Cantharis. Homeopathy

Cantharis (Cantharis Vesicator - Spanish Fly)

1 - () Acute Mania sexual, erotic, amorous frenzy, great sensuality,
great erethism, with raging sexual desires. The sexual instinct seems crazy, lust, speaks of issues depraved or obscene, lewd film songs. Acts and extravagant gestures. Libertines, adulterers.

2 - () Delirium rabid, wild, violent, anxious, with great excitement,
violent cries and moans, alternate with barking like a dog, worse at night or seeing bright objects or water or if they touch or play the larynx or if approached or touched. Hydrophobia: thinking about drinking or sound
tap water or larynx spasms him, screaming for help, barks,
bites. Great irritability; insults.

3 - () and passing a sudden loss of consciousness, with red face. Lies unconscious, his arms apart; screams.

4 - () Perth, likes to contradict, worse of late.

5 Anxiety with great agitation and anxiety, you need to move constantly.
Uncontrollable anguish. Guilt.

6 Hallucinations worse at night.

7 Lack of confidence in himself, pusillanimous, timid. Always try to do something but does not accomplish anything. Dissatisfied, angry, upset.

8 Humor sad and teary. He complains, complains. Sentimental.

9 Aversion to everything: drinking, eating, smoking, snuff.

10 - () In developing inflammatory surprisingly fast and destructive, coming rapidly to death or gangrene of the affected part (Merc.Corr., Ars.A.). The intensity and speed of action of Cantharis is accompanied by burning, burning, which occurs in all inflammations and heal this medicine (lung, pleura, brain, bone, intestines, rectum, anus, kidneys, bladder, ovaries, pericardium, skin, etc..) and characteristic urinary symptoms (see 28). "If there are urgent and frequent urination, accompanied by cutting, burning, or are not so frequent and sharp, burning pain accompanying micturition Cantharis is almost always the remedy for any pain or inflammation coexisting" (Nash).

11 - () Burning pain, burning, sharp, raw, excoriated, aches, internal and external tearing and stinging from the outside in, pinching in inner parts. Stitches.

12 - () Worse for drink cold water for drinking, for coffee, before urinating, urinate and after urinating, if they touch or approach him, and at night. Better: cold applications; by rubbing, or friction massage, lying quietly on his back.

13 - () Right side. Frequency every seven days.

14 - () Bleeding: nose, mouth, gut, genital and urinary tracts.

15 - () Tetanic spasms that make bending forward or backward, worse to see water. Puerperal convulsions. Hypersensitivity general.

16 Downloads filamentous and adherents of the mucous membranes.

17 feel as if you throw the hair, as if they were erect.
Combing hair loss, especially after childbirth. Vertigo with loss of consciousness and blurred vision, worse in open air. Headache better walking, worse morning and evening, worse standing or sitting, better lying down.
Headache from bathing or washing. Burning sensation inside the skull, encephalitis, meningitis. Sense of serving water in the brain. Pain in the bones of the skull.

18 - () Pain in the eyes with a sensation of excoriation of the eyelids, worse if they are open. Inflammation with burning. Conjunctiva yellow. Protruding eyes, with convulsive movements, staring, wild, or scared expression of great suffering. sunken eyes with dark circles. Tearing outdoors. Ophthalmia burns. The objects appear tinged yellow.

19 - () Tearing in the right ear. Sensation of hot air coming out of the ear. Otitis.
20 Swelling of the nose, even inside, with redness and burning heat. Erysipelas on the back of the nose, spread to the cheeks. Sale foul odor from the nose. Catarrh mucous prolonged coryza, copious, viscous, going backward.
Facial pallor 21. Face sunken, Hippocrates, cold, with expressions of anguish and despair. Face yellow. Erysipelas. Red swelling and burning. Lips swollen, cracked, are shed. Trismus, turn water to resist. Vesicles that burn and itch.

22 - () grind their teeth. Fistula and ulceration in the gums. Toothache worse from eating. Gums spongy, suppurating.

23 - () Taste of tar or copper. Inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, of tonsils, with suppuration and inability to
swallow. Burning mouth down, worse from drinking cold water. Cold sores. Frothy saliva, with streaks of blood.
Foam mouth. Tongue very red, especially at the edges, tremors. Vesicles burning in the mouth and tongue. Saliva sweet. Burns from hot meals.

24 - () Throat painful on swallowing, swallowing difficulty with liquids especialnwnte. Angina, worse lying down, drinking and night. Throat burns like fire. Diphtheria. Adherent mucus. Laryngeal spasms touching the larynx. Aversion to liquids, you can not swallow.
25 - () thirst with aversion to water and any drink. Anorexia with repugnance to any food. Heartburn. Gastralgia burning. Regurgitation that seem to come back to your stomach. Bilious vomiting, blood or undigested food, with strong jaws. Fullness in the stomach with anxiety and restlessness.
Gastritis. Burning.

