Camphor. Homeopathy

Camphor (Camphor)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Camphor
1 - () This best thinking of his discomfort, his pain disappears when you can think of them when repurchases consciousness.
2 - () is afraid of the dark, to die, to bed, mirrors, their thoughts (want to be the dispersed). Fear of being alone, want company, especially at night, the worst one. Think that's going to die.
3 - () manic delirium, rage, extreme irritability, frenzy; fighter.
Bite, is foaming at the mouth hits, breaking his clothes or other things having hallucinations. Grita, without knowing why, or ask for help. Violent gestures,
rare. Talk rushed, incoherent, meaningless; loquacity. The children throw things with insane laughter. Puerperal mania; be naked on display. Nymphomania.
4 - () Very restless and anxious in bed or jump out of bed. Great anguish, worse in the epigastrium, as if drowned. It feels very miserable, unhappy, crying and do not know that; crying involuntary moans,
5 - () want to kill someone, he thinks he should, when walking outdoors. In contrast, may have to leap through the window.
6 - () unconscious after an emotion, it seems an automaton. Do not remember what I just did.
7 - () despair and anxiety for their salvation.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Camphor
8 - () What predominates in Camphor is cold. Great cold as ice, across the body surface, which is totally cool to the touch (like ice) and, despite that, not tolerate being covered, is uncovered, but this cold and cyanotic. It's a deadly cold. It's a cold objective and subjective, because it is very sensitive to cold and cold air. It has internal sensations of cold. Feel like a cold wind blowing on your body. But, paradoxically, despite all its cold, like uncovering want cold air, wants the windows open. And sometimes, there is a mixture that meet cold with hot flashes, fever, and fever or pain, wants to be covered, or ask for bottles or hot packs, but this is contradictory state passenger with alternatives with cold flushes. Everything that comes out of the body is cold. Lack of vital heat.
9 - () Accompanying the above symptoms, there is a state of complete prostration that appears suddenly, total loss of power. Collapse, shock, looking very pale, cold and anxious, cyanotic lips and cold breath, cold and sharp nose. Shock due to trauma or injury, postoperative; sunstroke;
diarrhea, cholera.
10 - () states of suspended animation, with almost imperceptible pulse, very small,
weak, sometimes very fast (you can not count), or hard, or very slow, and given time slower.
11 - () Worse: motion; from cold, for fresh air and contact, by night in the dark. Better: to pay attention to your symptoms, or think of them, for the heat by drinking cold water.
12 - () Cyanosis, Cyanosis in children. Asphyxia of the newborn.
13 - () violent convulsions, especially in children, with loss of consciousness, with rotation of the arms, with your thumb inside the fingers flexed, and head shakes members (back and right); screams before the attack; by rashes removed or not shown.
Opisthotonos. Tetanus of the newborn.
14 - () Effects of suppression of eruptions (or non-appearance in cruptivas fevers, with great prostration and cold skin) and suppression of sexual desires (with throbbing in the neck, head, hot, red face, cold limbs).
15 - () generalized bruised feeling, with tenderness around the body by the slightest touch. Feel the pain in a semiconscious state, but to regain consciousness disappear.
16 persons physically and mentally weak and irritable. The children particularly affected are fair, weak and irritable.
Desire and aversion of Camphor
Aversion to the stock 17; to snuff, snuff the smoke.
18 - () Vertigo with sensation of floating in the air, worse when walking, with heaviness of head bent backwards. Hammering Pulsations in the occipital region, synchronous with pulse, better off. Headache extending to the fingertips, as if it were injured brain; front
nauseated; constriction in the neck and root of the nose, worse by stooping,
lying, tact, which goes to pay attention. Encephalitis, sunstroke, with throbbing and constriction in the brain, head spasmodically directed backward or sideways. Sunken anterior fontanelle. Apoplexy. Premature graying. Temporal points in the region and orbits. Catarrhal headache.
19 - () the objects appear too bright. Look bright.
Photophobia. Miosis or mydriasis, the pupils do not react to light. The letters are to read. Sunken eyes, dark circles, eyes protruding. Staring, wild.
Upturned eyes. He sees strange objects. Tremor of the eyelids.
20 - () points on the ears by air blow. Lobe of the ear red and hot. Sounds like singing in the ears, with vertigo. Abscesses in the auditory meatus, pain and redness.
21 - () coryza acute onset with chills and sneezing, flowing or dry, with obstruction. Cold nose, pointed, sharp. Inhaled air is cold if you walk around the room. Persistent Epistaxis goosebumps.
Stitches from the root to the tip of the nose.
22 - () facial pallor, especially during the chills, or alternating red face very pale. Cyanosis, especially on the lips in anger.
Cold Face, bloated (especially cholera and hydrocephalus) with Calpitaciones, cold sweats. Foam mouth during seizures.
Erysipelas. Distorted face, upper lip retracted upward
teeth bared. Anxious expression or absent.
