Calcarea phos. Homeopathy


1 - () You want to travel, walk, walk, go out, always wants to go somewhere. Want to stay at home, and when at home, wants to leave, going from side to side. Restlessness.

2 - () Difficulty or slowness in thinking and understanding in children, is aggravated by the mental efforts. Deticit of ideation. Idiocy, oligophrenia in general. Cretinism. Children stunned, curved. Confusion by mental efforts. Aversion to mental work.

3 - () but its disorders feel when thinking of them.

4 - () Disorders sorrows, sadness, unrequited love, bad news. Involuntary sigh. Crying is aggravated by consolation. Sentimental. Ailments from anger.

5 - () uses wrong words to write, or repeat the same word twice. Poor memory: do not remember what I just did.

6 - () Children irritable, worse from consolation. Children screaming, shouting sleeping or wake up screaming, night terrors. Indignation.

7 - () Anxiety in children or babies, especially when raised from the cradle.

8 - () Fear of hearing bad news from the darkness.

9 - () Mistrust, dissatisfaction, dislikes the company.

10 Other mental aversion to work. Mental prostration to talk. Nymphomania.

11 - () being the main constituent bony, their fundamental action is manifested at the level of the bones. Very slow or delayed formation of callus in the fracture bone ends, helping accelerate its formation, and may be prescribed preventively from the time of fracture. Exostoses, osteophytes, bone diseases. Spina bifida. Hypertrophied epiphysis. Rickets: cranial bones thin and fragile; fontanelles and sutures that remain open for long, or that closed and reopened, with teething late or complicated, curved bones. Thin or brittle bones, soft (osteomalacia). The bones are affected along the sutures and, especially, in the symphysis. But it also is evident in poor nutrition, even in the old, to be an effective restorative and invigorating after acute illnesses. Lack of vital heat. It is an important intercurrent remedy, especially if there is a deficiency in the assimilation of this salt. Polyps: nasal, rectal, uterine. Irregularities in the development of children. Leukemia, anemia, lymphadenopathy.

12 - () Children thinned, flaccid, small, unable to stand, it takes them to learn to walk, delayed intellectual development, with sunken belly and flaccid. Dwarfism. During the first and second weak dentition in children, with diarrhea and flatulence. For anemic and brunettes with dark eyes and hair, slim people. Girls at puberty, they grow rapidly, with growing pains, tendency to soften the bones or the spine to curve. In debilitated patients with exhausting discharges, missing plenty of liquids (prolonged breast-feeding, diarrhea and night sweats in bacilli, profuse suppuration, repeated nocturnal emission, menstruation or overflow). In women weakened by closely spaced pregnancies. Anemic children who are irritable, flaccid, with cold extremities and feeble digestion. Debilitated patients, they fatigue easily, with aftershocks after an acute illness.

13 - () Worse from cold, damp, cold damp rainy weather; tendency to take cold; by changes of time before menstruation and the beginning, from morning to night, from current
air, with aversion to open air in a warm room, by motion, for ice cream. Best: in summer and warm atmosphere in a dry resting or lying down.

14 - () Feelings of cold in different parts of the skin.

15 - () Pain in the sutures. Pain with numbness, tingling or creeping chills. Drawing pains, pressing, in small plates, in points, worse in damp cold, motion and thinking about the pain. Sensations in small areas.

16 - () Convulsions in the dentition or suppressed menstruation, the worse the left side. Petit mal. Twitching in the muscles.

Desire and aversion of Calcarea PHOSPHORICA
17 - () Aversion of the baby to breast milk (like salt), refuses to breastfeed.

18 - () like salty foods, bacon, smoked meat and other foods, ham fat. Like weird stuff.

