Carbo veg. Homeopathy

Carbo veg (charcoal)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Carbo veg
1 - () The general torpor, heaviness and slowness characteristics of Carbo veg, are externalized in the mental sphere through a series of closely related symptoms. I hardly think, understand and focus, so you do not like any mental work. This confusing, especially morning waking or getting out, and evening; are forced himself to wake up, and is worse after eating, mental activity and when lying.

This as if intoxicated, as in a dream, can not remember what he said, and is indifferent to everything, does not react to the pleasant or unpleasant, as even the music, loved, he is indifferent. Hardly speak or answer quite slowly, mispronouncing words, the slowness pervades all their actions. More slowly in children physical than mental.
2 - () This anxious, especially at dusk and close your eyes, but also to awaken in the morning to the evening, in bed, and night, before midnight, in bed while eating and after. Has feelings of guilt.
3 - () I have an aversion and bother the presence of strangers, I fear, will cause great anxiety. Therefore prefer to be alone.
4 - () is afraid of night, darkness, ghosts (especially at night) and something to happen. The darkness hates, because he sees ghosts or visions so horrible. Are easily frightened and startled from fright.
5 - () This very restless after noon, evening and night, in bed, in the company. The anxiety is accompanied by anxiety, and out of bed.
6 - () Other mental symptoms: Tired of life are easily offended.
Hypersensitive to noise. It's too shy to appear in public.
Unconscious lying down (seems dead) and straighten.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Carbo veg
7 - () state of collapse, with cold sweat, cold breath and whole body cold, icy, like a cadaver, but needs to be screened (and said), there is a real "air hunger". It is really "a resuscitator of corpses" (Tyler) and has saved many lives when they no longer had excited no reactivity in the life force nearly exhausted, in the later stages of disease. In very weak people, cachectic. These states can result from diarrhea, bleeding or loss of body fluids or any other stressful conditions or caquectizantes. Traumatic shock.
8 - () This is strongly indicated in people who have never fully recovered from the effects of some previous illness, which may be from a measles, scarlet fever or whooping cough (especially asthma) to a drunk, an old wound, a typhoid (Allen, Guernsey) or exposure to hot and humid air.
9 - () is very useful, and one of the best remedies in cases confusing, very mixed and very medicated, to clarify the case. Or, when the remedy does not cure permanently, does appear much more clearly the symptoms pointing to another drug (Kent).
10 - () There is an intense desire for open air and asks to be shielded, and strong, contrasting with the cold object of his body.
11 - () Worse overheating; heat humidity, warm air and the warmth of the bed for humidity and temperature changes, for bathing, in a warm room; by tight clothing (not tolerated ), eating lard, fat, pork, fruits, milk, salt, cold drinks, while eating, before sleeping, in the summer, before menstruation; by sun exposure, for changes of position, touching any thing in the morning, evening and before midnight. Best: loosen clothing.
12 - () burning, burning house, in contrast to the intense cold of outer surface.
13 - () Passes out of morning awakening or rising or when making any effort. Weakness: sudden, for no effort, during menstruation, for diarrhea during fever; by pain, after stool, walking or starting to walk, lying down, trembling weakness.
14 - () The pulse is imperceptible, small, soft, weak. Often have the feeling that the bleeding stops while moving.
15 - () Thinning, cyanosis in children. Septicemia. Cancer. Metastasis.
16 The wounds bleed a lot and take time to heal. Penetrating wounds and thorns. Constitutional effects of wounds.
Desire and aversion of Carbo veg
17 - () Desire for salty, sweets, acids and coffee.
18 - () Aversion to fats, milk, and the salty meat.
19 - () Cold in the head by overheated. Head sensitive to cold air walk. Congestion of the head, worse when coughing. Cephalic constriction when overheated, with feeling of helmet, or as having a shell or a band; worse by the pressure of the hat. Hair loss, especially in the occipital region. It hurts to touch hair. Vertigo: during the headache, with tendency to fall, for the movement, moving fast or turning the head, raising his head, after sleep, roll over in bed, walking, with nausea, with instability, while sitting. Headaches: by acalorarsse; by cold air or by taking cold, at menopause, when coughing; in the dark after dinner, after the poisoning, before and during oenstruacion; by mental effort, to move his head, throbbing; sneezing by squinting; by the sun, walking, for changes in weather, for cold and wet weather, wrapping up head, lying, by motion, in a warm room during the summer, by sweating suppressed; better outdoors . Occipital headache that is aggravated by prsion hat or shaking his head, for the dark during menstruation, for mental work; after sleep standing, stooping, by touching her hair, to turn his head, walking; best cold air and pressure.
