Calcium: carb Fluoratum, jodatum, phos, Calendula, Caltha swamp. Homeopathy

Calcium carb Hahnemanni (white inner shell of the oyster)
Exudative diathesis. Sweats in the head. Crust lactea. Scrofulous lymphadenopathy. Difficult dentition. Feet cold and wet. Impetigo. Wounds that do not heal easily and ulcerate. Persistent flatulence. Biliary colic. Headaches, cramps, heartburn and irritation before menstruation. Displacement of the uterus (trend). Uterine polyps. Improvement with rest.

Fluoratum Calcium (calcium fluoride)
Glands indurated and nodular (stony hard). Colloid goiter. Tumors. Brittle and cracked skin. Fistulas bony.

Jodatum Calcium (calcium iodide)
Arteriosclerosis. Goiter. Scrofulous glands. Decreased memory.

Calcium phos (calcium phosphate)
Weakness. Calcium metabolism disorders. Rickets. Osteochondrosis. Osteomalacia. Sensitivity to minimum airflow. Gastrointestinal catarrh. Headache.

Calendula (calendula)
Slow healing wounds. Promotes granulation. Analgesic.

Caltha palustrine (herb gotu)
Uterine carcinoma. Bronchitis. Pemphigus

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