Carboneum. Homeopathy

(Amorphous Carbon, lamps)
GENERAL OR pathogenesis SINSTOMAS Carboneum
1 - () spasms seizures that begin in the tongue, gradually descend into the trachea and lungs, with transient apnea, then down to
stomach, arms, hands and legs. Tonic spasms and clinics, hands-insensitive, closed, unable to open them, wrinkled and cold, and without a pulse or tachycardia, with numbness and tingling sensations. Tetanus.
When the attack stops, is very weak, can neither sit nor raise their hands.
Desire and aversion of Carboneum
2 Grand desire acids.
SPECIFIC Carboneum
3 frontal headache and heaviness in the attacks.
4 Runny nose heavy, thick, yellowish.
5 - () Tongue white tomorrow. Throat very painful to 4 hours.
Poor appetite 6. Constipation.
7 Pain in the limbs and back.