Carbo veg. Caulophyllum. Causticum. Homeopathy

Carbo veg (charcoal oficinal)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Carbo veg
1 .- Digestive: flatulence, aerophagia, aerocolia, spasmodic colitis, congestive headache.

2 .- Respiratory: asthma prone to collapse.

3 .- Circulatory cephalic congestion, varicose veins, torpid ulcers, bleeding.

CAULOPHYLLUM (Plant of the Berberidaceae)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Caulophyllum
1 .- dysmenorrhea, cramping pain.

2 .- pains of childbirth, inefficient work, irregular, with neck stiffness.

3 .- Dolores reumatismales of small joints.

CAUSTICUM (Cal and potassium bisulfate)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Causticum
1 .- paresis, paralysis, sensory and motor disorders at digestive, urinary, respiratory.

2 .- gastrointestinal mucosal inflammation, respiratory, genitourinary with feelings of rawness, burning, agonizing pains.

3 .- Rigidities articular ankylosis.

4 .- Dermatosis, warts, atrophic scars.

5 .- depressive syndrome.

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