Calcarea arsenic. Homeopathy

CALCAREA Arsenic (arsenite Calcium)
1 - () The slightest emotion it causes violent palpitation (Lithium Carb.).
2 - () Great mental depression, sadness. Tired of life,
3 - () Afraid to die, to be alone, at night, to darkness, to lose his reason. Anxiety about the future, their salvation, at dusk, at night in bed, on waking. Great restlessness, worse at night.
4 - () Desire for company.
5 - () Delirium in the evening, in the dark. Hallucinations: looks dead
ghosts, fire, closing her eyes and worse at night. Wonderful visions,
multiple, lasting one second and go as lightning. Confused on waking.
6 - () Anger and rage disorders. Are easily offended. Movie, censorship.
7 - () Sense of flying or anything in the air, floating as if feet did not touch the ground.
8 - () Epilepsy or valvular heart disease without cardiac injury. Attacks of convulsions, worse at night, preceded by waves of blood and congestion of the head, aphonia, pain in the left upper limb or hand, and chest pain, constriction and palpitations. It has cured some of the most obstinate cases of epilepsy. Petit mal epilepsy.
9 - () People who are obese. Disorders in women corpulent or obese * remenopausicas or menopause. Drinkers disorders after abstaining (Carb. Sulph.).
10 - () Worse from the slightest exertion (palpitations, dyspnea, weakness,
fainting), by cold, during menopause, on the left side. Aversion to open air. Better: rest and outdoors.
11 red cells and hemoglobin decreased. Flushes blood films to his head and left chest. Intermittent pulse. Pulse interrupted every four beats with great regularity.
Generalized edema with albuminuria 12.
Desire and aversion of Calcarea ARSENIC
13 - () Desire for alcoholic beverages.
14 - () Vertigo on moving the head. Weight on vertex, then occipital.
Headaches that go from front to back, or to be on the opposite side that supports the same thing happening to changing position, for the slightest error in the diet. Stitches in the right front that reappear every week. Hothead.
15 Ojeras blue. Facial heat palpitations.
16 Lips and tongue dry, burning at the tip. Acid taste.
17 - () No appetite. Intense thirst, but if you drink a lot, has stomach pains and diarrhea. Nausea granted. Gastric ulcer. Pancreatic cancer and albuminuria with burning pains. Enlarged liver and spleen in children. Inguinal lymphadenopathy with leg pains. Mesenteric adenopathy.
18 - () Diarrhea at midnight to eat sweet potatoes. Diarrhea and cramping in the
pregnancy. Childhood diarrhea. Stools hard and difficult.
19 - () polyuria, burning and scanty urination. Renal Region pressure sensitive, with dyspnea. Albuminuria, especially heart disease.
20 pains in the spermatic cord after a great effort and drinking wine.
21 vaginal prolapse bearing down pains during pregnancy.
Flow offensive, bloody. Cancer of uterus with burning pains.
Asthma after 22 midnight, every day a little later. Drawing of the larynx backwards, as if by a thread, with headache and fullness in the chest.
23 - () chest pain, and beating, burning, extending to arms and legs. Constriction on the heart. Angina pectoris. Palpitation with suffocation, synchronous with the headache.
24 Stiff neck, headache, waking in the morning. Beating back him out of bed at night. Violent backache, back and sacrum, can not stand upright.
25 - () Edema of the hands (especially in the back) and lower limbs, with albuminuria. Pain in shoulder and left knee. Phlebitis in the lower limbs.
26 Insomnia, can not lie, the worse after 3 hours.
27 - () Intense chills that come from within, with hot skin.
Shivers that run down the back, sometimes with chicken meat.
Fevers of all kinds, intermittent, remittent. Fever in the afternoon, with plenty of cold water Fed and no appetite. Sweating after 3 hours. Chronic malaria.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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