23 Toothache, but in caries, worse coffee, by touching them with food, alcoholic drinks, cold water better for beer, sex. Shocks acute at the root of the incisors.
24 - () fetid breath of morning. Sialorrhea viscose. Children idiots that lose saliva. Dry mouth, dry tongue, with or without thirst. Cold breath, cold tongue (feels as if sucked mint tea boiling seems cold);
mouth cold. Sharp taste, excessive meat seems bitter taste ugly tomorrow.
Hot palate. Tongue flabby, trembling.
25 Aching throat when swallowing, as an abrasion. Burning heat.
Distended jugular.
26 - () Epigastrium very sensitive to touch. Continuous belching after dinner;
nausea after drinking, belching improving. Vomiting followed by vertigo;
bile or blood, with cold sweats, especially in the face. Burning pain in stomach (extending to the entire body) or cold. Pain as a wound,
with sensation of pressure in the epigastrium. Burning thirst, insatiable, large quantities of cold water, which suddenly vomits.
27 - () Cramps, cutting colic, the belly, as if to have diarrhea. Fullness in the abdomen. Feeling cold or blazing heat.
28 - () Asiatic cholera at the beginning, with generally cold, desire to uncover;
collapse, but little diarrhea with cramps in the calves, anguish, burning in the esophagus and stomach. It chills the initial stage (which are severe or prolonged), even before the emergence of the vomiting or diarrhea, but instead, the collapse of Carbo veg is diarrhea. The cramps and convulsions of Camphor are less intense than those of Cuprum, but cramps colder ice is characteristic of Camphor. The cold of Camphor is similar to Veratrum Album, but it has copious diarrhea, and Camphor nausea with the expression of nausea (upper lip retracted). So, perhaps,
Camphor is the first remedy to give in anger, of course, if its characteristic symptoms are present. In short: Camphor, more cool and collapse, Cuprum, but cramps and convulsions; Veratrum Album more diarrhea and sweating. Sudden attacks of diarrhea from cold, with colic and sudden loss of power. Diarrhea involuntary. Diarrhea with rice water, copious stools.
Bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. Diarrhea in hot weather. Constipation by rectal contraction.
29 - () Retention of urine during the cholera. Tenesmus of the bladder neck. Urine passes slowly and weak stream. Bladder paralysis. Greenish yellow urine, turbid, hematuria, red, thick, thick sediment, with bad
odor. Polyuria, diabetes insipidus. Burning with urination.
30 - () Increased sexual desire, erethism. Priapism violent attacks in dreams. Satyriasis. Increased sexual desire, but without erection. Impotence,
lack of desire, sudden disappearance of erection or incomplete or absent during intercourse. Genitalia cold. The suppression of disorders
sexual AESE. Masturbation involuntary. Nocturnal emissions.
31 - () In women, desires exaggerated, with orgasm. Menses copious or absent. Labor-like pains. Menopause. When labor pains cease, and his skin is cold and uncovered.
32 - () weak voice hoarse. Constriction of the larynx. Sensation of cold and cut into the trachea, sensation of dryness in your fork. Asthma efforts. Suffocation from sulfur fumes. Breathing anxious,
sighing deeply and slowly, like a snore, almost completely stopped.
Asphyxia. Cold sensation in the chest, with cold breath. Dry cough violently.
With every breath, coughing. Hot breath eruptive diseases. Great accumulation of mucus in the respiratory organs, with danger of suffocation. Cramps in the chest. Pneumonia in old age. Hepatization lung.
Emphysema. Cold sweats in the chest. Breast abscesses.
33 - () Palpitations after eating. Precordial anxiety. Stitches with oppression, lying left side.
34 - () Hot on the waist, better walking. Sensation of air blowing on the back. Tension and stiffness of the neck to move. Stitching between the shoulder blades, worse on moving the arms.
35 - () Members cold, icy hands and feet, with diarrhea, not heat tolerant of the bed. Anesthesia in the hands touch, he feels it touches. Stiff fingers, open chest, thumb backward. Convulsive movements of the arms. Pain as a bruise on her thighs and knees.
Cracking joints in the legs. Cramps in the calves in anger. Twitching in the toes and under the nails, walking.
Great weakness in the legs. Edema of feet. Cyanosis members.
36 - () Grand daytime sleepiness. Coma; says incoherent words. Alterna comatose sleep with insomnia. Sleeplessness from nervous excitement. Ronca and takes many turns sleeping. Sounds with ghosts or spirits.
37 - () Fever worst walking with red face and ears. With the fever does not want to uncover. Chills of all kinds, very long, rather uncovered.
Cold sweats, viscous, sticky, debilitating. Influenza. Measles and scarlet fever when the rash does not appear, with pale or cyanotic, cold, Hippocrates, but the child does not want to clog. In all the consequences of measles. Pernicious malaria.
38 - () painfully sensitive skin, even by the slightest touch. Dry skin
cool, pale or cyanotic.
Carbo veg. Canthais. Antidote to almost all other medicines, especially vegetables.