Cannabis indica. Homeopathy

(Indian hemp - hashish)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cannabis indica
1 - () state of intense excitement and exaggeration of all sensations, perceptions, emotions and concepts, accompanied by an incoherent talkativeness and a great joy and happiness, which is not disturbed by anything.
Constant laughs, immoderate and uncontrolled, even serious things, or petty, or every word they say, or laugh and cry alternately or simultaneously. This disrupted in most, for general and sensory hypersensitivity, as well as the disturbed perception of what is appropriate and balanced human behavior. This disturbance has its strong base in the ...?
2 - () presence of hallucinations (perceptions without real object) and delusions (perceptions with the real object, but distorted in the sense of an exaggerated increase or, more rarely, a decrease), there is a total ee deformocion or creation of the Actually, it assumes the most varied and innumerable forms,
almost always cheerful, beautiful, sublime. Emphasis is being placed, among others, an inordinate increase of the notions of time and distance, feel the time passes very slowly, the minutes seem centuries seem meters kilometers. It has the feel of a splitting or duplication of his personality, one of which acts independently of the other, believed to have two lives and live in different worlds. Create or thinks a silent battalion march down the street, which sits on a ball, she hears many melodious bells, that this lying on a bier, his body is very great, who has cerebral softening, she sees butterflies someone calls him, that listening in a cathedral choir, they're going to choke, that is Christ, who is dressed in rags, that his companions are half men and half plants; that people who quit are cowards who have power creator sees mandarins satyrs and dancing and shaking his head, he sees a corpse in a coffin, that he is a corpse, he sees dead people to wake up at midnight to see the devil, the devil is or who is possessed by one, that is about to die, he will die and soon will be stuffed, that everything is smaller, which is divided into two parts, which is divine, that is dying, that is Emperor this enlarged, that the objects are enlarged , which is expensive, obnoxious, ridiculous, that your nails look great dishes, that their voice is not his, that floats in the air, he sees giant flowers, which is surrounded by an ethereal fluid impenetrable which is a giraffe; it is a gnome, you see glow worm, that's a great character, who sees a huge room, that his head belongs to another, he sees a monstrous head on the far wall, that the inverted pendulum is swinging, he hears things, which is in heaven or hell, that is a hippopotamus, who is in his home (not be), it rides, that the house is full of people moving, that is a hunter, who sees an ichthyosaur ; errors on her personality, she is another, who will be hurt, to be mad, that this traveler, who has unlimited knowledge, that his legs are too long, that goes from one life to another, that is very light, disembodied, transparent, which is a locomotive, that his chin is too long, confused a friend with a mandarin, which is on the crest of a mountain, you agree to kill him, he hears the sound of colors; he hears music, the more sweet and sublime melody, that everything around seems a frightening mystery, he sees someone else in your room, which is in different places at once, as she is a queen, you see horrible things on the walls, screaming, singing, that everyone you know has a painful secret that your body is very small for his soul or who are separated, which is carried into space (lying down) and is forced to follow a wide orbits, that is a sphere, that his column is a barometer, that is a spirit, that sees a huge plaza surrounded by hundred-story houses, which sees stars on their plate, that everything is strange, familiar things seem strange , that looks strange, that is superhuman, it is surrounded by friends, that swimming, which is swollen, that there are thieves in the house that when it is three people at once, which is transported to another world, that there is some supernatural, that everything seems unreal existence that bears a plant, has visions, beautiful, very aware of crucial functions net generally go unnoticed, he hears voices, which is surrounded by high walls, that fall, which has been in the misery that the water is blue, which is a delicious nectar (to drink), which is wealth, that weighs nothing, that is old and wrinkled women, has no notion of his own identity.
3 - () is very forgetful, beginning a sentence, but he forgets what he wanted or was going to say or write, especially the last words or ideas and can not finish the sentence, but gives its approval, where the other ends well. Can not remember what you just heard, read, what you said, what you just think or write. Is unable to remember a thought or an event by the other thoughts that accumulate in your brain. Flight of ideas, you cross, you will fade, and can not fix it, can not concentrate.
Absent, abstracted. Fixed ideas, obsessions.
4 - () Fear of going crazy, darkness, to die soon, to be approached, shiny objects, water, ghosts, eternally lost.
5 - () always theorized, a pipe made or theories amazing.
6 - () Danino, perverse. Blasphemous.
