Carbolic acid. Homeopathy

Carbolic Acidum
(Carbolic acid or Fenice. Phenol)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Carbolic Acidum
1 Fear of disease.
2 Confused, stunned, can not remember what you read or what is done.
Aversion to mental work, to study.
3 absent, starts when spoken.
Scream 4 asleep.
5 Irritability.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Carbolic Acidum
6 - () Brusca prostration and weakness, deep, collapse with pallor of the face, especially around the nose and mouth, sticky and cold sweats. He tires easily through the lower walk.
7 - () Dolores very bright, burning, terrible, appearing suddenly, lasting a short time and disappearing suddenly. Needle punctures.
8 - () All discharges and discharges from the mucous membranes are irritating, burning, putrid: mouth, nose, ears, throat, rectum and vagina.
9 - () The physical effort, so much walking, abscesses in some places. Lacerated wounds caused by blunt instruments, bones crushed, much dead tissue in the soft tissues (Calendula). When the burns tend to ulceration and make putrid discharge.
10 - () Worse walking; in a warm room, by motion, for cold, for mental and physical efforts. Better: by pressure, for strong tea, by smoking, by rubbing, for tying.
Desire and aversion of Carbolic Acidum
11 Desire for whiskey, snuff, stimulants.
Carbolic PARTICULAR Acidum
12 - () Headache periodically, as grasped by the hand tight. Frontal headache and nose, as if a tight rubber band to cover him to temple ouch, better by tying presoion or head, to take you for smoking, cold hand, to bring the head forward. Dizziness, worse sitting or walking up and down stairs, walking outdoors better. Itching of the scalp. Acute meningitis.
13 - () right supraorbital neuralgia. Mydriasis and miosis alternately.
The letters are moved to write. Things are moving forward and backward.
14 - () Sore throat to ear. Itching in the right ear. Itching in nostrils. Smell very acute olfactory hypersensitivity. Ozena with great stench and ulceration. Watery nasal discharge, worse in open air or in a cold room, preferably in a warm room, or offensive, putrid. Epithelioma of the nose.
15 - () pale, or flushed and feverish. White around the mouth, the
rest of the face is dark red. Clenched jaw.
16 - () Toothache in the right maxilla. Grinds teeth.
Sordes teeth.
17 - () Lips dry, cracked, painful or black. Offensive breath,
putrid, intolerable constipation worse. You can not stick its tongue out. Burning tongue, dry, leathery, cracked; arnarillenta white, black, brown.
Ulcerated plaques in the inner cheeks and lips. Canker.
18 - () Throat miuy red, swollen, covered with mucus. Intense burning in the throat and esophagus, which rises from the stomach. Spasmodic contractions of the esophagus. Can not swallow or swallowing fluids out through the nose
(Arum.Tr., Lach., Lyc.). Diphtheria. Sore throat, worse on the right side.
Uvula white and wrinkled. Dry nares, mainly morning.
Sore neck, hard.
19 - () takes a sip of water every few minutes. Belching of air or acids.
Acidity and burning. Nausea while having breakfast or cold water. Gastric Cancer.
Fermentative dyspepsia. Vomiting of drunkards in sea sickness, pregnancy, cancer, olive or dark color, traveling in a vehicle. Weight and heartburn. Total lack of appetite.
20 Pain in the liver, in hypochondria. Rumbling in the belly.
Flatulence in the elderly. Abdomen retracted. Burning in the umbilicus and vertex.
21 - () Diarrhea and intestinal scrapings, feces mucosanguinolentas or rice water, putrid-smelling, watery, black; involuntary. Toxicosis child with diarrhea that smells like rotten eggs. Constipation with putrid breath. Alternating diarrhea and constipation.
22 - () Urine: greenish, brown, dark brown, black or blackish; alkaline.
Polyuria, nocturnal urinary frequency debilitating. Diabetes. Albuminuria. Urine very dense, with lots of urea. When urinating, there is always an involuntary discharge from anal mucus. Hematuria.
23 Itching burning in the scrotum, the better for scratching, but soon reappears.
24 - () pain in the left ovary, and swelling, worse walking in open air. Irregular menses, dark, profuse, followed by headaches and irritability. Puerperal fever. Tubercles on the labia majora. Flow dfensivo, putrid, pungent, rich, green; flow in young girls. Induration and ulceration of the cervix. Vomiting of pregnancy. Pustules on the vulva.
25 - () Afonia, red and swollen vocal cords. Catarrhal or diphtheritic croup.
Can not lie, wheezing, wants you to have hands.
Rattling breathing. Dyspnea climbing. Pertussis with red face,
tearing and frontal headache. Laryngeal tickling cough, with vomiting.
Tightness in the chest, and tight, can not breathe. Pneumonia clerecha base. Pulmonary gangrene. Bromhidrosis axillary.
26 points precordial. Heart beating at night, with great dyspnoea.
Shocks in the left carotid walk after dinner.
27 - () tiredness and heaviness in the limbs, especially in the lower. You can not lift his right arm. Rheumatic pains in shoulders and arms. Cold hands and feet. Itchy vesicles on the hands and the body, calm followed by scratching and burning continued. Erysipelas in hand. Hand tremors writing. Rheumatic pain in right hip. Lower limb paralysis. Cramps in the front leg walking.
Arthritis. Bromhidrosis feet. Chronic and foul ulcers at the ankles.
28 sounds with fire, with travel, dreams of love. He wakes up often at night. Yawning.
29 - () Scarlet gangrenous malignancy. Smallpox. A foul odor from the skin.
Erysipelas of violet color. Acne, eczema, impetigo, scabies, psoriasis, leprosy;
pityriasis versicolor; lupus; sloughing wounds. Burns ulcerated and offensive. Miliary vesicles. For Cooper, the influenza specific (to the 3AD.).
30 - () Sweat cold, slimy and foul
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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