20 - () Eyes glued to the morning purulent secretion. Tearing during coryza, cough and headache. Burning in the eyes, especially in the corners. Sunken eyes. Eye pain on eye movement and visual strain. Floaters. Halo around light colors. Vision trembling.
21 - () discharge from the ear: fetida, thick, watery after scarlet fever and measles; disorders suppressed secretions. Hearing loss after a scarlet fever or measles. Ear red hot. Otitis media.
Itching in the ears, which leads him to swallow, in the ears.
22 - () coryza: violent attacks; secretion excoriating, greenish, thick, or suppression, with laryngitis. Tip of nose red. Nasal obstruction. Cold nose. Frequent sneezing, without coryza, after coughing. Nasal catarrh.
Coryza, spasmodic, "hay fever", with dyspnea. Dryness in the nose. Epistaxis from morning to night every day, for weeks, blood dark, black, watery, worse by efforts (especially in the stools), blowing and diphtheria, in drinkers. Burning pain in the nose.
23 - () Face cold, with cold sweat on his face and forehead, especially cholera. Face cold and dry with occipital pain. Face: Hippocrates; sunken, pale (with headache); sallow, yellowish gray, greenish, bluish, dark, earthy, red (coughing and wine). Expression, anxious, haggard, sickly. Heat in the face if anxious. Lips chapped, cracked, brown color. Acne (more on the forehead), rosacea, blackheads, herpes, rashes moist. Gangrenous erysipelas. Pustules, tubercles.
Facial pain: worse on the right, drawing (in the jaws), tearing (worse in the zygomatic bone), as shocks in the cheekbones. Sensitive facial bones. Shocks in the upper lip.
Parotid and swollen lips. Mumps.
24 - () The gums bleed easily, worse sucking; separate from the teeth ache, worse when you chew, they are fluffy. It is the picture of pyorrhea, and teeth are loose. Scurvy. Toothache: for things or cold drinks, after eating, touching, for chewing, for drinks or hot things; throbbing. You have the sensation of cold in the language IS, objectively cold to touch, and contracted. The breath is cold, especially during the chills. Heat in the mouth. The tongue and gums are toothed. Language: black, blue, brown, yellow, cracked. The breath is foul and bitter taste, putrid or salty. Pressing pain in the palate. Canker. Dry mouth, dry tongue tip.
25 - () The stomach (or epigastric area) is markedly distended after eating, bloating, and belching improved. Have belching especially after eating fat and fat foods, belching improving it, providing some relief, no taste; noisy acids, such as water, spit-up.
Gastralgias: worse lying down; the evening and night, after dinner (one hour later), paroxysmal, burning, and cramping; improve belching.
Heartburn; heaviness. Morning sickness, before the chill, during the fever and headaches, for the sun's heat. Vomiting: evening; coughing, after eating, during menstruation, acid, mucous, blood.
Gagging cough. Indigestion. Extreme thirst. Gastric Cancer.
26 - () The belly is distended after eating, as if about to burst. There is an enormous flatulence, especially in hypochondria, with feeling of fullness, better loosen clothing. One of the more flatulent remedies Materia Medica, along with Lycopodium and China. There are noises in the stomach, relieved by removing flatus. Flatus are endless, hot, humid, offensive, may occur especially during diarrhea, and its emission is extremely relieved. Pain in the womb, by taking cold, after eating, during fever, lying on his side, after stool (or better), better by passing flatus and the heat spread to the legs or whole leg, especially the left. The pain is burning or cramping. Liver sore. Pain in the spleen. Tension in the womb. Ulcers in the stomach. Inguinal hernia, strangulated.
