Calcarea phos. Homeopathy (Abridged)

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA (tricalcium phosphate)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Calcarea phos
1 .- fractures, delayed ossification, bone pain, pathology raquidiano the child and adolescent. Skeleton fine longilineo. Efipisitis and osteoporosis

2 .- Especially suited for individuals languilineos (constitution matches).

3 .- fatigue, brittleness breathing. Asthenia psychic and emotional. Weakness of attention. Tiredness, hipermotividad.

4 .- Respiratory Disorders in Phosphoric-type individuals.

5 .- Desire for ham, smoked and salted.

Calcarea phos: This compounded by: the damp cold, the storms and the dentition.

Calcarea phos: Alternation of anal fistula and pulmonary disease.

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