Carbo animalis. Homeopathy

Carbo animalis (animal charcoal)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Carbo animalis
1 - () Desire for solitude. Sad and concentrated, it avoids the conversation.
2 - () Nostalgia (Capsicum Ph. ac); feeling of loneliness, cries.
3 - () Fear of the dark, closing eyes to disease; of drowning, especially when you close your eyes or lie down or sleep. Scary. Anxiety, worse at night, must sit.
4 - () Sensation as if the tones and sounds you hear come from another world.
5 Cry while eating or sleeping.
6 Alterna joy with moodiness and anger.
7 Confusion, lightheadedness, worse tomorrow, do not know if you've been asleep or awake.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Carbo animalis
8 - () is the remedy for tumors that are transformed, ulcerate and take a malignant evolution. It is one of the principal remedies of cancer (lacrimal gland, nose, face, lips, tongue, pharynx, stomach, testes, uterus, breast), and a great palliative pains. And lymph glands (armpit, English, breasts, testes, salivary glands) are swollen, enlarged, hardened as rocks (scirrhous), and the skin overlying takes a violet purple, with lancinating, cutting, burning and great prostration. This skin becomes ulcerated or fistulizarse; indurated ulcers and fistulas, clumsy, edged violet, with bloody discharge, burning, ichor, fetida. Suppuration benign to malignant conditions change. Polyps hard. gums. Spongy growths and ulcers.
9 - () Especially useful in diseases of people, elderly or not, very weak, prostrate, with marked venous plethora and cyanosis, especially in the face and lips. In conditions for loss of fluids (menses, flow, diarrhea), but in nursing women, very weak, barely able to walk, crawl. Great prostration and weakness during and after menstruation; almost can not talk, yawn, have chills.
They try too small even to lift weights, causing great weakness bend ankles while walking. Joints weak, that twist easily, for the least effort.
10 - () very slow venous circulation, handicapped, weak, cyanosis. Lack of vital heat. Local congestion without local heat.
11 - () High sensitivity (and aversion) in the open, cold, dry. Worse outdoors.
12 - () Worse from cold, after shaving, eating, lying on its side, by the slightest contact, for fluid losses, during menstruation, after midnight. Best: in a warm room, resting her hand on the affected site.
13 - () Burning, burning discharge, burning pains.
14 - () Numbness in various places, of tension and contraction, of cold.
15 Inflammation of course very slow.
16 Syphilis tertiary and hereditary.
Useful after 17 bad effects of eating fish and vegetables weighed.
Desire and aversion of Carbo animalis
18 - () Aversion to fats and snuff.
19 - () Vertigo worse tomorrow, after shave, moving the head, when he stood up from stooping, lying down, falling backwards, with dimming of vision and nausea, followed by epistaxis. Brain feels loose, worse after eating and from cold, better lying down and heat. Heaviness front stooping. Pain in the vertex, as if broken into pieces, worse humidity and outdoor, must sit up at night and hold it.
Pressing headache that makes you close your eyes. Sense of ripples in the brain, every movement. Tension of the skin on the forehead and vertex.
Sensitivity of the scalp to the pressure of the hat. Eruption and scabs on his head.
20 - () Hyperopia. Senile cataract. Sense of loose or dcsprendidos eyes in the orbits. Lacrimal gland cancer. Presbyopia with mydriasis. Looks like a floating network. Blurred vision in wanting to read, better, rubbing his eyes. On the street, walking, sees far objects.
21 - () purulent discharge, fetida, the ears. Swelling behind the ear. Hey blowing rings. Buzzing. Hearing loss for the human voice.
Confusion hearing; not know which direction sounds are coming from, as if the sound came from another world.
22 points of the red nose (or cyanotic) and cracked, with burning pain, worse during menstruation. Cancer of the nose. Coryza with nasal obstruction, worse at night. Epistaxis in the morning, preceded by vertigo. Ozena. Pain in nasal bones.
23 - () brown spots on the face, a butterfly on the nose (Sepia).
Eruptions and coppery spots. Acne, acne rosacea. Stitches in malar bones, jaws and teeth. Erysipelas on the face. Parotid swelling.
Lips swollen, cracked, bleeding, burning, blistering. Face hot, or pale, dusky, cachectic. Fall of the beard.
24 - () Toothache by drinking cold fluids, the better for salty foods. Loose teeth. Red Gums swollen, painful, bleeding, with pustules. Teeth are very sensitive to slightest cold air.
25 - () fetid breath. Vesicles burning in the mouth and tongue ulcerate. Dry tongue and palate. Bitter taste of tomorrow; acid. Burning at the tip of the tongue. Induration knotted on the tongue Cancer of the tongue. Saliva fresh or salt. Swollen palate.
26 - () pharyngeal cancer, scirrhous. Sore throat, as if excoriated, accumulation of mucus with a cough. Goiter.
