Calcarea Carbonica. Homeopathy

CALCAREA CARB (Calcarea - Calcium Carbonate)

1 - () A good number of fears and anxieties afflict: fear of death (worse at night) and starve; people to observe or even notice their confusion or their condition or mental state to disease especially contagious or epidemic, tuberculosis and heart disease or have an incurable disease, with great anxiety about his health, to the dark (which makes it worse) and everything that is related to it (at dusk, evening and night) before bed in fear or going to sleep and waking (night terrors).
Fear of losing the right; to evil to something terrible happens to him, to loneliness (hence the desire of companies); to poverty, in relation to their anxiety about the future of his own shadow, to animals, to the dogs to bed, during chill; to the crowds and public places (agoraphobia) going to the dentist, to fall; to ghosts before menstruation or suppressed menses, to the misfortunes of basements and churches, to the sorrows of the people, to have a fit of rage, to see wounds to the storms, with tremors. The fears come from the stomach or sit in the. He was afraid all his life. Anxiety: at twilight and at night, in bed, going to sleep in children, when the rise of the bed during the fever and chills, I closed my eyes, in the dark, with an anxious expression, with fear , with heat waves, before and during menstruation, mental strain, after stool; by thinking about anxiety, after midnight; better outdoors. Anxious concern, going from one bed to another or turn in bed during menstruation. Guilt.
Heartbreak: premenstrual, with palpitations.

2 - () is stubborn, obstinate, will appreciate this fact especially in children, especially those that tend to get fat.

3 - () is very sensitive, it is intolerable and very deeply affects him hear (and see also) horror stories and, above all, the tale of cruelty, it causes great anxiety, altered, excites him. The bad news also disturb and excite you.

4 - () Desesperacion: over the chills and sweats, with fear of dying, for their health, for the pains, to heal, or doubt or become indifferent.
Religious despair, anxious for the salvation of his soul religious affections in children sad, "speaking of the future world of angels, read the Bible, they want to die" (Kent).

5 - () Hallucinations: see horrible faces and images that frighten, especially when you close your eyes, think you are going to go crazy, or that people think they are crazy, go and see animals and play with cats and dogs; think they're going to kill, cook and eat, he imagines that he is sick, has visions of fire, believed to someone walking by your side. You have fixed ideas: one thinks of murder, fire and rats, and does nothing but talk about it, think of homicides, in delirium tremens.

6 - () is slow in his movements, but also to make calculations, because the mental effort it worse, so tired, that's why you have an aversion to mental work that often can not do, for a real difficulty thinking, especially in children or in wet weather. Slow old. It's lazy, indecisive, shy (blushes). Misspoke, locates bad words or wrongly used. Has mental confusion after eating and mental strain; this as in a dream; "limited intellect, no progress in their studies" (Hering); imbecility.

7 - () Sick and tired of life, especially during perspiration.
Triste: When this alone, when you sweat, before menstruation, as if by misfortune. Silent, is sitting still or talks to himself. What have your symptoms worse. Cries After I was anxious, easily, whether the rebuke or challenge, during the chills, fever and sweating, during menstruation, sleep, worse in evening; alternating crying with laughter; <consolation. Cries; feel like I need to scream.

8 - () Moody, easily offended. Is irritable, especially morning and evening; the open (or improvement) in a warm room, during headache, listening to music, sitting, while in the chills and sweats, then of intercourse before and during menstruation; before moving the belly in the dentition, with insomnia. Misanthrope. Evil, harmful, selfish, with a high opinion of himself, hates, resentments have for ancient humiliation and, sometimes, there is aversion to family members or certain people.

9 - () Mental symptoms from sexual excesses. After Intercourse is restless, irritable or sad. Immodest; lewd, worse in evening; libertinism.

10 - () This cheerful when constipated and, by contrast, is anxious after bowel movements.

11 - () Hypersensitivity: worse tomorrow, to noise, especially at bedtime, and it startled; to high pitched sounds, to music, all that is rough with it, you sick. Easily frightened, but before menstruation.

12 - () Other mental symptoms: restless desire to go home.
Indifferent mental clarity while sweating in bed at night laughs with spasmodic laughter goes around in the floor spitting in the faces of people like to dress Lack of dipsomania learns to talk runs through the streets.

They are the most important characteristics and individualizing, along with some mental symptoms, some food desires and particular symptoms of Calcarca Carbonica, constitutional remedy par excellence, especially in the first year of life, which is the most appropriate medication.

