Carbo veg (charcoal). Abstract

Carbo veg (charcoal)
Substances that form part of the composition of some homeopathy medicines whose main indications are:

- Swelling ganglion. Marasmus. Cachexia.
- Tympany epigastric.
- Circulatory. Apoplexy. Collapse and circulatory failure such as in cerebral apoplexy.
- Asthma. Pertussis. Bronchitis fetida. Emphysema. Dyspnea.
- Desire for fresh air or cool while having cold skin.
- Crural ulcer. Burning. Secretions acres. Dyspepsia. Bloat. Heartburn. Digestion slow. (disorders that begin half an hour after meals).
- Member of collapse.
- Acts as a toxic absorber.

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