Capsicum. Homeopathy

CAPSICUM (Capsicum Annuum - Cayenne)

1 - () Nostalgia, accompanied by heat in the throat, cheeks red,
insomnia, fears. It is probably the most important medicine to indicate when present as uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling (Ph. ac).
2 - () moody, stubborn, obstinate. Children get clumsy, stubborn and chilly.
3 - () persistent and tormenting thoughts of suicide, melancholic, deep, moody, melancholy, discontent.
4 - () Disorders of emotions, with red cheeks.
5 - () Character alternating. This happy, jokes, sings, and the slightest trifle, suddenly, he gets sad, offended and irritated, or laughs and cries at times. More and more moody to the extent that increases your body's cold.
6 - () wakes up frightened, screaming in a dream and is very scared.
7 - () Wants to be alone, wants to lie down and sleep. Indolence with aversion to the whole exercise.
8 Fear of being blamed, of drafts, the outdoors.
9 Hypersensitivity of the senses or obtuse senses. Thoughtlessness, stupidity, imbecility, idiocy.
10 Deliriuni tremens. Dipsomania.
11 Trends to be alarmed.

12 - () fat people, fat, red (false plethora), cold (with lack of vital color), slow or no reactivity; after eruptive diseases, glandular or intestinal tract. Phlegmatic diathesis, absence of reactive force, especially in obese and are easily exhausted insolent, with lax muscles, and opposed out of your routine. People lazy, fat, dirty, clumsy, which fears the outdoors. People living alone with his vitality exhausted, especially mental work. People blond blue-eyed, nervous, plethoric. In children of alcoholics, beer drinkers or people who use lots of pepper or stimulants, with slowly evolving disease.
Children who fear the outdoors, always chilly, stubborn, fat, dirty, aversion to work or think.
13 - () People dirty, unkempt, with dirt on the body overall.
14 - () Setisacion burning, burning and itching, as if he huvieran pepper sprinkled on the parties concerned, not relieved by heat, worse in the throat. Burning pains worse from cold applications.
15 - () Cold sensation in various parts of the body (face, stomach,
scrotum, back, etc.).
16 - () feeling of constriction: throat, nose, chest, bladder, urethra, rectum.
17 - () Worse: for cold air, drafts, bathroom, in the evening, after eating and drinking cold water, to start moving, for cough, for uncovering, for touch, for moisture. Best: after moving a while, by the heat, eating.
18 - () pain in distant parts (bladder, throat, knees, legs, ears) when coughing.
19 - () Cracking joints. Stiffness and pain in joints, to start moving. Myalgia.
20 - () The predominant symptoms in the left side.
Circulation 21 slow, sluggish, dilated capillaries, especially in the cheeks. Pulse slow, intermittent. Marked tendency to suppuration in any inflammatory process.
22 abstaining alcoholics.
23 bone diseases. Bone pain.
Desire and aversion of Capsicum
24 - () I Stimulant-alcoholic drinks, whiskey, pepper, coffee (gives nausea).