27 - () Digestion poor, any food you do suffer. It is a very useful remedy for many digestive disorders. Warmly sudden belching or acid food. Hiccups and epigastric bloating after eating. Gastric emptying the breast feeding does not improve eating. Gastric heaviness on waking in the morning, or fasting. Gastralgias as cramping, burning pains. Rumbling in the stomach. Fatigue when eating. Regurgitation of sour fluid; heartburn. Nausea for meat.
28 - () Pain in the liver, cutting or excoriating bad if touched. Cutting pains in the groin. Inguinal hernia. Loud noises in the stomach, bloating, distention after eating, foul flatus. Pain in the stomach when coughing. Cold in the abdomen, which rises to the throat. Indurated buboes burning, oozing, no tendency to heal.
29 - () Ineffectual efforts and urgency to defecate, but only leave offensive flatus. Sacrum coccyx pain when defecating. Stools hard and knotty. Before stool, traction from anus to vulva.
Piles burning, worse walking. Rectal burning worse when walking. Anal excoriation and sticky humidity. Stitches in the rectum. Taeniasis. Gall anal ride.
30 - () Polyuria. Wetting. Incontinence of urine. Oreithyia fetida and burning. Urethral burning during urination. Renal colic, cutting pain in the ureter.
31 Lack of sexual desire. Atrophy of the testicle. Nocturnal emissions, with weakness and anxious concern. Syphilis. Buboes, mostly on the left.
32 - () Menses frequent and prolonged; offensive; black. Flow burning, worse walking, which stains clothes yellow. Chronic induration of the cervix and uterus just in women delicate, pale, which increases each year, (Aur.Mur.Natr.). Uterine Cancer: feels like hot coals in the cervix, with fetid discharge, burning, bloody, and aolores radiating to the thighs. Fetid lochia, serous. Morning sickness, worse at night. Menstruation with great weakness, she can hardly speak. Menstruation leaving only tomorrow. Metrorrhagia. Tumors erectile burning. Prolapsed uterus.
33 - () Afonia night and morning. Excoriating hoarse cough with pain in the throat. Dry cough. Laryngeal tuberculosis. Cough worse lying on the right side makes the belly hurt; morning, with purulent, for dryness of the throat with pain on the right side of the chest. Wheezing,
rattling. Dyspnea worse morning and after eating; suffocating constriction.
Burning tip, worse on the right side. Pleurisy with cyanosis and putrid purulent expectoration. To the point that remains after the pleurisy cured. Cold sensation in the chest, chest cold. Pulmonary Tubereulosis ulcerative fetida horribly with green expectoration, worse right side, feels that suffocates just close your eyes. Dark brown sputum. Pneumonia right. Sensitive nodes in the chest. Tumors of the breast, hard, painful, hard nodules, purple, with great vascularization. Ulceration of the tumor. Breast Cancer. indurated axillary nodes. Induration of the breasts, with burning pains, worse on the right. Induration of the nipple.
34 Palpitations in the evening to the morning upon waking, after eating or singing in a public place. Atheroma; aneurysms.
35 - () and indurated tender lymphadenopathy in the neck nodes. Sore back as if broken, worse walking, standing and lying. Ulcerative pain in the coccyx, worse touch, sitting or lying, it does bend. Frio back with cough. Backache nocturnal burning pain in sacrum and coccyx, in the back.
36 - () The hands go to sleep, worse morning in bed to sleep in pulmonary fingers and his legs fall asleep during the day. Weakness of the ankle in children learning to walk, the feet are twisted. pain in the wrists and dislocated. Stiffness and tensile painful arthritic hands and fingers to grasp something worse. Cracks in the fingers. Left hip pain sitting, worse at night. Tension and contraction in the legs, which allows to extend the legs on the thighs and below the knees. Thigh sweats at night. Excoriating pain in the knees.
Cramps in legs and toes. calf pain walking (Calc_C.).
Pain as if dislocated to walk or move the limbs. Cold feet 9 to 15 hours, and hands. Chilblains on the feet and toes, worse in bed and cold. Painful corns. Burning pain in the toes. Varices.
Dislocation joint weakness and easy.
37 Insomnia with restlessness, anxiety and fear of drowning. Visions that scares before falling asleep. Disturbing dreams, cries, speaks, grune.
38 - () chills and thrills in the afternoon, evening and after eating, sleeping sweats. Sweats easy while eating and afterwards, and walking. Debilitating night sweats and fetid. The sweat stain the linen yellow.
39 - () Itching in the whole body, worse at night in bed. Erysipelas.
Spongy ulcers, indurated. Coppery spots, rashes copper. Warty spots on the hands and faces of the aged, with cyanosis of the members.
Processing cornea of the skin that is painful to touch.
Carbo animalis COMPLEMENTARY:
Calcarea phos.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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