Calcium iodatum. Calendula. Cantharis. Homeopathy


Symptoms or pathogenesis of Calcium iodatum
1 .- It has a preferential action on nutrition, lymphatic system and the endocrine glands (particularly the thyroid hyperfunction). Action in glandular swelling.


Symptoms or pathogenesis of Calendula

1 .- Local sores and infections in external use (mother tincture).

Cantharis (Coleoptera family of meloideos)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Cantharis

1 .- Genitourinary: inflammatory manifestations, with violent pains, burning in the bladder and urethra, aggravated before, during and after urination, frequent urination; poliquiuria; cloudy and bloody. Indicated in acute cystitis, whatever the etiology, hematuria, dysuria.

2 .- Cutaneous: eruptions of large vesicles burning, itching, pemphigoid. Second-degree burns. Pemphigus, area, herpes, erysipelas.

3 .- Mucosa: ulceronecrotico inflammatory character. Thrush, tonsillitis, acute keratoconjunctivitis.

Cantharis: Aggravation: with urination
Cantharis: Amelioration: heat and hot applications.

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