13 - () The usual constitutional type is the blond boy, plump, or fat, flaccid, soft-muscled, red-faced or pale and sickly, who sweats a lot and easily, and also takes cold easily, that has a big head with fontanelles and cranial sutures which take longer than they should in closed r; with bulging belly and legs twisted, but sometimes there may also be thinning. Tendency towards obesity in children and youth, and also in adults. "Fat Girls and plethoric, that grow too fast" (Allen). "Textiles in quantity and low quality"
(Tyler). Even his bones may be soft, not very consistent (rickets) and fragile, and their fractures heal very slowly.

14 - () The slowness is a feature that every step is on this medication. "Everything about them is slow, late, heavy and loose" (Tyler).
Just as it is mentally slow (see 6) and physically, the stages of its evolution, the acquisition of its functions, it becomes too slowly. Thus, the slow maturing neuromuscular makes the acquisition tardia muscle tone required to sit, stand, walk and even talk. Its dentition is also slow and difficult. His fontanelles and cranial sutures are slow to close, so as to consolidate their fractures. And later, in female puberty, her periods are slow to appear.

15 - () a patient is very chilly; lacks vital heat. This worse by cold air, from cold and wet after cooling. Feel the deep cold, bone, and has strong tendency to take cold.

16 - () a patient is tired, weak, weak, easily exhausted from the slightest exertion, physical or mental, by climbing stairs, walking, but the open air after the intercourse outdoors improved after breakfast, in children, after eating, before and during menstruation, for sweating, talking; after stool; paralytic weakness.

17 - () partial sweats at different body sites, coinciding with cold in the same areas, especially in the head and limbs.

18 - () Worse by physical stress or strain of muscles and tendons in lifting, climbing stairs or hills or high places by walking, after intercourse, mentally and physically, impaired sexual excesses; before menstruation; by Application wet and damp weather, getting wet or from a wetness (but still sweating) or have been standing or sitting on pavements or cold, wet seats, in working with water for the bath (afraid), for flows air (there is a real aversion to open air); by weather changes in autumn, fasting, after eating to satiety, after breakfast, for milk, dried foods, peas and beans, smoked foods, salt, cabbage; carrots; not tolerate tight clothing; of tomorrow, in the dusk and night, in bed, right handedness. Best: loosen the clothes after breakfast, while constipated.

19 - () Strong tendency to seizures, which occur mostly in the first half of the night or from 16 to 4 hours or tomorrow, in children, during dentition, with unconsciousness, with fall, after an effort, by fright, by mortification or vexation, suppressed eruptions. They are usually preceded by an aura that feels very strange to leave the solar plexus, as if you were running a mouse on the skin, and also up in the limbs.
Epilepsy. Korea: on one side or covering the whole body, from fright or intestinal parasites.

20 - () Other general issues: Anemia; posthemorrhagic disorders of vital fluids lost Cancer; encefaloma; leukemia Suppressed gonorrhea Dwarfism Heat rise, worse before menses.
Polyps painless lymphadenopathy in stone cutters, miners. Varices
Sensation of internal tremor or internal flaccidity.

Desire and aversion of Calcarea CARBONICA

21 - () I want eggs, or hard-boiled, soft. Desire for flour, ice cream, milk, oysters or seafood, salty, sour, inedible things (chalk, pencils, earth, plaster, etc.). Or strange, especially in children, sweets and sugar.
22 - () Aversion: the coffee, hot or cooked food, meat, milk, to snuff.

23 - () Suda in the head, morning, evening and night, sleeping, or in cold air or walking outdoors. Head feels cold as ice, outside and inside, sometimes as if he had applied ice cubes, alternating with heat in the occipital region, on the right side or single side.

24 - () Vertigo height or climbing stairs, or in high places, for quick movements and moving the head for headaches, during menstruation, when he stood up from squatting, getting up from sitting or squatting, or lifting the head, turning his head at rest, after sleep walking outdoors, with tendency to fall sideways or backwards, with nausea or vomiting, with a staggering gait, as if it were turning in a circle. Headaches: When climbing stairs, for free or cold air or by taking cold, during the chills, after intercourse or sexual excesses, with colds or suppression, for cough, after eating, for shock before, during or after of menstruation, nodding or shaking; removed by sweating; on rising from bed; in girls school, for the sun, walk fast, by efforts, by the light of mental effort, for noise, in cold or wet or by wetting, better tying the head or close his eyes or cold or pressure applications axterna; must lie. Headache as if head would burst, extending from the occipital to vertex, and would go crazy. Late closure of the fontanelles. Hydrocephalus. Sensitivity premenstrtual brain. Heat in the head during menstruation, with cold feet. Eczema, tubers, wet and bloody scabs on the scalp, with itching. Squamous eruptions, pimples, herpes circinata. Crust lactea. Hair loss, in plates, after childbirth. Exostoses.

