Calcarea fluorica. Homeopathy

CALCAREA fluorica (Calcium Fluoride)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis CALCAREA fluorica
1 - () Great fear of poverty, ruin. Greed. Tendency to give too much value for money. Great anxiety in financial matters.
2 - () Great Depression, sees the black side of things, sad, heartbroken.
3 - () Indecision, can not never take a decision in either small or large circumstances.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis CALCAREA fluorica
4 - () The large indication is primarily in conditions of elastic fibers and bone tissue, as tisural medicine. Glandtuas ganglia and rock hard. Induration of muscles. Hypertrophy, and swelling of the fascia and periarticular ligaments and tendons. Induration threatening suppuration. Bone deformities. Fibroid tumors. Exostoses (possibly the best medicine tisural) in the skull, jaw, eighth rib, shoulder blades, fingers, patella, tibia, general membership, tarsus and carpus, often following trauma. Disorders relaxation of elastic fibers, especially in the skin, tissue and vessel varicose veins (perhaps is the best remedy tisural, because you can restore the contractility of the elastic fibers of the vessels), hemorrhoids, enlarged veins,
aneurysms, prolapse, ptosis and displacement of organs; dislocations easier. Osseous suppuration, caries and necrosis with terebrantes burning pain, local heat and watery, offensive, acrid. Cystic tumors, ganglions. Fistulas. Arteriosclerosis; impending stroke.
Used in the postoperative period, reduces the tendency to grip 5 - () Worse, at rest, for weather changes, from cold, the humidity, air currents. Better: heat, for applications and warm drinks; by movement and massage.
6 - () Dolores shooting, lancinating, worse from damp and cold, better from hot applications and massages.
7 congenital syphilis. Anemia. Anasarca from heart disease.
8 - () Cephalohematoma. Cranial exostosis. Ulcers on the scalp with callous edges. Headaches with nausea and faintness after noon.
Creaking noise in the head which prevents him from sleeping.
9 - () Ve sparks, but in the left eye. Spots on the cornea. Falls.
Eyes hurt, Close and press better. Conjunctivitis. Styes.
Ulceration of the cornea with a hard edge. Vision cloudy by straining the eyes. Palpebral cysts. Chalazion. Phlyctenular keratitis.
10 - () calcareous deposits in the eardrum. Sclerosis of the ossicles of the middle ear, with deafness and noises of bells. Chronic middle ear suppuration.
c1 - () Ozena: secretion thick, fetid, greenish yellow, atrophic rhinitis with crusting. Postnasal catarrh. Exostoses. Affections of putrid-smelling nasal bones. Adenoids.
12 - () hard swelling in the lower jaw; exostosis. Herpes labialis. Malar bone cavities with bone swelling and dark and fetid discharge.
13 Gran dry mouth. Mouth and throat ulcerations in heredosifilis.
Cracked tongue and indurated.
14 - () Poor dental enamel, harsh. Early tooth decay in children, especially in the first dentition, the teeth blacken and crumble. Loose teeth, badly implemented. Toothache if the food touches the tooth.
15 - () fariiige to laryngeal diphtheria, croup. Uvula elongated and relaxed, causing irritation, tickling and cough. Morning hoarseness. Pharyngeal burning, better from hot drinks, worse by cold, dry. Enlarged tonsils and induration when Baryta Carb. fails. Goiter.
16 - () Vomiting of undigested food. Vomiting in children. Violent hiccough often repeated, lasting all day. Indigestion acute physical or mental fatigue.
17 - () paroxysmal sharp pains in the liver, which awaken, worse lying on painful side and sitting, bending or movement better.
Excessive flatulence.
Constipation 18. Diarrhea in gout. Very painful anal fissure. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Pruritus ani. Anorectal fistula.
19 - () urinary frequency and urgency. Urine scanty, dark, strong odor.
Burning in urethra during urination. Kidney float (Aur_M_N.)
20 - () A constant drip of seminal fluid and prostate, with testicles consumed. Nodules and induration of testicles. Syphilis. Hydrocele.
21 - () Displacements of the uterus prolapse. Menses copious with drawing pains down. Uterine fibroid. Hard nodules in the breasts.
Given during pregnancy, favors an easy game.
22 - () Cough, hard, dry, for laryngeal tickling, as if a foreign body. Hoarseness after reading aloud. Asthma, cough with expectoration of thick yellow mucus. Feel the epiglottis closed. Hemoptysis.
23 - () aneurysms in the first stage. Enlarged heart with palpitation.
It is the main remedy for vascular tuntores dilated vessels. Cardiac hypertrophy. Valvular heart disease. You can absorb deposits and fibrosis of the endocardium restore normalcy.
24 - () cervical lymphadenopathy rock hard. Fatigue and pain
sacrum. Chronic low back pain that appears for a minimum effort, worse on beginning to move, better by continued motion and heat (Rhus tox.). Bone tumors in the spine and shoulder blades.
25 - () tumors, cystic on the back of the wrists. Gouty swelling in the joints of the fingers. Nodosities arthritic limbs, especially in the joints of the fingers. Chronic synovitis of the knee. Cracking joints. Phalanges easily dislocated. Swelling of the elbow with cracks. Exostoses on fingers.
Varices. Cracks in the palms of the hands or skin hard and crusty.
V 26 Suenos lived with feeling of impending danger of new places and scenes, with death of relatives. He jumps out of bed in a dream, he wants to go out the window and wakes. The dream did not rest.
27 Fever with thirst, lasting a week or more, with tongue brown and dry.
28 - () skin very white, hard, heavy, prone to cracks and flakes. Cracks and rough skin. Oozing with hard edges, calloused. Fistulous ulcers with thick yellow pus secretion. Varicose old, indolent. Induration. Ichthyosis. Keratosis. Xanthomas. Scaly eczema. Scars, postoperative adhesions.