19 - () Vertigo worse when standing from sitting (especially in elderly), worse in windy weather and walking outdoors. Sensation of cold in the head, as if cold water or ice in the occipital region and vertex.
Chronic hydrocephalus, large head, separate bones (Grauvogl Calcarca Phosphorica considered as the most important remedy, and gave it as a preventative during pregnancy for women who already had children had hydrocephalus). Suda sleeping head. Craniotabes; skull like paper rustling soft when pressed, worst in the occipital region. Large fontanelles, which are slow to close or to reopen after closing. Sn headaches where the pain is still the sutures. Headache of school girls at puberty, with diarrhea, for mental and physical effort. Heaviness and pain in the head on waking in the morning. Cephalic sensation of fullness, as if brain were pressed against the skull, worse from motion or change of posture, better lying still. Headache with desire to smoke, which makes it better.
Headache worse in open air or from stooping, worse from change of time and thinking about the headache, the better WASHING; with flatulence. Headache in the first and second dentition. Head hot, with burning at the root of the hair.
Badges baldness. Ulcers on the vertex. You can securely hold the head by weakness of the neck. Meningitis.

20 - () Pain in eyes as a foreign body. Retroocular sensation of cold. Strabismus. Photophobia. Amaurosis. Falls. Ulcers on the cornea, opacities. Keratitis. Amblyopia in congenital rachitic children.
Tearing yawning.

21 Sounds in ears, worse after stool. Chronic excoriating discharges. Itchy red ears. The ears are swollen and seem to be suddenly burst; eczema. Rashes on the canal.
Earache with lymphadenopathy. Cold in the ears.

22 - () coryza flowing in a cold room, stops in a warm or outside.
Nose swollen with sore legs in children. Pedunculated nasal polyps.
Epistaxis in the afternoon or when blowing. Sneezing with mucus and salivation.
Tip of nose cold.

23 Pain in the upper jaw from right to left, worse at night.
Acne, pimples, especially in anemic girls at puberty. Upper lip swollen, hard, painful, burning. Face pale, earthy, coppery yellow.
Sweats. Lupus. Freckles.

24 - () Burning pain at the tip of the tongue. Bitter taste in mouth on waking, worse premenstrual and bread. Saliva acid. White tongue at the root, worse tomorrow. Tongue swollen, stiff.

25 - () Dentition slow and difficult, with conditions. Caries fast and premature children, the teeth were demineralized. Toothache worse at night, chewing and hot or cold things.

26 - () Sore throat in the morning, worse swallowing or opening your mouth.
Feeling of constriction. Swallowing, sore tongue, throat, chest and epigastrium. Chronic enlargement of the tonsils, worse slightest cold.
Diphtheria. Painful lymphadenopathy in the neck. Hawking.

27 - () The baby wants to nurse constantly, vomited often and easily.
Hungry at 16 hours. Anorexia before or during menstruation. Excessive appetite with weight loss. Vomiting for ice cream. Nausea after smoking or drinking coffee. Sensation of stomach hanging. Sensation of emptiness in the epigastrium. Flatulence eructation gastric acids. Acidity, heartburn.
Gastralgias worst eating even a morsel, worse after dinner.

28 - () bloody fluid excretion in children or newborns.
Violoentos Colicos with swollen bellies and great flatulence. Hard not to relieve flatus. Periumbilical pain. Stomach ache while eating or trying to do every lez; worse ice cream better flatus or stool. Vacuum in the navel. Cutting pain when drinking cold water. Stitches in the liver to breathe. Mesenteric adenopathy. Sunken abdomen, flaccid. Gallstones. Hernias.

29 - () Diarrhea in children, in girls schools, worse dentition, from vexation, for fruit or cider, cold drinks, on ice cream. Stools green, slimy, hot, very offensive, frothy, explosive, gurgling, with fetid flatus and tenesmus. Hard stool with blood, depression. Hemorrhoids that bleed during or after stool, and come out with pain, anal itching and moisture. Stitches or tenderness in the anus. Anal itching worse at night and in bed. Anal Fistulas alternating with pulmonary symptoms, or people with joint pain by cold and stormy weather. Anal fissure.
Intestinal parasitosis in anemic.

30 - () Pain in the kidney region on blowing or lifting weights. Polyuria with intense feeling of weakness. Diabetes with pulmonary symptoms. Cutting in the urethra before and after urination, burning during. Enuresis, incontinence in old people. Phosphaturia. Urinary stones to prevent stone formation. Chronic Gonorrhea, urethral discharge white in anemic.

