Cancer. Theories about its cause. Natural Medicine Treatments

Treatments and Remedies for Cancer. Theories about its cause

Malignancy in general and especially that formed by epithelial cells. The basic characteristic of malignancy is an abnormality of the cells, transmitted to daughter cells, as evidenced by the reduction of growth control and cellular function, leading to a series of adverse events to the host, through a growth massive invasion of surrounding tissues and metastasis.
(Definition of terminological dictionary of medical science. 13th edition).

Causes of cancer
Cancer is considered a disease of our time, the cause must be sought in environmental overload associated with industrialization, such as chemicals and harmful substances in water, air, food, as well as radiation. However, cancer is one of the oldest diseases and more frequent and even attacking the plant kingdom.

In humans, the consequences are devastating because with the advance of civilization the disease has been becoming more player to reach 1 in 4 people.

There are many theories about the origin of cancer:
The theory of radiation

Examples are: Leukemia after exposure to radiation (Hiroshima, Chernovil, radiologists, patients undergoing rradiaciones, etc.).

Chemical theory
Being in contact with a chemical can develop the disease (Pelural Malignant mesothelioma (MPM) asbestos, tar, snuff, etc.).. Possible causes include: a) disruption of enzyme systems., B) denaturing of cellular proteins, c) action on chromosomes.
Example: cancer of smokers by exposure to alquitara and other chemicals in snuff. Bladder cancer in workers exposed to aniline.

Theory of irritation
If any part of the body is under constant irritation or stimulation can develop cancer.
Examples: kidney or liver carcinoma by load in the corresponding organ. Esophagus cancer being a habitual consumer of alcoholic beverages.

Hormone Theory
While hormones are not considered as factors that cause cancer by themselves, if they can be factors that contribute to its development.
Example: Fibroadenoma breast at menopause.

Cellular theory of mutation

An alteration of the genotype can trigger cancer. But not necessarily all mutations with carcinogenic.
Examples: myelogenous leukemia in the presence of Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Philadelphia chromosome (chromosome 22) in cases of chronic leukemia.

Theory of hereditary transmission
It appears that certain families have a history of cancer that causes their descendants are also more likely to develop.
Examples: Tumors of the auditory system, intestinal polyps, and so on.

And many more theories like that of trauma, infection, the germ of the dispersion and, of course, psychological factors or trauma.

Factors that inhibit the transfer of information and may develop cancer
It is essential that the body is kept at a balanced flow of information among themselves. This balance is lost by:
- Member of deficiency of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
- Electromagnetic pulses that disrupt the transmission of information in the body.
-Storage and impregnation of toxins at the cellular level.
"Locks of mental (engrams) that influence the immune system.
-Electric and magnetic fields that alter the flow of information (living in an area geogragica patologica by high tension wires or natural deposits of magnetic minerals, metallic veins, etc.).

Medicine for cancer in the Diet:

Nicotine, alcohol, coffee, black tea, refined flour or denatured cereals, sugar, meat, fish (especially fatty species), animal fat, vegetables and fruits preserved or treated with chemicals.

Standard staple food against cancer:
Fruit, vegetable, vegetables, nuts and sprouted seeds, raw organic farming (the more oil and better biological).

Fats: oils and oils cold-pressing biological only.

: Fructose and honey. The fewer grains (although biological and integrated) better.

: Teas natural, high quality mineral water (better than osmosis water) and especially fermented vegetable juice (better than fruit).

Smoothies: Blend juice in lactic acid fermentation: 60% of beet juice, 30% of zanahora and 10% of fermented cabbage. Other liquefied used are red beet, celery, garlic, apples (malic acid).

Food and biological raw vegetables
: red beets, watercress, coconut, dates, spinach, strawberry, peach, honey, parsley, carrots. ORAC Foods

Make fast and cure of grapes (always under supervision of health professional.

Medicine for cancer with Medicinal Plants
: A cat, Echinacea, Calendula, Tormentilla, Violet, Yagramo.

Medicine for cancer with homotoxicology
: Colchicum comp. mite, medium, forte (a), Causticum comp. (Tratam. Complem.) (G.A.), Ginseng comp. (g), Molybden comp. (c) Podophylium comp. (G.A.) Procainum comp. (a), Pulsatilla comp. (a), Thalamus comp. (a) Thyreoidea comp. (a), Tonsilla comp. (a), Coenzyme comp. (a) Ubichinon comp. (a)

Medicine for cancer with Hydrotherapy
: Colon Hydrotherapy.

Homeopathy for cancer
: Viscum Album, Conium and Thuja in levels C-200.

Medicine for cancer with supplements: Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc.
Vitamin B17, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, E and C (10 gm per day tripled lymphocytes), Coenzyme Q10 (antioxidante. ..).

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