27 - () anal itching, scratching the anus to need this in the flesh, causing abrasions and a marked anal moisture. Hemorrhoids: blue, large; during menstruation. Anal Fistula. Tingling in the rectum. The stools are soft though with difficulty, or involuntary, especially when leaving the flatus. Son of cadaverous odor, putrid, offensive, or copious and watery. Colera. Diarrhea: cold drinks, after dinner, in hot weather, for fruit, cold food, for the slightest indiscretion in eating. Dolores after stool or flatus, burning, pressing outward.
28 - () Pressing pains in the bladder. Anxious urging to urinate frequently.
Urination at night. Anuria. Addison's disease. Eliminates prostatic fluid when you have difficulty defecating. Purulent urethral discharge. Burning urethral pain while urinating. Albuminuria after alcohol abuse. The urine is cloudy, bloody, dark red, of offensive odor; with gravel.
29 Rash or itching on the glans. Humidity between scrotum and thighs.
Nocturnal emissions. Lack of sexual desire. Masturbation in the dream.
30 - () increased desire. Flow: morning; green acrid, excoriating, burning, milky white or yellowish, watery or thick, before and during menstruation. Fetid lochia. The periods are frequent, heavy and protracted, offensive, very strong odor. Metrorrhagia passive black; at menopause. Uterine cancer. Pruritus vulvae: Flow, during menstruation.
31 - () suffers from a severe hoarseness painless, hoarseness, coryza or during the hot and humid weather, worse in the evening, during the measles. Afonia strain, worse at night. Harsh voice deep. Recurrent laryngeal irritation, cold air, tickling. Tracheal irritation. False croup, as a sequel. Laryngeal pain when coughing; as raw. Laryngeal or tracheal tuberculosis. Dyspnea with great desire to be outdone, wants doors and windows open. Dyspnea is aggravated or caused by flatulence, lying (but with his head down), by efforts, by motion, to sleep and waking, walking and in a warm room and better burping, coughing, with palpitation. Asthma: in hot weather and humid morning or evening, before midnight or after suppressed eruptions of measles or whooping cough, newspapers, in old, worse sleep, more cold air. Chest tightness improves belching. Sighing respiration, wheezing. Tachypnea. Spasmodic cough, stifling, violent, paroxysmal, night, before midnight; lazy morning, with expectoration. Expectoration: Morning, brown, green, bloody, salty taste, for menstrual suppression. Pertussis. "One of the best remedies we have at the beginning of the cough" (Kent). Sequels and disorders that appear from a whooping cough. Chest pain when coughing. Weakness in the chest to the morning awakening. Pulrnonar Tuberculosis in its final stage, or incipient purulent ulcerative.
32 - () Precordial anxiety. Palpitations visible, better burping. Cardiac paralysis.
33 Deviations from the column. Back pain by moving or beginning to move, rheumatic, sitting, stooping, in the regions. Stiffness in the spine.
34 - () Members cold, especially in the knees at night and during the chills, with diarrhea. Great coldness of the hands, legs and feet. The feet are ice cream and cold sweats. Members cold and cyanotic. The members go to sleep, especially when lying on them, the hands to sleep at night. It has painful twitching at night, especially in the upper limbs, but more in the member on this bed.
Weakness in the limbs from the slightest exertion; feel heaviness in the lower extremities, worse when walking. Rheumatic pains. Carbo veg is extremely useful (Tyler) in some cases blue varicose veins and ulcers in the lower limbs and legs, especially during pregnancy. Ulceration of the lower limbs, especially legs, black base and blue areola, burning, fetid, variegated and are aggravated by heat. 35 - () Insomnia: before midnight during fever; to have tips or cold feet. Deep sleep. Sleepiness after eating.
Dreams: vivid, horrible.
36 - () Hot ice around the body, breath cold. Skin cold as ice, cyanotic. Chills on one side, but the left; overheating; after dinner, with shivering. Yellow fever in its third stage, with bleeding, marked pallor, violent headache, heaviness of members and tremors. sweat: at night, cold and profuse; the open air while eating and after eating, and for dyspnea, with rotten smell.
37 - () Ulcers: burning, cancer, deep, fistulous, indolent, indurated or frayed edges, with marbled areola, painful or painless, spongy, suppurating, with foul-smelling discharge, bloody, corrosive, yellowish, or watery, surrounded by granite. Eruptions, yellowish discharge, after scratching. Sarna. Wet gangrene, senile. Urticaria.
Kali carb.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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