25 - () Chronic Mydriasis, miosis. Eyelids glued to the morning, with purulent discharge from the eyes. Acute catarrhal inflammation of the eyes, cold or wet, to repeat, conjunctivitis, dacryocystitis, retinitis, pustular, keratitis, with adhesions spots and ulcers on the cornea. Tearing the open air burning. Photophobia evening. Angles swollen eyes. Cancer eye. Falls. Lacrimal Fistula. Eye pain, worse in the evening to read, by light, especially artificial in humid weather, better by pressure. Burning pain, cutting, tearing. Pressing pains in or as if sand. Worse visual strain. Vision blurred, cloudy. Hyperopia. Myopia. Floaters, dark specks.

26 - () catarrh and inflammation of the Eustachian tube, with hearing loss.
Hearing loss during menstruation or working with water. Mastoiditis. Otitis media and interna, with purulent discharge, thick, fetid, bloody, yellowish suppressed. Earache: in wet weather, with swallowing; extended inward. Eruptions wet, scaly, rash retroauricular wet, eczema, below the ears. Dryness in the ears. Noises in the ears, like flapping, hissing, bells, roaring, singing, as if swallowing something crushed. Pulsation in the ears. Polyps.
Runny nose 27 fetida, purulent, yellowish singuinolenta, crusty, excoriating, thick, watery deleted, through the rear. Coryza: Morning or night, chronic, with cough, with or without secretion, with laryngitis. Ozena. Nasal polyps. Dryness. Smell absent or diminished. Red nose, worse in the end. Epistaxis of tomorrow. Sneezing without coryza. Obstruction: Morning, night, chronic, with pus.

28 - () pale, sickly, sallow, earthy, yellowish, with dark circles, wrinkled-looking aged. Expression, anxious; idiot. Eruptions: on cheeks, forehead, chin, lips (but the bottom), perioral, and in the corners of lips, which are sometimes ulcerated, scaly or itchy, yellowish wet, eczema, acne, blackheads, pimples, pustules, urticaria.
Lips chapped, cut, swollen lip. Swelling: face edema, for toothache. Glands and submandibular and parotid glands swollen, hard and painful. With suppurative parotitis. Facial pain, from cold or humidity, better by heat or a warm room, spread to the ears.

29 - () spits constantly. Vesicles in the mouth and tongue, which is swollen and white. Dry mouth and tongue. Excoriating pain and burning in the tongue and mouth. Move the tongue with difficulty, speak evil, silence. Ranula. Canker. Cracked tongue. The child puts their fingers in their mouths. Heat in the mouth. Aetido breath. Taste ugly, metallic, putrid, salty, acid, lack of taste.

30 - () Dentition difficult and slow. Teeth sensitive to cold air and water.
Toothache from cold air (or cold drinks) by the air introduced into the mouth or through a draft, for working in wet places, for hot things, during and after menstruation, in pregnancy, in spring, when playing ; from getting wet, better external heat. Swollen and bleeding gums, retracted, throbbing. Grinds teeth, sleeping. Chewing movements sleep.

31 - () Sore throat by changes in weather or wet weather, on cooling, during menstruation, when swallowing; behind the hyoid bone, extended to the ear. Swallow asleep. Swelling and hypertrophy of the tonsils.
Ulcers on the tonsils. Throat dry. Cervical lymphadenopathy, indurated, as knots, sometimes purulent. Pulsations in the carotids. Goitre, exophthalmic goiter. Chronic inflammation of the throat, feeling of tightness in swallowing.

32 - () Appetite exaggerated, but after dinner, with thinning or stagnation, or absent appetite. Burning thirst, extreme, during the chills, fever and sweating. Sour eructation, regurgitation, heartburn. Nausea: Morning, before breakfast, cold drinks, coughing, after eating, during menstruation, for smoking, after milk. Sensation of stone in the stomach. Vomiting at night, vomits milk coagulated after eating, with headache; before and during menstruation. Vomiting acids, bile, blood. Gastralgias drinkers, after eating, fasting, to move, the press, better burping.

