cAMP, Camphor, Cantharis, Capsicum, Carbo veg. Homeopathy

cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate)
Enzymatic block reactivation stimulants. Intracellular control factor.

Camphor (camphor)
Tetanic spasms. Urinary retention. Priapism.

Cantharis (Spanish fly)
Burning pain with strong strangury. Cystitis. States urgenital tract irritation. Urgency. Burning urethra after urination. Urethritis. Prostatitis. Nephritis. Stranguria with intense burning pains. Hydrophobia.

Capsicum (pepper Spanish)
Urethritis. Cystitis with painful erections. Arenillas. Headache. Herpes labialis. Glosistis disease and colitis. Plethora. Burning pain on skin and mucous membranes.

Carbo veg (charcoal)
Swelling ganglion. Marasmus. Cachexia. Epigastric bloat. Circulatory failure. Apoplexy. Asthma. Emphysema. Dyspnea. Desire for fresh air or cool while having cold skin. Crural ulcer. Burning. Secretions acres. Pertussis. Asthma. Bronchitis fetida. Dyspepsia. Bloat. Heartburn. States of collapse. It acts as an absorbent of toxic. Digestion slow. (disorders that begin half an hour after meals). Collapse and circulatory failure such as in cerebral apoplexy.

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