Calendula. Homeopathy

(Calendula officinalis)
1 It is easily frightened; great tendency to start; hyperacusis.
1 Intensity depression.
3 Irritability, extremely nervous.
4 - () is the true antiseptic Calendula homeopathic. It can and should be used simultaneously via internal and external, in the latter case as washings, lotions or dressings, in a solution obtained by dissolving 25 drops of tincture in a glass of boiled water, is advisable to use hot or warm, keeping constantly wet parts. Fundamental indications are traumatic wounds torn, lacerated, or sharp, with a tendency to suppuration, with excessive pain, often disproportionate to the importance of the wound, and with or without loss of substance. Ensure cure first, eliminating pain and suppuration, promoting phagocytosis, accelerating the healing, gangrene or avoiding large scars or distorted. In wounds with loss of substance, promotes normal granulation. In surgical wounds in the postoperative period, is almost specific (Allen), prevents suppuration or gangrene. In bills exposed in open wounds of joints with loss of synovial fluid, in ruptures of muscles and tendons in spontaneous or induced vulvovaginal injuries during childbirth. In burns and scalds. Whenever there is a break in the skin. Wounds raw, swollen, painful, red round with jabs during fever; old wounds, offensive, sloppy; tendency to erysipelas, gangrene imminent. Traumatic neuromas, neuritis lacerated wounds.
5 - () depletion by loss of blood and excessive pain.
6 - () Ulcerations recent or old: irritated, inflamed, painful, bruised, with no tendency to heal, too purulent secretion.
Varicose ulcers. Warts and ulcerated tumors, cancer (complementary to Cadmium).
7 - () Worse in wet weather, heavy cloud (with great tendency to take cold, especially in wet weather), at dusk, by drinking (chills), very sensitive to cold air, for the movement. Best: walking, lying quiet; by heat.
8 lacerated wounds on the scalp. Brain herniation skull fracture. Tearing headache, weight in the brain and in the occipital region.
Heat waves in the front.
9 Wounded cutting in the eye, choroid and vitreous output. Lacerated wounds and sharp eyes. Postoperative eyes. Dryness and itching at the edges of the eyelids. Inflammation of the sclera.
10 ORDER worse for drink and wet weather. Hey better train and distant sounds.
11 sharp lacerating injuries to the nose and face. Coryza on one side, green secretion.
12 Hemostatic after the extraction of a tooth, accelerates the healing of the gum without complications. Vesiculitas in the corners of lips.
13 Wounds of esophagus by foreign bodies (prevents inflammation). Submaxillary glands painful to touch, with a bloated feeling and tensions by moving the head. Pressure on the esophagus during swallowing.
14 - () Hiccups smoking. No appetite at dinner. Gastric induration. Hunger breastfeeding immediately. Bulimia. Heartburn. Nausea in the chest.
Vomiting. Emptiness. Epigastric distention.
15 Deep pain in the umbilical region. Stitches in the left side of the belly, better at rest. Move your belly with chills.
16 Polyuria with clear urine, pale, hot, hot. Urethral pain tearing during the chills.
17 - () Warts on the cervix; ulceration. Amenorrhea with cough.
Endocervicitis cronica. Hypertrophy and induration uterine weight and feeling of fullness in the pelvis, stretching sensation in the groin and pain from sudden movements. Menorrhagia. Indicated after cesarean in ruptures of the perineum during childbirth or after opening a perineal abscess. Nodules in the breasts. Nipples excoriated.
18 Pressure and tearing in the left side of the chest, even worse. Foreign bodies in air passages. Cough with greenish expectoration, hoarseness, and distention of the inguinal ring.
19 Pain under right scapula, as if ulcerated or beaten.
Drawing rheumatic side of neck.
20 - () The axillary nodes are painful to touch. Tension and pressure in the hand and tarsal joints at rest. Burning in the legs, seated. Drawing pains in muscles and joints, worse
movement. Penetrating wounds and torn limbs, especially hands.
21 Skin yellowish flesh crawl.
22 - () Chills, fever and headache consecutive injuries. Coldness, great sensitiveness to open air chills on the back. Skin hot to the touch.
Heat in the evening, with thirst and chills after drinking, or cold in the head and hands, with aversion to drinking. Great foot in the evening in bed, her feet wet and hot, or the morning, with profuse sweating and burning in the armpits.
Hepar Sulfur

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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