33 - () can not tolerate tight clothing in the womb. Distended belly, enlarged and hard in children with marasmus. Belly cold during the chills.
Constriction in hypochondria. Tabes mesenterica. Hypertrophy and induration of the mesenteric glands. The belly looks full of stones. Crecencia navel fleshy growths, wet and ulceration. Flatulence; incarcerated.
Stomach pains at night, during menses, in the groin, as if to receive a hernia. Inguinal hernia. By gallstones biliary colic; stitches in right hypochondrium, worse after bending or defecation. Pulsation in the stomach. Inguinal lymphadenopathy.

34 - () Constipation with hard stool, or first hard and then soft, large, knotty, undigested; clear, black, bloody, like clay dried, gray paste. Diarrhea in children during dentition, after taking milk by taking cold, after eating, in emaciated people, for effort, for fruit, in summer, in typhoid, with liquid stool, watery, white as chalk or milk ; coagulated; greenish frothy, copious, frequent acid odor. Anorectal fistula. Tingling and pruritus ani; by roundworms. Hemorrhoids great, go out to defecate. Anal bleeding. Rectal prolapse; to defecate; from diarrhea. Humidity anal. Rectal pain: to defecate or after, burning, tenesmus. Fecal incontinence. Taeniasis.

35 - () Calculation and bladder polyps. Cystitis. Retention of urine. Bladder spasm. Lithotripsy; gravel; Colico nephritic, may accelerate the decline and expulsision the calculation (in the 200th. Or 1000A.). Frequent urination: at night, with pain in the face, the sweat. Incomplete urination, involuntary foot. Burning pains in urethra before and during urination, cutting, stitching. Urethral stricture. Fia Hipertro prostate, prostatic fluid removed. Urine bloody, albuminous; dark, milky, foul-smelling, strong, acrid. Chronic gonorrhea. Addison's disease.

36 - () Impotence; with incomplete erections, short or absent. Nocturnal emissions. Cumshot very late, painful, early. Sexual desire increased, excessive, no erection. Itching and burning pain in the male genitalia. Eruptions: vesicles on the prepuce, scrotum herpes.
Inflammation of the glans and foreskin. Induration of testes. Hydrocele.
Pain in the spermatic cord and testicles, burning in the scrotum.
Sweats in the scrotum is relaxed. Testicles retracted. Varicocele.

37 - () Menses frequent, prolonged and heavy, especially for the least excitement and strain, with clots, dark, membranous, painful, reappear after having ceased; menorrea; suppressed by wetting, the first menstruation occurs late; vicariant .
Metrorrhagia: profuse, in menopause, after some effort, intermenstrual; of bright red blood, for fibroids. Flow: acrid, burning, copious, spurting, milky, thick, purulent, white or marillento; in girls; worse before or during menstruation or intermenstrual.
Vulvar itching burning; by flujio; voluptuous. Increased or violent sexual desires in women. Pain in the uterus before and during menstruation.
False labor pains that go up. Prolonged lochia.
Displacements of the uterus. Prolapse of the uterus from lifting. Vaginal fistula. Polyps in the uterus and vagina. Uterine fibroids. Uterine cancer.
Condylomata. Sterility.

38 - () The larynx is so sensitive to the piano sound, which comes to cough when touched or heard. Painless hoarseness tomorrow. Laryngeal catarrh humidity worse. False croup to replicate. Laryngeal pain when coughing or talking.
Laryngeal tuberculosis. Feeling of lump in the larynx. Desire to breathe deeply. Dyspnea: at night, climbing, during menstruation, with palpitation; to defecate; walking, especially against the wind strain. Noisy breathing, panting up stairs, sighing, sobbing. Cough: morning, evening or night, from cold air, or cold and wet, for cooling, by the bathroom, for laryngeal constriction or tingling; by eating, during fever; after measles, by motion, by touching the piano, hoarse cough, loose after midnight. Pertussis. Dry cough at night, loose in the morning, before midnight. Expectoration: Copious, offensive, purulent, yellow, acid taste, sweetish, putrid or salty, bloody, grayish, greenish mucus. Lung abscess. Precordial anxiety. Constriction and tightness in the chest to rise, which was eased by taking the shoulders back. Hypertrophy of the breasts. Swelling and pain in the breasts before menses (Con.). Lactation: bad (the child refuses milk) increased, flowing; absent watery blue.
Pain in the chest during inspiration, by motion, by touching or coughing, stitches, worse breastfeeding (breast). Pneumonia in the right upper lobe, bronchitis, pleurisy. Incipient pulmonary tuberculosis or in the last stage, purulent or ulcerative.