7 - () Mania, you must keep moving. Excited, rapid changes in mood,
be so.
8 - () anxious depression, anxiety with oppression, better outdoors. Weeping involuntary complains, complains.
9 - () Delirium tremens, with excessive loquacity and exaggeration of the time and distance.
10 - () Clairvoyance, clairaudience, extreme sensitivity to noise.
11 unconscious for several minutes, looking at a light or listening to music, to shocks or noises to regain consciousness. Feeling of being in such a dream. Do not know if there is or there. Catalepsy. Catatonia.
12 sense of great isolation.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cannabis indica
13 - () Worse: Morning, for coffee, alcohol, snuff, lying side;
eating; by noise. Better: the open air from cold water, for the
14 - () Great desire to lie down during the day. Is completely depleted after a short walk, she can hardly speak.
15 - () Vertigo on rising, with tendency to fall. Frequent and involuntary twitching of the head. Pressure in the brain that forces him to stoop.
Frontal headache. Sense of open and close the crown, as the lid of a pot of water to serve, as if he lifted the entire dome.
Stitches and pains in the right temple and right side of the head. Heaviness in the head with loss of consciousness and fall. Headache with flatulence, better by passing flatus. Scalp
sore. Hemicraneas preceded pocuacidad and great excitement, according to some, the best remedy to reduce the frequency of the paroxysms.
16 - () conjunctival injection. Eyes bright. The letters are to read.
17 - () Ringing in the ears and the sound of bells, or sound of boiling water.
Throbbing and fullness in both ears.
18 - () You feel like skin stretched over bones, forehead and
menton. Appearance of exhaustion. Expression drowsy, stupid, fixed crazy.
19 - () You feel like glued lips. Grinds teeth sleeping.
Dry mouth and lips. Saliva thick, frothy, sticky. Stuttering.
Throat dry.
20 - () Hunger exaggerated intense thirst for cold water. This choked while eating. Cardiac pain, better by pressure. Spasm pyloric canal.
21 Flatulence, with rumbling in the stomach at night. Feel the belly bloated, belching better. Abdominal distention, as if about to burst.
22 - () Sensation in anus and rectum as if sitting on a ball,
as if filled by a hard body and round. Painless yellow diarrhea.
23 - () Pain in the kidneys and lumbar region laugh. Stitches and burning in the kidneys. By squeezing the glans, leaving thick white mucus from the urethra. Urethritis with purulent secretion, great burning urination; glans dark red and swollen; gonorrhea. Burning or stinging in the urethra before, during and after urination. Urgency to urinate, but does not leave a drop, must wait. Urine leaks after finishing the jet. Urine profuse, colorless. Spasmodic contraction of the bladder sphincter during urination. Dull pain in right kidney. Renal colic. Uremia with severe headache.
24 - () excessive sexual desire, violent satyriasis. Violent and painful erections, priapism worst traveling, walking or sitting. Orgasm longa. Or without desire, penis relaxed and wrinkled.
25 Menses copious, painless, dark. Uterine pains return,
labor-like, with great agitation and insomnia. Menstruation little every two weeks. Dysmenorrhoea with sexual desire increased. Sterility.
26 Cough aspera, inspiration difficult. Oppression, breathlessness, and choking, should be shielded. Stitches from the nipples through the chest. Asthma.
27 - () Palpitations you wake up. Chest pain with dyspnea. Sense of leaky heart. Point in the heart with great oppression relieved by deep breathing. Very slow pulse.
28 - () Pain in the back between the shoulders, which makes walking crouched.
Menton pulled toward the sternum. Heat in the column, extended to the head. Back pain during menstruation or after intercourse. Sore back to laugh.
29 - () A pleasant shiver of bliss, you run by members.
Paralysis of the upper limbs, the right arm. Cold in the right hand, with stiffness and numbness of the right thumb. Painless paralysis.
Total paralysis of lower limbs, paraplegia. Wanting to walk,
Pain as if stepping Pntenso nails that penetrate the plants and up to the hips, but on the right. Pains in the joints of the toes and left thumb, such as stitches or shots. Anesthesia.
30 - () Excessive sleepiness. Twitching in the limbs, awaken him.
Speak sleeping. Voluptuous dreams, prophetic, danger, or to corpses.
Nightmares barely sleeps. Obstinate and intractable forms of insomnia.
31 lost vital heat, cold overall. Clammy sweat, generous, dripping from his forehead.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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