Calcarea Sulph. Homeopathy

(Calcium Sulfate - Gypsum)
1 - () Jealous.
2 - () Anxiety best outdoor worse in the evening and night. Scary.
Fear of the dark, to die for your health.
3 Mode to be changing. Discontent. Irritable. Aversion to answer.
Wants to be alone.
4 Brusca loss of memory or consciousness. Mental Confusion morning,
worse from mental exertion. Absent.
5 - () abscesses and oozing when spontaneous or surgically opened, the presence of an opening through which pus is the characteristic indication. Abscesses that are not opened and do not stop to heal or close: prolonged suppuration. Fistulas. The pus is thick, yellowish,
bloody chip. Action in these cases more deeply than Hepar Sulfur, acted after the remedy has not done its effect comes before Calcarea Silica Sulfur for promoting or preventing suppuration.
6 - nodes and glands hypertrophied and hard.
7 - () Worse, in evening and at night, from cold and heat, overheating; walking, sleeping, after dinner, during menstruation, when rising from sitting; by weather changes. Best: In the morning, after washing, goes, after scratching, the open (as desired).
8 - () secretions or mucous discharge, yellowish, thick, with bits.
9 - () Epilepsy.
10 Affections of bones, bony cavity. Ulcerative malignancy.
11 Disorders straining muscles and tendons, for excessive masturbation and sexual excesses. Constitutions ruined by alcohol.
12 cystic tumors. Fibroids. Polyps.
Desire and aversion of Calcarea SULPHURICA
13 - () Desco of sweet and savory, fruit, acid, cold drinks, te; vegetables.
14 - () Aversion to milk, coffee, meat.
15 - () Feeling as if he had his hat. Hard swelling on the edge of hair, bleed when scratched. Yellow purulent crusts.
Cradle cap in babies. Craniotabes. Headache from cold, but improves the fresh air feeling nauseated and sunken eyes. Vertigo with nausea, intense, fast moving head. Dandruff. Hair loss.
16 - () sees only one half of the objects. Purulent conjunctivitis. Deep corneal ulcers. Protruding eyes. Corneal abscess. Hypopyon. Retinitis; phlyctenular keratitis. Ophthalmia neonatorum.
17 Deafness with purulent discharge, sometimes bloody, the middle ear.
Pimples around the ears.
18 - () coryza with discharge feature (see 8); discharge ago.
Influenza with sneezing, better outdoors. Nostrils excoriated and painful.
Coryza right or on one side, after a bath. Epistaxis.
19 - () Cheek swollen with toothache. Pustular eruptions, pimples, herpes. Great pale sickly face. Blisters on the lip.
20 - () Toothache. Gums swollen, sore, bleed easily.
Abscesses in the gums.
21 taste soapy. Tongue with yellow coating on the base. Glossitis. Mouth hot and dry. Irritation of the inside of the lips.
22 - () Diphtheria of the soft palate. Tonsillitis with suppuration, abscess. He splutters.
23 Gastralgia burning. Great thirst and appetite.
24 Pain in the liver region and right flank, with weakness, nausea and gastralgia.
25 - () Purulent diarrhea with blood. Intestinal ulcers. Painless perianal abscesses in cases of fistula. Painless diarrhea, incontinence, in children, by weather changes sugar or, worse after eating. Rectal itching anal moisture. Rectal prolapse. Constipation with fever and dyspnea. Encopresis.
Anal Fistula.
26 chronic nephritis. Reddish urine with hectic fever. Chronic cystitis.
27 - () Gonorrhea with purulent secretion. Prostatic abscess. Chronic syphilis. Spermatorrhoea helplessly.
28 postmenstrual Itching in the vagina, swollen lips. Menses late; long, with headaches, shaking and very weak. Mastitis in pregnancy. Abortions to replicate.
29 - () False recurrent croup. Hoarseness.
Suppurative pericarditis 30. Palpitations at night.
31 - () Cough with purulent sputum, dyspnea and hectic. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Pleural effusion, after thoracentesis. Pneumonia. Bronchitis.
Tightness, burning, soreness and weakness in the chest. Asthma, with dyspnoea worse in the evening, at night, climbing, lying down and coughing. Rales in chest.
Suppurative processes in the lungs.
32 - () Backache and coccyx. Carbuncle on the back. Deviations in the lumbar spine.
33 - () Stiffness in the fingers. Gouty joints. Acute and chronic rheumatism. Coxalgia. Cramps in calves. Suppurating wounds. Burning and itching on the soles of the feet. Varices. Legs sensitive little swollen feet.
34 - () Sleepiness during the day, insomnia at night. Sleepless from thoughts. Sounds that had a convulsion from fright.
35 - () Intermittent fever with chills in the evening, beginning at the feet. Hectic fever in oozing, burning on the soles of the feet and profuse sweating.
36 - () shingles rash. Abscesses. Cuts, wounds, blows, etc.., Ill-looking, with purulent secretion, which are slow to heal. Burn that supueran chilblains. Purulent exudates on the skin. Boils or pimples, pustules, crusted yellow. Smallpox in the stage of suppuration. Indolent ulcers of the lower limbs. Psoriasis. Urticaria. Dry eczema in children. Lead-gray skin.