39 - () Heart diseases. Heart murmurs. Palpitations tumultuous, violent, audible at night, anxiety, climbing stairs or any other effort, during intercourse and cough, after eating, during fever; before epilepsy; motion; sleeping on awakening.
Endocarditis. Trembling in the heart, precordial shocks. Chest pain, during chill.

40 - () feeling of tiredness or weakness in the back, sitting or mental exertion or sexual excesses, in the lower back. Back pain: in wet weather, for heavy lifting, worse bending backward, when coughing; before or during menstruation; sitting or standing; when rising from a chair, spread to the head. Pain under or between ontoplatos. Lumbosacral pain when rising from a chair. Pain as if sprained, especially in the lumbar region. Sweats in the cervical region; sleeping. Neck stiffness by heavy lifting. Swollen dorsal region. Deviations column, cervical and thoracic.

41 - () The characteristic of Calcarea Carbonica hand is a hand "no bones": soft, cold and wet (Tyler) or frog hand. Rough hands, PASP, by working in water, hands and fingers cut off by dipping, especially in winter. Upper cold. Legs frost, cold feet at night in bed with headaches and mental strain. Cracking joints in the knees when walking. Cramps in upper limbs, hands on the calves, at night in bed, on the soles of the feet during pregnancy in the toes. Legs thinner. Tingling in the lower mbros Wed. The worst members hanging down. Itching in the thighs and legs fall asleep the fingers and lower limbs.
Members Rashes, urticaria, vesicles. Tremor in the legs, thighs and legs after intercourse. Deep ulcers in the legs. Fistulas in hips, thighs and joints. Coxalgia.
Varices. Warts on the hands, fingers. Corns: burning, stinging.
Heaviness in limbs during fever; in the lower limbs, walking. Limb weakness for the least effort, in the joints in the legs when climbing stairs, and after walking efforts. The child later learns to walk. Sweating in the feet, especially at night, cold, excoriating, offensive, acid, burning, before and after menstruation; in plants, which makes raw, feeling of having made half wet and cold (Allen ). Sweaty hands with migraines; on the palms, by efforts. Heat in the palms on the soles [the uncovered (Sulph.)]. Pains in the limbs, rheumatic or not: in wet weather, climbing stairs, before and during the chills, with fever. Bone and joint pain in cold weather and efforts. Pains in the joints of the upper limbs (more on eanos and fingers) during menstruation, in the lower limbs and hips after efforts (Rhus tox.) Rheumatic pain in knee, calf, walking, in the heel. Pain as dislocated wrist, but in the right, hands, hips and ankles. Sciatica. Arthritic nodules; in the joints of the fingers.

42 - () Somnolence after dinner. Sleeplessness before midnight and after 3, for mental activity. He sleeps on his back. He falls asleep before noon. He wakes up often, or later. Dreams: erotic, anxious, confused, with dead, with dead bodies (and smell); with death with disease; with dogs, with falls, fantastic, horrible, nice.

43 - () Chills: outdoors or by the slightest draft of air to the morning after getting out of bed before noon, before and during menstruation, in cold, damp weather, from wet, after eating or drinking, working in plaster or water, from 11 a day until 16 the next day, with sweat. Chronic intermittent fever, tertian, alternating with chills; with aversion to uncovering. Scarlet fever. Sweats: in isolated locations, especially in the front of the body of morning in bed, outdoors, in cold air; profuse, cold, coughing, after drinking and eating, in bed (leaving it better ), from the slightest exertion, even mentally, for the movement or walk, and when this anxious. Hot sweats that cause discomfort. Suppression of sweating disorders.

44 - () Skin: aspera, limp, loose, chapped, cold, with cracks after washing and in winter, pale, with red spots with white spots with dark edges, which become blue. Jaundice. Eruptions: burning, crusty, dry or wet, white or yellowish with white or glutinosa (Graph.), corrosive or yellow, copper, dry, eczema, herpetic, itching, scaly and bran; phagadenic; granites with greenish crusts; psoriasis ; pustules, red rashes, scabies, tubers, nodules and induration, urticaria, pruritic vesicles, worse in winter. Erysipelas.
Freckles. Excrescences, condylomata. Ulcers: bleeding, scabby; deep; of indurated, painless. Warts: fleshy, hard, cornea; hollow, red, round, pulsating, with the smell of rancid cheese. Wens. Goose bumps. Scalds in children.

Belladonna (the acute) Rhus Tox. Lycopodium Silica Sulfur should not be given after Calcarea Carbonica.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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