31 Erections traveler, without desires. Hydrocele. Itching of the scrotum, sweat and oozing fluid. Sexual desire but of tomorrow, with unusual orgasm during intercourse, painful erections. Nocturnal emissions.

32 - () Nymphomania, worse before menses and during lactation.
Tendency to masturbation in girls. Sexual desire in women increased, violent, greedy, worse PMS. Labor-like pains before and during menstruation. Flow, but the less menstruation; worst morning and after menstruation; albumin and egg white, white or transparent. Menses dark, clotted, copious, painless, with severe back pain, or red and forward, sometimes every 15 days.
Menses during lactation. Utero Pain: Premenstrual; as cramps sharp, extended to the sacrum. Uterine prolapse worse during stool and urine, and during menstruation, in women weakened. Uterine displacement. Polyps of the uterus. Delayed puberty. Pain in the pubic symphysis and the sacro iliac. Vulvar itching in the elderly.

33 - () laryngeal catarrh. Hoarseness morning. When he speaks constantly clears his voice, throat clearing before singing or speaking. Laryngeal tuberculosis.

34 - () by tickling cough, with dry throat and hoarseness, with yellowish expectoration, worse in morning, with stitches in the chest. Cough during teething, 6 to 18 hours. Breathing frequent, short, hard, or sighing. The child loses his breath when they stand. Constriction in the chest with dyspnoea, in the evening, better in bed. Pain through the left base. Burning sensation in the chest, throat bottom. Sharp pain in the xiphoid. Popping in the sternum. Sore nipples.
Pulmonary tuberculosis, with cold extremities and profuse sweating. Pertussis in stubborn cases.

35 Edema from heart disease. Palpitation with anxiety. Chest pain on inspiration.

36 - () Rheumatic pain and stiffness in the neck and neck with stunning, by the slightest breath of air, or cramp-like pain from right to left.
Back pain from the slightest exertion or when switching to cold weather. Lumbosacral pain with uterine pains. Very sharp pains in sacrum and coccyx. Pain in the sacro iliac as if broken, as if the bones were separated. It numbs the lumbar region. Lumbar abscess.
Scoliosis. Spine weak, prone to bending or diversion, especially to the left, especially in girls at puberty, unable to bear the body, the lumbar vertebrae are bent to the left. Spina bifida.

37 - () Hands and lower limbs always cold. Cramps in the calves while walking. Hip pain; stop bone destruction and form bone tissue. Hypertrophy of the condyles of the elbow. Tremor. Rheumatism worse in cold weather or ex catching cold; best in spring, is back in autumn; erratic pains from getting wet in the rain. Aching thighs in wet, cold weather. Stitches in small points of the buttocks. Rheumatic pains in upper limbs worse in cold weather, first left, then right. Knee pain going from left to right, worse walking. Arthritic nodules on the fingers. He slept the legs, buttocks and belly, worse sitting (can not rise from his chair), traveling and night. The extensors are more affected than flexors. Ulcer on the malleolus, fistulosa, fetida. Caries in the heel bone. Sore pain in the roots of some of the right hand. Legs tired, restless, tingling. Bone and joint pains, in the tibia. Feel dislocated ankle. Curved legs in children, later learning to walk. Growing pains with sensation of stiffness in his neck and muscles, the child can not climb a ladder without mourn.

38 - () Sleeplessness before midnight. He wakes up late and with difficulty in the morning, can not stay awake. Very disrupted sleep. Sounds with danger, fire, travel. Suddenly awakened. Constant yawning and stretching.

39 - () Copious night sweats in tuberculosis. Localized sweating, but in head and neck.

40 The site of old wounds is home to new conditions. Amputation of ulcerated bedsores. Dry, cold and wrinkled becomes red and itchy after the dance. Acne. Senile pruritus. Freckles. Lupus. Rosacea.


Route - Carbo animalis

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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