Cannabis sativa. Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cannabis sativa
1 - () The voices and your own voice, it seems strange, as if coming from afar, as someone else, not the same, the speaker. Everything seems strange, yet familiar things.
2 - () have the feeling that time passes very slowly.
3 - () is wrong to write or speak, gives wrong answers; misunderstood. Omits words when writing. Can not remember what to say or do and how to express themselves.
4 - () Your mind is very active, full of ideas, persistent or disappear rapidly. This undecided, unsure.
5 think the other person is, this confused about their identity.
6 Everyone seems unreal, like a dream, as if intoxicated.
7 Fear of going to bed.
8 He scares easily.
9 offended by the slightest contradiction.
l0 Sadness, indifference.
11 Mania, sometimes cheerful, sometimes serious or angry.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cannabis sativa
12 - () feel they are falling drops of cold water or cold water is:
on the head from the heart, from the anus, urethra, stomach and abdomen. As if splashed with hot water.
13 - () Worse by contact, by air, for heat at night, after midnight, after eating, for years; urinating, talking; lying, standing, climbing stairs, after moving from afternoon. Better: standing still, for cough.
14 Major weakness after eating. Fatigue after exercise or for speaking or writing.
Tearing 15 paralyzed. Unbearable tiny stitches all over, like a thousand needles at night, when you sweat because they are sheltered, better uncovered.
16 feeling that the head opens and closes. Vertigo when walking or stopping, hit by a falling sideways. Headache as if you pressed a stone on the head, weight in the crown. Pressure and tension in the temples.
Congestion with throbbing in the brain.
17 - () spots and corneal opacities. Falls. He sees a serrated circle of white flames. Vision cloudy. Pains in the eyes. Pressure back later in the eyeballs. Blennorrhagic ophthalmia.
18 Pressure and throbbing in the ears, the better to bend. Ringing in the ears, sensation of skin in front of the ears.
19 Sensation of enlargement of the nose, swelling and redness, with pressure at root. Heat and dry nose. Burning followed by epistaxis.
20 facial pallor or redness and warmth in his cheeks. Twitching facial muscles.
21 - () Dry mouth without thirst. Viscous saliva. Eruption on the edge of the lips.
Stuttering; speaks poorly, missing words, it stops with great anxiety and agony of back pain and was choking choking when swallowing.
22 - () acid regurgitation, acrid or bitter. Belching odorless taste.
Nausea, vomiting sensation of choking, vomiting bile.
Gastralgia, to touch, as if sore, better eating. Attacks stomach cramps with facial pallor and sweating, weak pulse and rattling.
23 - () Hard and painful swelling of the liver area. Painful shocks, as if something alive in the belly aching. Partial swelling of the stomach as cystic ascites. Pressure outwards in English.
Pulsations as from the inside out. Sensation as if cold water run through the abdomen.
24 - () Diarrhea with cramps in his stomach. Pressure in the rectum to the outside.
Sensation as if cold water out of the rectum, as if dripping anus.
Obstinate constipation causing retention of urine.
25 - () is the outstanding characteristic of Cannabis sativa, and quite similar to fly. Urethra inflamed, painful and very sensitive to touch and pressure, must walk with legs apart to avoid any friction or pressure.
Burning in urethra on beginning to urinate, and also during and after urination at end of urination, and even when not urinating, especialniente in meatus. Stitches in the urethra before and during urination, and when not urinating.
Pain in the urethra and meatus that extends back to the back and the bladder. Tearing-spanning irregularly zigzag along the urethra. Very painful urination drip bloody urine. Pain in the neck of the bladder to the end of urination. Urethral mucosa or milky white, thick or yellowish, with painful erections and drawing pains worse standing. Gonorrhea acute in his first term. "It is the remedy par excellence with which to start the treatment of gonorrhea" (Nash). Retention of urine. Jet divided. Urethral caruncle.
Urethral obstruction by mucus and pus. Urine albumin, burning, cloudy, white, bloody or reddish. Incontinence of urine. Deletes a calculation when urinating. Pain in right kidney area, with urging to urinate and urine oanguinolento. Nephritis. Renal colic. Kidney pain spread to the English, with nausea. Agglutinated meatus. Urethral stricture. Swelling of the urethral meatus. Tension urethral during erections.
26 - () Penis swollen. Phimosis; great swelling and itching of the glans penis and foreskin. The glans and foreskin are dark red. Painful pressure bearing down on the testicles standing. Impotencia sexual abuse. Genitalia cold. Penile pain and burning when walking, walking with legs apart. Strong repugnance to intercourse or sexual excitement. Swelling of the prostate.
27 - () Threatened abortion with gonorrhea, or very frequent intercourse. Sterile sexual excitement. Profuse menstruation. Abortion with seizures. Flow in girls.
28 - () Afonia, mucus in larynx. Violent cough, dry or with greenish or bloody expectoration thick. Shortness of breath, as if a weight on the chest, wheezing and bronchial tions in better with the doors and windows open, sitting and standing erect (standing alone can breathe) and worst lying.
Pneumonia with delirium and vomiting green. Bronchitis. Asthma.
29 - () Blows chest pain. Sensation of drops that fall from the heart.
Cardialgia with palpitations and anxiety. Bradycardia. Pericarditis.
Backache 30 preventing it from talking and breathing. Bruised pain between the shoulder blades. Outward pressure on the sacrum and coccyx, as with a pointed object.
31 - () Pain in shoulders and forearms to move. Cramps in hands and fingers. Contraction of fingers after a sprains. Sudden paralytic weakness of the hand, with trembling to grab any object that can not hold firmly. Patellar dislocation climb stairs. Cramps in thighs and calves. Weakness, hesitation in walking and pain in the knees. Pain in the feet as if he had walked a lot. Painful spasmodic contraction of the Achilles tendon.
32 - () Grand daytime sleepiness, naps worse. Insomnia. The more tired when you get up to at bedtime. Erotic dreams, anxious, confused.
33 Discomfort with external cold, cold in the body heat in the face.
Shivering, with thirst. Burning heat throughout the body, at night, like boiling water.
COMPLEMENTARY Cannabis sativa: