoors, for cough.
9 - () Hot on body parts. Face, head and hot hands, legs and feet cold.
10 - () Attacks like fainting after writing or thinking, lying or
11 losses of fluid, dry mucous.
Desire and aversion of CALADIUM
12 - () Desire for hot drinks, beer.
13 Aversion: milk, water, especially cold.
14 - () Vertigo on closing the eyes, can not stand or walk with eyes closed, with nausea in the morning. Fullness in head, as full of blood. Cutting pain or pressing on his temples. It has stayed on one side of the head.
15 Eyes very swollen; blepharitis. Eyeballs painful and sensitive to pressure.
16 - () coryza. Epistaxis on blowing.
Sensation of cobweb 17 bonded to the face.
Toothache 18; feels elongated teeth.
19 Language sialorrhea appears swollen with egg white. Tongue red and dry furrow in the middle, widening at the tip. Mouth open (for the Roma).
20 - () Throat dry and burning throat, without thirst, with aversion to cold water.
21 - () nausea upon arising in the morning. Frequent belching small, as if the stomach is full of dry food. Belching acids. Heartburn not relieved by drinking. Want to drink, but no thirst.
22 Belly swollen and tender to touch, cutting pains. Feeling of having a long worm that twists in the transverse colon or duodenum.
23 Download of mucus or red blood after stool, burning or aching.
Soft stools, putty color, emerging with difficulty. Stools hard pieces. Urgency to move the stomach upon arising in the morning.
24 - () You feel a full bladder without urination. Stitches in the urethra
evening. Fetida with urine sediment.
25 - () The male sexual organs are central action of Caladium. Impotence: no sexual desires, even violent, without erection, or no desires, no ejaculation or orgasm during intercourse, or too fast.
Absence of penile erection with relaxed yet energized (Calc.C., Sel.).
Incomplete or painful erections, without desire. Erections when this half-awake, disappear when fully awake. Impotence with mental depression. Impotence after a gonorrhea. Fondling appear larger and relaxed, limp, cold, sweaty, thick skin of the scrotum. Itching and itching with scaly rashes on the scrotum, you wake up at night. Glande red and dry. Foreskin retracted, worse after intercourse. In espermatorreas and ejaculations at night with full relaxation of the sexual organs. Ejaculations are no dreams without dreams or sexual themes.
26 - () One of the best remedies of vulvar and vaginal itching, voluptuous, comes to masturbation induce nymphomania or, worse during pregnancy, with burning and mucous discharge. Parasites that go from anus to the vagina and cause itching and masturbation. Uterine cramps at night.
27 - () constriction of larynx and trachea, can not breathe. Sudden laryngeal cough from tickling. Cough 22 to 1 pm. Oppression of breathing.
Asthma alternating with itchy rash, burning or rashes or hives.
Improving asthma coughing, although it costs, with a strong cough. Sighing respiration. Sharp points on the sides of the chest. Corazon smoking.
28 Rheumatic pain in back, has trouble turning over in bed.
29 Members tired, shaking, rheumatic pains. Painful corns.
Cramp in the soles of the feet at night.
30 - () Rough, hot, dry, itching better for cold water. Mosquito bites burn and itch intensely. Sensation as if a fly stroll on the skin, especially in the face. Erysipelas.
31 Sleepiness or insomnia, the sleep did not rest. Sleepy by day, but can not sleep because vertigo ensues. Grune and complains with anxiety during sleep. The slightest noise prevents sleep. Insomnia by itching.
32 - () Chill without thirst, even in a warm room. Fever with skin
* encourage and dry. Falling asleep during the fever, the evening, and wakes to lower the temperature. Fever occurs during sleep, and ceased on waking (Opium, Sambucus). Sweet smell of sweat, which attracts flies.
Nitric Acid.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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