Calcarea caustic. Homeopathy

CAUSTIC Calcarea (Cal Water - Cal Off)
1 Think hard. Mental confusion. Tired of the morning, as if intoxicated.
2 - () Worse: evening; by motion, for work in the water by hanging a left limb.
3 - () Vertigo, as if the room went round in circles, thinks he is going to fall off the chair. Throbbing frontal headache, better contracting the skin of the forehead.
4 Burning eyes, worse for artificial light. Pain in the right eye, like a foreign body under the upper eyelid, like a screw in his left eye when you wake up tomorrow.
5 - () tearing sensation in the right malar. Violent pain, and swelling and stiffness in the temporomandibular joint right maxilla. Unusually red lips.
6 toothache every night at 2, with sensation of elongated teeth,
stabbing pain in left ear.
7 - () fetid breath. Palate sensation of mucus. Adherent mucus in the throat, nausea and retching give, hawking and starts as cooked rice. Burning in the throat and esophagus from drinking water. A clicking sensation in the throat bone.
8 - () Nausea and vomiting. Heartburn. Stitches in the hypochondria,
worse on the left. Pain in region of spleen, as if a ball spun on its axis. Stitches in the abdomen when bending over. Colicos.
9 painful defecation, as if a nail scratching the anus. Pappy stool before or immediately after breakfast. Taeniasis. Haemorrhoids, with tingling in the rectum and anus.
Menses 10 advanced.
11 - () Stitches in larynx, worse on the left. Hoarseness with pain in the throat, trachea and feeling raw. Cough with stitches in the chest;
mucosanguinolenta expectoration. Oppression and stitches in the sternum. Stitches in the left hernitorax.
12 - () Stiffness in the muscles of the neck. Pain in the neck extended to the coccyx
when sitting, worse on inspiration. Tearing pain between the shoulder blades and between the shoulders, spread to the neck and forehead. Sensation of numbness in the shoulder blades. Sacro-coccyx pain on waking, better moving. Tearing pain in coccyx.
13 - () tremor in the limbs, unable to work better if they eat bread. Alternating rheumatic pains in all joints; erratic.
Pains in hands and feet after a foot bath. Tearing in shoulders, arms and underarms. Right hand paralyzed. Stitches in the left wrist, in the hips. Tearing pains in the knees in the right tibia; on the Achilles tendon and heel. Stitches in corns.
14 Sleep restless. Nightmares.
15 Violent chill with chattering of teeth, 19 to 19.30.
16 Rash front. Itching Vesicles neck and back, to behind the ears.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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