25 - () Dizziness in the sea. Sensation of enlargement of the head. Intense pain, as if his head explode when you cough, walk or move, cries and holds her head, worse sitting, better lying down. Tion stunned, as if intoxicated by alcohol. Attacks of pain on one side of the head, with nausea, vomiting, memory loss, worse on eye movement. Throbbing headache. Intense itching.
26 foreign body sensation in the eye. Inflammation of the eyes, with redness, burning and tearing. Protruding eyes. The objects appear black. Amaurosis.
27 - () painful swelling of the mastoid, worse by touch (very sensitive) marrow cavities and suppuration in the mastoid and petrous temnporal. One of the main remedies for acute mastoiditis; tearing.
Hearing loss after burning and stinging in the ears. Hearing loss catarrhal. Acute otitis, purulent or not talgias, worse cough. Pressure and itching at the bottom of the ear canal. Hyperacusis during the chills, fever and sweating.
28 - () nose red and hot. Epistaxis of tomorrow in bed. Nasal secretion ago. Colds old with the constitution of Capsicum Capsicum only and then stop taking the drug chosen, which was previously ineffective. Dry coryza. Painful pimples under the nostrils.
29 - () Red face (especially cheeks), without fever, cold often alternating with pallor, or pale red and the other. Pains in the face, bones, worse by touch and to sleep. Chapped lips, swollen,
painful. Herpes labialis.
30 - () Toothache, feels like elongated teeth. Gums swollen, spongy, retracted, hot, swollen.
31 - () Breath sharp, pungent, offensive, which only comes when you cough. Burning blisters in the mouth and tongue. Flat ulcers, burning in the mouth. Taste qodrido, acid taste, food tastes sour. Thick mucus in the mouth.
32 - () burning pain in the throat when not swallowing, worse cough. Red and sore throats of drinkers and smokers. Inflammation with redness and burning dark. Diphtheria. Contraction swallowing, cramp in the throat, burning as from pepper. Uvula elongated, with sensation as if pressing on something hard.
33 - () Alternation of appetite exaggerated aversion to food. Heartburn.
Nausea. Sensation of cold as ice in the stomach. Gastralgia burning after eating. Heatstroke in pit fast or deep breathing, talking or touching.
34 - (), swollen abdomen, as if it would burst with tension and almost apnea, after dinner. Sounds painless in the womb. Burning pain,
cutting in the belly should be doubled. Twitching and movements, strong pulsation in the abdomen. Umbilical colic, flatulence. Inguinal hernia.
35 - () simultaneous tenesmus of rectum and bladder. Liquid diarrhea and worse at night, dysentery, with burning and tenesmus anal. Small stools, mucous, greenish, frothy, sanguiolentas. Piles burning as from pepper, and bleeding and pain during stool, with pain in the coccyx. Thirst after stool, and each sip is followed by chills or shaking. Diarrhea from drafts.
36 - () tenesmus of the bladder. Efforts frequent, urgent urination and almost useless. Burning in bladder worse before and during urination. Stitches in the bladder, worse cough. Cramp-like contraction in the bladder neck. Pain in urethra when not urinating. Blood coming out of the urethra, which is painful when touched. Bloody urethral discharge, purulent, white,
mucosa, milky, like cream, gonorrhea, with painful erections (cold water better, worse at night) and excessive sensitivity of the urethra. Gonorrhea old with the constitution of Capsicum. Urine retention efforts.
Severe urethral burning, burning at the meatus before, during and after urination.
Urination first drops, then fine.
37 - () Scrotum cold, worse morning on waking. Impotence. Lack of desire.
Atrophy of the testicles. Violent erections morning. Generalized tremors in nurturing touch.
38 - () Nausea during menstruation. Pinching in left ovary.
39 - () Afonia by vocal overuse, singers, speakers, preachers (Arum_Tryph., Caus.). Hoarseness and chronic cough in chilly fat red face.
40 - () The cough aggravates headaches, sore throat and members, the stitches and the bladder, urine, crying. Nervous cough spasmodic, painful. Cough worse from anger, hot drinks, lying down by the wind, have coffee, better for cold drinks. Oppressed breathing, sighing, you need to breathe deeply. Asthma worse walking, climbing, moving, better coughing. Chest pain worse sitting, with tightness.
eleuritis. Constriction in the chest. Fatty degeneration of the heart in obese patients.
41 - () Frio between the shoulder blades, the chills start there, as if falling cold water. Stiffness in the neck. Drawing pains in the back.
42 - () Rheumatic pains in limbs. Sciatica worse by coughing, tearing pains in the legs, from hip to foot, worse cough.
Tension in the knees. Stiffness in the calf on walking. Right hip pain. Atrophy of the left leg, with violent pains. Pain and stiffness worse at the beginning of the movement. Cold sweats in the legs. Stiffness
arms and legs go to sleep. Pain in the calcaneus as after a fall.
43 Sleeplessness after midnight. It sounds falling from a height.
44 - () Cold and shivering when he drinks. Fever with chills predominant, with thirst and burning heat, in affections of the mucous membranes. During the chill, you need something warm in the back. Influenza with violent sneezing and sore throat. Malaria.
45 - () Itching worse by scratching.

Natrum Mur Sulfur

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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