26 Hepatitis with pain. Great belly sensitivity to touch. Burning pain in the entire gastrointestinal tract, around the navel, coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose with yellowish spots in the area.
Enteritis. Diseases of the spleen. Ascites. Incarcerated flatus. Peritonitis with burning pain and tenesmus. Bloat.

27 - () Stool membranes, such as scratches intestines, bloody,
iucosas or greenish or frothy, with cutting pains after stool, and burning, burning in rectum and anus, during stool. He shudders after stool. Anal prolapse. Desire to defecate while urinating.

28 - () Acute nephritis. Kidney pains during an urgency to urinate, burning, sharp, paroxysmal, tearing, spread to the urethra and penis, better by pressure on the glans, with tearing pain in the coccyx.
Renal colic, kidney stones. Violent tenesmus of the bladder, with urgent urination, urgency constant (with suppressed menstruation), ineffective, painful, better sitting, standing and walking worse, have to hurry or urine escapes. Pain in the bladder to begin urination or after they spent a few drops, less drinking, spread to the kidneys, burning pains before, during and after urination. Sharp, burning pains in the neck of the bladder, while urinating, extended into the urethra. Pain in the urethra, cutting or burning, atrocious, (as if urinating razor blades), with urging to urinate before, during or after urination, pain in meatus. Dysuria Painful, drop by drop, of blood or urine dances agonizing pain and screaming bends, as if molten lead pee. Painful retention of urine with spasmodic pain in the urethra. Urethral stricture, organic or spasmodic drops urination, dysuria, drip involuntarily worse during menstruation. Bloody urethral discharge. Gonorrhea. Acute cystitis;
urethritis. Weak stream and forked. Cloudy urine coming out, dark red, bloody sediment, flocculent, pus, red, slimy. Urine burning worse PMS. Hematuria. Oliguria, urinary frequency, all accompanied by sexual erethism extremely distressing. High sensitivity of the bladder palpation. She wets the vomit.

29 - () violent sexual desire in men, excessive erections excessive
continuous, painful, strong, violent, worse at night (you from sleep),
even without desires, with contraction and pain throughout the urethra. Priapism, worst in gonorrhea. Satyriasis. Facial pain, bloody. Edema of the penis, glans and scrotum. Orchitis. Cutting, burning pains in the spermatic cords, testes and penis, with drawing, upward from the testicles. Drawing in the spermatic cords when urinating. The child pulls or grabs his crotch. Pain in glans. Genital gangrene.
Cumshot for nurturing touch. Urethral burning after intercourse.
Eczema of the scrotum by excessive sweating.

30 - () Voluptuous itching in the vulva and vagina. Exaggerated sexual desire in women. Obsessive nymphomania. Puerperal metritis. Flow by masturbation corrosive. Membranous dysmenorrhoea. Vaginismus. Tendency to abortion.
Sterility. Retained placenta with urinary symptoms. Premature and too copious menses, with black blood and pain. It promotes the removal of moles, dead fetuses and retained placenta. Ovaritis. Swelling of the cervix and vulva.

31 - () voice weak and trembling. Hoarseness with very sticky mucus noises, coming from the bronchi and incisive pains in the trachea.
Laryngitis. Oppression and dyspnea when breathing, and constricted throat.
Lunt in the chest, on inspiration, on the front or side arm or worse law. Burning in the chest, with expectoration of small clots.
Feeling of excessive weakness in the respiratory organs, speaking or breathing deeply. Stopped breathing on ascending a hill, with ral and nausea. Pleurisy with exudate. Gangrene of lung.

32 palpitations, pulse weak and irregular, tendency to syncope. Pericarditis with effusion.

33 - () stiffness in the neck. Drawing pains in the back, or tearing.
Emprostathonos and opisthotonos.

34 - () weakness and swelling in the limbs. Edema of hands and feet. Lack of power in the hands. Vesicles and eczema on the backs of hands and between fingers, biting and burning terribly, worse by cold water, heat better.
Pain in hips with urinary symptoms. Ulcerative pain in soles of the feet, which prevents him from walking. Pains in the legs, hips or feet from the right foot to right side of her head in paroxysms. Tremor in the legs. Seizures, worse when touching larynx, with dysuria and hydrophobia.
Burning in the soles of the feet at night. Sensation of dryness in the joints.

35 Major sleepiness, especially after noon, with yawning and stretching. Insomnia, waking often at night.

36 - () Fever, cold and shivering. Cold sweat on hands and feet and genitals. Sweat-smelling urine. Thirst after chill. Typhoid, yellow fever, smallpox. As if splashed with water.

37 - () Erysipelas, with vesicles and burning pains. Eruptions with itching vesicles, with burning pain when touched; suppurating. Psoriasis. Mosquitoes and gnats. Quernaduras first-and second-degree sunburn, severe burns and external, especially before the blisters form, but also is useful after forming. If the skin is intact, apply a solution of any power and cover, which alleviates pain rapidly and often prevents vesication. If the skin is injured, open, use the solution in distilled water or boiled, and in both cases also take medication by mouth.

Camp. - Apis. - Arg - Merc-c - Sep. - Tereb.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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